How and Why We Eat Nose to Tail

Eating nose to tail: why it’s important and our favorite recipes and foods that utilize the whole animal in this week’s newsletter!

Our Real Life

Shrimp and greens omelette courtesy of my Mama! We’ve been hiding out at her place when we’ve had house showings this week. Fresh farm eggs, seafood and veggies was the perfect fuel for all the cleaning, prepping, and house hunting we’ve been doing! And one of the few home-cooked meals we’ve had this week as we try to keep our kitchen spotless 😮

We are avoiding cooking in our kitchen at all costs in order to keep the kitchen in tip top shape, so the boys have been getting no-cook lunches all week. Wes packed his own lunch: trail mix with added unsweetened banana chips and heavy on the Steve’s PaleoGoods cranberries. Baby carrots, a super hero yogurt stick that happens to have relatively clean ingredients much to the little’s delight, an organic cheese stick and our new favorite obsession: The New Primal Snack Mates meat sticks! They’re smaller portioned, non-spicy meat sticks that the boys have loving. All tucked into Wes’ favorite PlanetBox stainless steal lunch container.

Our Favorite Nose to Tail Products

When we saw that one of our favorite brands, EPIC, took a huge leap into sourcing responsibly-raised meat by purchasing over 1000 baby bison, we wanted to join in their celebration! 

Rather than going into feedlots, these grass fed bison will freely roam as they were naturally intended to before being field harvested on the land they call home. These majestic creatures will then play a critical role in what they call the “Whole Animal Project”, which takes a nose to tail approach to utilizing over 85% of the entire bison.

We are so happy to support this mission!

How and Why We Eat Nose to Tail | Real Everything

We wrote Beyond Bacon as an ode to pork, and a way to encourage people to not only eat bacon and pork chops (although there are plenty of those recipes in the book too!) but to embrace all the wonderful parts that the animal has to offer. The front half of the book is dedicated to why this is important and even includes detailed instructions on how to do it.

If you won’t want to render your own lard, you can get pastured lard from EPIC – one of our favorite pork products, a really under-appreciated fat, and our favorite fat to cook and bake with! It is the secret ingredient in our Award-Winning BEST brownies!

We know a lot of you struggle with getting organ meats fed to your family, which is why we like Epic Liver Bites – they taste like a peppery beef jerky with no real discernible liver taste! Just seven bite size pieces is a full serving!

By far one of our favorite ways to appreciate the whole animal is with Epic Maple Bacon Cracklings! These crunchy pork skins use palm sugar instead of salt yet are only 1 carb plus a legitimate amount of protein and good healthy fat – did you know pastured pork fat is the highest food source of Vitamin D? We especially love them for busy morning breakfasts, lunch boxes, and traveling!

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides uses the bones and tendons of animals, something often wasted. It is something we use every single day and has done wonderful things for our health. It dissolves into any beverage, hot or cold, and contains significant proportions of the amino acids proline and glycine, which are harder to find in other protein sources.

Our Favorite Nose to Tail Recipes

50/50 Bacon Burgers

Sweet Heart Jerky

Organ Meat Pie

All about Broth, Stock, and Bones

Cinderella Butter Broth Latte

Peanut Butter (Collagen) Protein Balls

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