FUN Paleo Foods + Our Crazy Couple of Weeks

We’ve had a doozy of a couple weeks! Thanks for hanging in there with us while our presence has been lacking around the interwebs lately. Things are starting to return to normal, and we’re grateful for that!

Russ Chicken Adobe

We wrapped up our phenomenal trip to Florida by detouring to see a couple of our favorite people on the way home! Our first stop was to see Summer Davis of The Dirty Floor Diaries and enjoy some relaxation on the water. Wesley even got to “drive the boat.”

Next stop was to see Russ of The Domestic Man and his family, including their new little one (sooo much cuteness!). He made a bunch of our favorite recipes from his first book, including this Grilled Chicken Adobo. We LOVE when Russ cooks for us!

Family paleo vacation

And we couldn’t, just couldn’t stop in Atlanta without visiting Senoia, Ga where the Walking Dead is filmed. It was a blast- highly recommend if you’re a fan! That’s the Woodbury water tower in the background! Yes, we are total geeks. All 5 of us. And we love it!

The Paleo Mom waffles

These gorgeous fluffy waffles topped with maple and fruit were courtesy of Sarah of The Paleo Mom. Her secret is a big Belgium waffle iron…. which I now might be asking for for Christmas! The kids had a great time playing together, while Sarah and I recorded a Live Facebook “ask us anything” video, which you can WATCH HERE!

Whole foods road food

For the last leg home, we stopped at Whole Foods for some clean deli meat and cheese, a loaf of gluten-free bread, some kombucha sodas, fresh fruit, and coconut oil potato chips. Sandwiches in the car was a great alternative to stopping for a sit-down meal (no time for that!) or fast-food (not always the best option!).

We love traveling, and this trip in particular was so much fun- but it’s always nice to be home and back to Matt’s home-cooked meals and a routine!

cole recovery

Not more than a few days back from vacation and we were in the hospital with Cole. With three rough and tumble boys, we can hardly believe (and are incredibly grateful!) that this is our first experience with a kid who needed surgery.

We wrote all about what happened and how Cole is doing in this post —> HERE.

Cole is a “medical miracle”, having recovered enough to leave the hospital after only two days. He’s at home, almost fully healed at this point and doing great!

Our Favorite FUN Foods!

I discovered this licorice and cinnamon tea while on vacation and I am OBSESSED with it! It was the perfect night cap! Pukka teas are a great option with lots of flavor if you’re looking for a new coffee-alternative!

Fun Paleo Foods

LIVE Kombucha Soda is one of our favorite drinks when traveling. Everyone in our family loves it and has a different favorite flavor. It’s slightly sweet, so it feels like a treat, it goes great with travel snacks, and it’s loaded with probiotics too!

Another new find- we finally got to try the new Rx Bar flavor: Maple Sea Salt, and it’s the best flavor yet! Total salted caramel vibes! Rx Bars are made with really clean ingredients, including egg white protein. We always keep a lot of these on hand!

Our Favorite Fun Food Recipes!

Frothy Better Butter Beer
Better Butter Beer on PaleoParents

Paleo Fried Calamari

Peruvian Chicken

Super Gyro Meatball Bowls
Super Gyro Meatball Bowls by PaleoParents

Orange Coconut Date Truffles
Orange Coconut Date Truffles by PaleoParents

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