Happy 1st Birthday, Beyond Bacon!

It’s our 2nd book-baby’s birthday!


One year ago today we were frantically running around town and enjoying the company of many, many wonderful friends who’d come into town – getting ready to celebrate the launch of our book, Beyond Bacon. It’s been one year since we released our love letter to pork into the world, and the response has been amazing. Winner of multiple Best Of Paleo Awards in 2013, yet unknown to many, we wanted to take a stroll down memory lane and highlight some of our favorite quotes and recipes. Bonus, we’ve linked up a TON of recipes that were published on the web from Beyond Bacon!

Pork Stock from BeyondBacon by PaleoParents

Now known for being the Bone Broth Lady who has soup every day, Beyond Bacon started it all!
We offer a unique way to make pork stock published on Healthy Home Economists’s review!


Review by Danielle of Against All Grain. Maple Pecan Lard Scones are the perfect accompaniment to your morning tea or coffee.

Licorice Sausage from BeyondBacon by PaleoParents

We say in the book that Licorice Sausages started it all, as it was the first time we realized how much we loved pork and needed to know more.
They’re still just as delicious as the first time we tried them, many years back.


Review by Diane of Balanced Bites. Yes, Virginia, there is a way to make your own bacon. We really recommend you try it!

sweet potato drop biscuits from BeyondBacon by PaleoParents

Sweet Potato Drop Biscuits quickly became a staple for ours and many other familes. Try them out! Recipe here.


Review by Sarah of The Paleo Mom. Shaken and Baked Pork Chops are awesome and you can help!

prosciutto roasted peach ice cream from BeyondBacon by PaleoParents

Prosciutto and Roasted Peach Ice Cream is truly worth trying out, despite the unusual combination.

Asian Short Rib from BeyondBacon by PaleoParents

Our Korean-inspired Asian Short Ribs turns a neglected cut into a true delight.


Possibly our favorite recipe, Bacon Jam is certainly a must try.


Review by Calton Nutrition. You’ll never want to cook a chop any other way once you see how we do it!


Review by George of Civilized Caveman. Can you believe we actually made dairy-free fudge out of lard? See the recipe here!

Corn Dogs from BeyondBacon by Paleoparents

Missing your favorite carnival snack? Well we can show you how to make a real corn-less “Corn” Dog!


Review by Chris Kresser. Inspired by Matt’s grandfather, a pig farmer and sausage lover, we had to recreate some kielbasa!


We did some amount of smoking for the book, but the pork belly was truly special.


Review by Bill and Hayley of Primal Palate. Hayley loves our Rosemary Carrot Mash!
Only Aimee Buxton could make a lump of Rosemary Carrot Mash look as delicious as it actually is!

Rendering Lard & Crispy Lardons from BeyondBacon by PaleoParents

Probably our proudest accomplishment in the book was perfecting the making of lard and showing how anyone can make perfect snow white lard at home!


Review by Kelly of Spunky Coconut. Muffins have something to do with pork? Our Harvest Muffins are really delicious and made with lard!

The Best Brownies from BeyondBacon by PaleoParents

Did we actually make a brownie fudge sundae in the book? Yes we did!
With our AWARD WINNING The Best Brownies, Maple Bacon Frozen Custard and Salted Caramel Bacon Sauce!

Lard Pie Crust Quote from BeyondBacon by PaleoParents

It took us many tries, but we were determined to have a traditional lard pie crust in this book, but grain-free.
And as you can see, we made it happen and the response has been wonderfully well received!


We were so honored to have Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms to write the forward of our book!


Molly Peterson took some gorgeous photos of hogs that she allowed us to use and Mike Peterson raised all the meat we used in the book!


Review by Liz of Real Food Liz. We got to meet many pigs, thanks to our friends at Heritage Hollow Farms.


Did we include your favorite recipe? We’d love to know, now that you’ve been cooking out of Beyond Bacon for a year, what’s your favorite recipe?

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