Goodbyn Bynto and a COUPON

If you recall, I wrote that Goodbyn was my lunchbox of choice in this Packing a Paleo Lunch is Easier Than You Think post.  I found them to be the most leak-proof and the most fun (they come with their own dishwasher proof decorating stickers!) of all lunch boxes we’ve tried. And they even come with matching drink bottles and a handle!  How can you resist these BPA-free, recyclable, made in the USA, adorable products?! Plus, I love how they fit perfectly into the front of Cole’s bookbag.

When I wrote Goodbyn to let them know I’d be featuring them as a product we love on the site and upcoming book, Eat Like a Dinosaur, they noticed our boys had trouble with the lids.  Friendly, nice and super helpful customer service pointed me to their Goodbyn Byntos. Duh! How could I have missed this MUCH more appropriate box for our preschooler and 1st grader? To be sure, Goodbyn generously offered to let us try out their smaller version, the Bynto, to see if we liked them even better.

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The Pineapple and Strawberry Byntos arrived looking colorful and fun. As is standard, each box had its own dishwasher safe sticker kit – but our package also included a Limited Edition Artist Sticker Set.  The boys asked if they could decorate their lunchboxes. Every. Hour.  When we finally had time to sit down and decorate them, in the daylight, the boys were ecstatic.  I could literally see them growing an attachment and fondness for this real food vessel.

Finian chose the Strawberry Bynto with Ears and Cole choose the Pineapple Bynt with a handle.  They spent nearly an hour choosing just the right stickers for their names, ears, feet, arms and even (in Finian’s case) “Paleo food in the Bynto’s belly.”  They each put an “I’m allergic to Gluten” sticker on their lunchboxes and then promptly asked to pack a picnic.  Time for the true test, I thought, How much food will fit in these and will the boys be able to close them?

I wouldn’t lie to you.  Honestly, there’s not enough to gain from a review on a lunchbox to lie to the thousands of new friends we’ve made here. So believe me when I tell you – the lids worked! The boys put them on the ground, pushed in the center (like an old-school Tupperware container), and voila – they had their playground snacks packed entirely by themselves!  They chose to pack a venison stick, black olives, a hard boiled egg and beef jerky – and there was room for even more food if they would have wanted it. We’ve used the Byntos to pack their snacks and lunches at school, and the boys say they like them a lot.  Cole in particular likes showing off this “cool” lunchbox to his friends. He told me, they’re jealous.

What I personally loved is that they fit neatly inside my picnic bag!  The sizes are small enough that both boys’ lunches could both fit inside a book bag (with room to spare for Wesley’s cloth diapers and extra clothes, no small feat) to take to the park or whatever you want to do.  I know my kids love to feel independent – allowing them to pack their own snacks or lunches (rather than a big lunch for us all to share) always results in them actually eating it. I’m so glad Goodbyn let us try these out – because we just love them!

And Goodbyn wants you to try them out too. They’ve given us a coupon code – exclusive to our followers – in case you’d like to give them a try!  It’s the perfect time of year for gift giving – and I don’t know a single kid who wouldn’t love to have their own Goodbyn lunch box.  And at $16.95 minus 20%, they’re extremely affordable. Simply enter code “Paleo2011” at checkout of the Goodbyn Store for 20% off your ENTIRE order at Goodbyn.

I still recommend the Original Goodbyn for older children, but these Byntos are so much easier for the little boys’ use.  Here’s a guide if you’re debating between the two.

If you try a Goodbyn, we’d love to see your photos – feel free to post them on our Facebook wall!  The boys love seeing photos of other Paleo kids, especially fun lunch boxes!

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