ICYMI Monday May 23th: Parenting and Mental Health Hack + Stacy to the Rescue!

As we wrap-up Mental Health Awareness month, I’m sharing both my own thoughts on “letting go” as well as a communication tip with HUGE using just ONE word. I have been on a roll with creating content lately – mental health is so powerful! I’m sharing teen communication tip, and a recap of my valiant turtle rescue!

Communicating With Teens

One of the things we’ve worked on a lot since becoming foster parents is effective communication. That’s an ongoing process, and we get a little better everyday, but I wanted to share with you an absolute game-changer when trying to talk things out with emotionally charged teens.

It’s easy for teens to feel like we’re not hearing them or listening. All we’re trying to do is what’s best for them, after all. But here’s the thing: we’re human, too. We’re not perfect and we’re not always as respectful as we hope.

The important thing is instead of doubling down, acknowledge that you made a mistake and move forward. And don’t be afraid to TELL them you hear them.

“You’re right. I haven’t been respecting what you’re telling me you feel. I want to talk about that and…” whatever else you’re trying to discuss with them.

That way, everyone feels heard and respected, and you can still address what needs to be addressed. This has done wonders with solving problems with Kiddo and the boys in a way that doesn’t put anyone of the defensive. I made a reel showing an example of how to use this line, so be sure to check it out!

I Don’t Know Who Needs to Hear This But… Move Forward!

If you’re very behind on something, you don’t need to catch up. You can clear your inbox.

I’ve said it a million times: you can’t fill anyone else’s cup if you don’t fill yours first. So give yourself the grace to hit that reset button and start from scratch. The important thing is you keep moving forward.

Stacy to the Rescue!

If you know anything about me, you know I’m a huge softy, especially when it comes to animals. I live in an area near a county park, so we get lots foxes, deer, turtles, and even dangerous snake sightings.

So there I was, minding my own business in my car, when I spotted this cute turtle in the middle of the road. So, obviously I stopped to help him cross. Y’all, I’m SO glad I just didn’t move him to the grass and leave him there. The poor little guy was injured and bleeding!

I’ll spare you the pictures of his broken shell, but I did call the local exotic vet to see what I could do to help. They referred me to a wildlife rescue center who said they could take him. Now this little buddy is getting the help he needs with a turtle expert!

This was such a huge reminder for me of how easy it is to get caught up the day-to-day and forget that we share this planet. Saving one turtle might not have made the biggest difference in the world, but I know it made a difference for this one.

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