ICYMI Monday Nov 7th: Allyship, Gender Affirming Care, & VOTE!

I recently shared a video in support of trans rights which trolling community members reported and caused my account to be restricted while under review. Ever since, I’ve been a little bit scared to speak out on social media about “controversial” issues I support and believe so strongly in. But the reality is this is what true allyship looks like: standing up for human rights, bearing your part of the backlash, and not backing down.

Allyship Reflections

Confession: I’ve been afraid to be myself and talk about the things that matter to me since my account was restricted after I shared a reel supporting Trans rights. That restriction reduced my reach to 20% of what it was. For a small business owner (in the busiest time of the year) that’s a BIG deal!

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking on this and realized this is was true allyship looks like. I have to be willing to have less in order to give others more. Ultimately, equality is not a pie and I should not have to sacrifice. No one should— but this the reality we live in.

There are those who are scared or hateful of what they don’t know or understand, and they will continue to do harm until they know better or cannot act anymore. The only way to create that world is to continue educating and speaking out.

For those who appreciate that education, I see you. Keep sharing what sparks change for you. Comment, like, and favorite content that broadens that understanding, and be the change you wish to be in the world! One of compassion and hope.

I take my allyship very seriously and want to be on the side of history that is kind and supportive to all. Change feels uncomfortable in the moment, but I know long-term the benefits will be worth it for generations to come!

To my Black, Brown, Jewish, Trans, Queer, Disabled, women, and other non-Christian-heteronormative-Caucasian friends, I will continue to advocate and fight for your freedom and safety. We are in scary times right now, but are lucky to be able to face them together.

Gender Affirming Care

Gender affirming care is such a loaded term. We see the divisiveness of the impacts from what’s happening in Florida right now. I’m heartbroken thinking of the increase in suicide and self-harm that will come from those struggling with gender dysphoria when they’re denied medical care (such as puberty blockers).

Denying such care goes against recommendations by groups like the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Endocrine Society, and the American Medical Association. Research shows clearly by allowing those who do not know each situation to make medical decision (which I recognize often comes from a place of good intent) is harmful to human beings.

Something I’ve learned that I wish to gift to everyone: if you haven’t personally lived an experience, LISTEN to those who have. These medical bodies give formal recommendations for a reason. They are based on broad experience, science, research, and evidence. We cannot let our own limited understand based on our own personal experience and beliefs govern others.

Check out the reel

Make Your Voice Heard

I know I mentioned it last week, but it’s important: Tuesday, November 8th is the last day to vote in the 2022 statewide General Election. That means tomorrow is your last chance to make your voice heard.

With so many important social rights under attack or left in uncertainty, it’s up to us to elect officials who will represent us the way we want to be represented. So, if you haven’t voted yet— go out and VOTE!


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