ICYMI Monday July 18th: Weight Stigma, Saying No, & Adoption Update

Anyone else feel an emotional uptick in life the last few weeks? It’s times like these that I’m grateful for being able to focus on emotion, physical, and mental health through these times. I’m sharing some of the topics that have come up:  weight stigma epiphany, why saying no can be a good thing, and a quick adoption update.

Example of Weight Stigma

I lost over 100 people when I brought this up the first time, but that’s not going to stop me from bringing it up again. Back then I was talking about how I was being treated differently for the first time in my life – making eye contact, people holding the door for me, saying hello. Seeing me, looking at me because I was thinner. This was when I first realized the stigma, discrimination, and phobias that affect equal treatment for people of size.

It’s hard to quantify that to someone who hasn’t experienced weight shame. I recently thought of a good example and I want to share it with you. When you see a pregnant person, do you think of ways you can help them? Do you open the door, pick something up off the ground, or whatever it is to help them? All because they’re in a larger, more uncomfortable body and it’s difficult to do those things?

Then, when you see a fat person, do you feel the same way? If not, I want you to ask yourself why. It’s it because you think they did that to themselves? So did a pregnant person. Or maybe not? Maybe we need to not be making assumptions and judgements because ultimately we all deserve the same compassion. No matter what kind of body we’re in.

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When Saying No Can Be A Good Thing

I was supposed to go to Florida to visit my sister and fiend last week, but decided against it. I want to visit them when I can truly relax, sit by their pool, and not be stressed out by all the other things going on in my life.

There was both huge personal and professional events last week, and it just felt important to say “no.” I knew immediately it was right call, as I felt my anxiety decrease – even though I really am sad I missed it. I was so grateful not to have to pack, get a on a plane, and figure out how I was going to have fun without distraction or disruption while still being accountable to the things I needed to.

Years ago I wouldn’t have protected myself that way. I know I will visit soon, when it will be more enjoyable. It’s important to know you are allowed to sat “no” to things when it’s not the right time to do them, or if you don’t want to do them at all. I really wanted to visit my family, but I know when I do go, it will be the right time and I will fully enjoy it!

Quick Adoption Update:

As of now, we continue on the long path paved with thick paperwork. For those following along, I did want to tell you that we have passed one of two court events in this process. We only see the judge twice – once to approve changing kiddo’s goal to adoption (pending further review and paperwork with us), and then final approval. The first is now done! The judge approved Kiddo’s Plan to change (to adoption being the goal). Next time, it will be final and official!!

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