Healthy Fats + Light and Bright Recipes for Spring

So much good stuff packed into this week’s newsletter!

Our Real Life

Legit bread making

The boys made Legit Bread Company Paleo Bread this weekend for french toast sticks. This bread is sooo incredibly good, it’s easy to make, and we love that it is now available on Amazon Prime (so free shipping!!).

raw oysters union dc

We also had company this weekend- Stacy’s best friend from college came to visit, so we headed off to Union Market in DC for seafood and cocktails. We tried the raw clams, which we both agreed we wouldn’t order again. People on social media asked why… the answer is that it’s a MUCH more pungent flavor and chewier texture. Raw oysters and steamed clams always going forward! The raw oysters were fantastic! I also had a bowl of carrot soup since this was during the “no junk” reset, it was all about nutrient-seeking… even when out brunchin’!

spring salad with herby ranch

When Fall approached I felt I couldn’t look at another salad and needed warm lunches, loving stews and braised food. Now that Spring-like weather is back, this bright and cheery salad topped with herby ranch dressing looked AH-MAZING to me! It was lunch salads all week as the weather warmed up here in Northern Virginia to mid-70’s! So cool how our bodies tell us things, when we’re paying enough attention to listen.

Stacy I'm enough

I’ve been really focused on me lately (which let’s be honest, is really hard to do as a full-time working mom, blogger, and parent) and making sure I’ve been loving myself. As a result, I’ve been wearing less makeup lately. I’ve been forgiving myself for the flaws I think others focus on. I’ve found my freedom, my confidence, my self respect. It’s not about what others expect, or think I should be, it’s about me. Being me. And accepting all of what that means, while focusing on making choices to be my best self. Even at the end of the no-junk-food reset, while I had a gluten-free bun on my burger, I still had veggies as a side, because that’s what my best self really wanted <3

Beautycounter News & Specials

Speaking of self-care, one of the things I’ve focused on has been hydrating and moisturizing with high performance non-toxic skin care. I’ve never received as many compliments on my skin like I have since using Beautycounter’s anti-aging line, Countertime Rejuvenating safer skincare. And right now until 2/28 BC is offering the Rejuvenating Eye Cream and Calendula Lip Conditioner, with purchase!

BC Free Lip Cond Eye Cream

If you are looking for what I recommend to replace your skincare routine and invest in your health through what you put on it (not just in it) I’ve outlined that over in my Healthy Inside & Out facebook group –>

If your purchase is over $150 you’ll get both the eye cream and lip conditioner FREE (a $78 value) with your purchase now through February 28, 2017. Shop —> here for my favorite non-toxic makeup and skincare!

Our Favorite HEALTHY Fats!

Health Paleo fats

Lard: perhaps our favorite fat to cook and bake with! I mean, we did write an entire cookbook devoted to cooking with pork products. Epic Lard makes the most delicious, moist baked goods, and is fantastic for frying in!

Avocado Oil: our choice anytime we need a liquid oil- like in salad dressings, or for drizzling over veggies before roasting- Chosen Foods Avocado Oil is our favorite. It’s a wonderful, neutral-tasting oil, so its perfect for making your own mayo also!

Ghee: this incredibly delicious butter has a light, sweet flavor that makes any vegetable incredible. It’s also phenomenal paired with chocolate, like used in brownies or our Hot Chocolate Fallen Souffles. Plus, Tin Star Ghee is certified casein and lactose free!

Nut and seed butters are a great way to get good fats- we especially love Sun Butter and Peanut Butter (yes, we sometimes eat peanut butter)! And we get individual packets for lunch boxes whenever we can find them!

Healthy paleo fats

Think Outside the Box Healthy Fats!

Olives are one of Cole’s favorite things to pack in his lunch box. We like them on salads and Italian dishes too.

Mayonnaise-based dips made from Avocado Oil Mayo are a fantastic way to get extra fats in your diet- especially if you’re dipping veggies in them!

We love guacamole because it is good on so many things, and the individual packets are great for snacking or packing in lunches. Guacamole and carrots is our household favorite!

Our Favorite “Think Spring” Recipes!

Crispy Orange Pork

Crab Balls
Paleo crab balls from Real Life Paleo | Real Everything

Salad and Salad Dressings + Tuna Salad with Asian Vinaigrette

Lemon Poppyseed Dressing

Mango Sticky NOT Rice

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