Humpday Paleo Push Through 2011May18

Time for another around-the-world trip in the world of Paleo blogging. Here are the articles that caught our eye this past week.

Stacy’s hero Robb Wolf has a short primer on why grains of all kinds are not your friend over at Daily Burn.

Dr. Vikki Petersen wrote on how hard it is to convince people to even try to go gluten free.

Jo’s Health Corner writes about the changes she’s seen in her children since switching to a grain free diet. This was so familiar to us!

Robb Wolf shares the trailer for In Search of the Perfect Human Diet. Looks much better than a certain other movie about silverware.

Danfredo Rivera shares the story of how Paleo saved her health.

Weight Maven argues that all “emotional eating” is in fact due to poor diet.

Paleo Diet Lifestyle weighs the pros and cons of your favorite food vices: chocolate, coffee and alcohol.

ThePrimalParent talks about what we’ve always believed in: that using a sling for your baby is a really good idea, beneficial to both you and baby, and perhaps the key development in human evolution.

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