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It is a very exciting day here at Paleo Parents headquarters! First, we are celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary, and taking a look back at all the amazing things that have happened since we first met!

AND, one of our most popular guest bloggers is back on the site today with a recipe remake of a dish that was served at our 10 year renewal. What an honor!

We could go on and on about Stacy from Paleo Gone Sassy and why we highly recommend you follow her blog and each and every one of her social media channels, but we will simply say – TWICE. BAKED. MACARONI. Yes, one of Stacy’s creations that we shared on our site that is not only a favorite in our household, but a Paleo Parents blog reader favorite as well! 

Enjoy her latest creation, Paleo Jalapeño Poppers below! 

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First, I need to say HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to Matt and Stacy. Then, I need to say THANK YOU for having me back on your blog! My name is Stacy and I blog over at Paleo Gone Sassy. I’ve been 90:10 Paleo for the last three years, loosing 60lbs and finding my healthy weight. In 2015 I shared my Twice Baked Macaroni with you here on the Paleo Parents’ blog. This time, I’m taking my cashew cheese to a another level and sharing my Sassy Paleo Jalapeno Popper recipe with you (a food Stacy and Matt had at their 10 year renewal event).

Sassy Paleo Jalapeno Poppers Guest Post Paleo Parents

I started my blog, Paleo Gone Sassy because I love creating food. I love taking real food and making it taste amazing. I feel food is fuel for our body and I should know and be able to pronounce all the ingredients I put into it. This said, I took a favorite appetizer and made it Paleo. We serve this recipe as a tailgating item or as a dish to pass at a party. No matter the place I take it, people are shocked to learn their favorite appetizer is all natural and free of gluten, dairy and soy. I love the look on people’s faces when I explain to them how we make items with cashew cheese.

In this recipe you will find cassava flour and Jackson’s Honest Potato Chips. The cassava flour helps hold the prosciutto grease and creates the base for the crunchier breading. You can make this recipe without the flour, but it will not hold together well. The chip crumbs will be spotty when rolling it to the prosciutto. I’ve only made this with Jackson’s Honest Potato Chips because they are what we have in our house. We love them for their simple ingredients and healthy cooking oil. This said, I have not made them with another chip brand, but I think you could. However, always check your labels and make sure you know what you are putting inside your body…ok…rant is over.

I’ve tried my best to estimate what you will need, but there is a chance you will cheese or chip crumbs left over…if so…DO NOT THROUGH THEM AWAY! When cooking with all natural ingredients, it can become expensive. I know Matt and Stacy have talked about how to do Paleo on a budget. We never let scraps/extras go to waste in our house. This said, if you have any extra cheese sauce left over, add a little salsa to it and make queso. Or, if you have some extra chip crumbs left over, toss some chicken pieces in it and make chicken tenders.

Sassy Paleo Jalapeno Poppers



  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  2. Place the cashews, cashew water (see above), nutritional yeast, dry mustard, lemon juice and turmeric powder in a high speed blender and puree together to make a cheese sauce and place it in a bowl.
  3. Take one (small) bag of Jackson’s Honest Sea Salt chips and pulse in a food processor to make chip crumbs and place in a bowl.
  4. Take a piece of prosciutto and half wrap the jalapeno in the cup of your hand, leaving the hollow part open (you will fold it up in step 5).
  5. With a spoon place cheese sauce inside the hallowed out jalapeno.
  6. Fold the prosciutto over the cheese sauce and to create a seal, locking the cheese sauce inside.
  7. Roll the jalapeno with prosciutto in cassava flour, lightly dusting it.
  8. Transfer it to the whisked egg and roll around until evenly covered in egg.
  9. From the whisked egg, take the popper and roll it around in the chip crumbs. This is the final step prior to baking the jalapeno popper. I stand my jalapeno poppers up in the crumb bowl to make sure I have evenly coated it and any excess chip crumbs stay in the bowl.
  10. Place the jalapeno popper on a greased 9x13 cookie sheet.
  11. Continue through the process until all 12 jalapeno poppers are created.
  12. Bake them for 18-20 minutes. The chip crumbs will be lightly brown. You want to remove them from the oven prior to the cheese oozing out.

[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Stacy resides in Southwest Michigan with her husband and their two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, whom she rescued from a puppy mill. She has gone from a fast food junkie to being passionate about cooking and fueling her body with all-natural nutrients. She enjoys creating new recipes for her blog Paleo Gone Sassy. Stacy has lost over 65 lbs with adopting a Paleo lifestyle and exercise. One word she uses to describe her progress is dedication. It takes dedication to stay on track and be motivated! In the event you see Stacy on the street and are hungry, she always carries healthy food on her to avoid temptations and is willing to share! Connect with Stacy: Blog | Facebook | Instagram[/author_info] [/author]

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