Celebrating with a GIVEAWAY – all Stacy’s Favorite things!

Years ago on the blog, inspired by Oprah, I’d go all “Stacy’s favorite things” giveaway and enjoy the clicking of a random number generating shouting “and you get a car! and you get a car!” except it was “and you get a book! and you get a kitchen tool!” It’s been too long, friends. I’ve been giving thanks over in my Healthy Inside & Out Facebook group with a week of giveaways (4 are posted over there right now!).

Click above to go enter the other 4 giveaways over in my Facebook Group!

The thanks is for a year of working with this community and as a result getting to go on a fantastic trip for my birthday. It was this very blog that helped me get there, so this HUGE set is my way of saying THANK YOU. I want to make sure EVERYONE gets a chance to enter into my favorite things giveaway for the exact products I use daily. So all you’ll have to do to enter is leave a comment!

You may have seen the above photo before, but let me remind you: top left is on paleo but pre-AIP, bottom left is using natural products and focusing on skincare with food and AIP – I took those before and after photos because of how impressed I was with the differences! Top right is my skin now, after using this routine!

In this photo I’m ONLY wearing blush/bronzer  and mascara. Crazy the difference these products have made!

What and why are these my favorite things? Well, these are the products I use that have allowed me to entirely remove toxins from my routine and improve my skin quality by the bazillions. Here’s my exact routine:

This routine has saved my skin. It’s an amazing collection of items I’ve especially curated. No one told me about this magic, and while everyone’s skin isn’t the same, I’m confident everyone will love these products. So, want in on this huge giveaway? All you have to do is leave a comment, making sure you’re logged in or using an e-mail!

I’ll be pulling the winner from people’s e-mail, so if you’re already on my Healthy Inside & Out safer skincare e-mail list – you’re already eligible! If not I’ll add your e-mail from the comment to the list I already have and pick a random winner.

And, if you wanna check out the other 4 giveaways I’m hosting, check out my facebook group: facebook.com/groups/stacytoth

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