Hey Girl Paleo

This post is an announcement. Stacy, flush with free time since Beyond Bacon has been released, is starting a new, less serious blog on tumblr. Go and check out Hey Girl Paleo!

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Where to start with this story…

There’s a meme that’s been floating around the internet for a few years featuring Ryan Gosling, his sexy body, his soulful eyes, and the exact words that women want their men to say to them. The text always begin with the words “Hey, Girl.” Soon parodies of this started up, including Real Food Ryan Gosling, which we featured in our Non-cooperative Spouse post because we’re suckers for memes.

And with that in mind, when @pamelamarthafocker from Paleo Thug Life made the first “Hey Girl” for the paleo set featuring the one and only (our buddy) George of Civilized Caveman Cooking Creations it cracked us up!


After that, Stacy couldn’t help but picked up the ball and run with it, producing an insane number of image memes in a short period of time. George was definitely the ideal subject, originally we called the meme #heygirlgeorge.

988250_508049892597871_1204459199_n 1069890_508036655932528_1694104265_n 1012215_509395312463329_351288016_n 2013-07-17 06.45.09

But then we realized that so many of the men in the paleo community are also good looking with admirable qualities and habits that should and could be shared. What better way to show the internets inspiration than through role modeling good behavior? 1016769_509873585748835_991800653_n

Soon, Stacy was churning them out one after another.

992934_509714475764746_943676410_n 2013-07-18 22.43.05 2013-07-17 16.09.202013-07-17 21.34.29

Even I made it in, much to my embarassment.

2013-07-18 23.11.16

As this hobby continued, it was pretty clear that this phenomenon that Stacy had started and perpetuated needed its own outlet.

Hey Girl Paleo was born!

From now on, these image memes will show up on that blog. Follow it or the Hey Girl Paleo Facebook page to check out all the happenings!

Follow the Tumblr blog here


Follow the Facebook page here

But that’s not all for this project!

Stacy needs your help! Want to ask a question? Suggest an idea? Have your own idea for a new Hey Girl? Make it and send it to us! The sidebar of the Tumblr page has a submission button and an ask a question button. We want your voice on that blog, too!

Get in on the fun with us!

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