Fourth of July Pinterest Round-Up

I know, I know. Usually Wednesdays are guest post days, but this week we’re switching it up! Since it’s Independence Day in the United States, we’ve just decided to share all the yummy recipes we’ve found inside that fortress of wedding plans and crafting called Pinterest! Have you joined? Stacy uses it daily to pin various recipes she finds on the internet. Stumped on ideas? Well, she’s pinned something for nearly every occasion!

For those of you outside the US, the Fourth of July is a holiday where we celebrate the independence of our country by blowing up a small part of it. Also, the tradition includes indulging in the bounties of the summer: barbecued meat and fruit. Also, various representations of the elements of the flag are used as decoration. You remember Apollo Creeds shorts from the Rocky movies? Like that exploded everywhere!

Pictured, clockwise from top-left:

  1. Magical Fruit Wands from weelicious: You’ll see a theme of ingredients through this list. Watermelon  stars pinned on top of a string of blueberries! Watch your kids run about the yard with them as if they were sparklers!
  2. Brownie and Fruit Kabobs from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe: We’d use our Flourless Fudgy Brownie Bites recipe for the Brownies and Urban Poser’s Marshmallows
  3. Red White and Blue Sangria from Punchbowl: We’ll be adapting this recipe for a fruity adult beverage including presseco, strawberries and honeydew melon, perfectly refreshing for the summer heat.
  4. Key Lime Pie from Paleo-Zone: We’ve made this before (while you’re there, appreciate how much nicer our photography skills have become!) and it was definitely a treat! We plan to add red raspberries, blueberries and golden raspberries as decoration to make it patriotic!
  5. Summer Berry Trifle by The Urban Poser: Check out everything over at the Urban Poser! She’s terrific and this looks great!
  6. Meyer Lemon Vanilla Bean Cheesecake with blueberry topping by Roost: You’re not imaging things: a dairy-free cheesecake! A brilliant idea that we can’t wait to try!

This year we’re attending a friend’s cookout, so the burgers were already taken care of. Of course we’ll bring guacamole & carrots – but we’re having a hard time choosing which dessert to bring!

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