Halloween Movie Watchlist

Halloween is a season around here, not a single day. We spend weeks leading up to the big event getting ourselves in the mood with spooky movies from our halloween movie watchlist. We feel confident we’ve pulled together the best of the best here. Hope it helps you enjoy our favorite holiday just a little bit extra!


All of these are our family’s favorites, whether from the 80’s when we were kids (that still stand up) or more modern films our kids enjoy. The best part? They’re spooky, but not scary!

Jump Scares

For the slightly more mature, who want a jump without the gore:


For those who enjoy a bit of comedy with their horror (or just what is now “so cringe it’s funny” according to my kids), these are sure hits!

Real Scary

And of course, for the adults who want to go all-in, we’ve got a list of films that will actually leave you feeling unsettled and double checking under your bed before you go to sleep:


Matt’s Favorite Movie on the list:

Stacy’s Favorite Movie on the list:

Cole’s (15yo) Favorite Movie on the list:

Finian’s (12yo) Favorite Movie on the list:

Wesley’s (10yo) Favorite Movie on the list:


What are your favorites? We’d love to know suggestions we may be missing!

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yep, we may take Halloween a little too seriously

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