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We’re so glad you chose to join us here at Real Everything! We’re so excited about our new direction and positively bubbling over with enthusiasm! Have you read our “new” about description or the What is Real Everything post to help you get acclimated?


All Because Two People Fell in Love

A working mom, stay at home dad, and 3 sons is the legit chaos of our real life. Science nerds at heart, we don’t have time or patience for bullsh*t, but we do have a hunger for healthy, real foods and a boundless thirst for knowledge on everything from body love to comic books.




Yes, it’s a slightly new directly – but likely not anything you wouldn’t expect if you’ve read our prior blogs. And if you haven’t read our prior blog, we are SO excited you are joining us here! And, the good news is, you get to benefit from our joy this week as we celebrate by giving away lots of stuff that encompasses how we plan to “be real” here!


We’ll have a full week of giveaways encompassing the main themes we feel passionately about:

Day 1 : For Real

Day 2: Myth Busting & Real Talk
Day 3: Recipes & Foodies
Day 4: Nutrient Density & Healing
Day 5: Healthy Inside & Out

Day 6: Family Life

Day 7: Fashion & Fitness

Day 1 Giveaway: For Real at

Each day we will be holding a drawing for various prizes that represent anticipated themes on the new blog. The prizes are all different and all available to YOU! Simply enter our drawing and you might get something REAL from us as a thank you for following us on this new adventure!


One of the things we’re probably best known for is our recipes. When we started paleo six years ago, we had to teach ourselves a whole new way to eat and to cook. We also learned to take joy in cooking for others and sharing our knowledge. We absolutely still identify with the paleo and REAL food movement and expect that we’ll be sharing our recipes and ideas for a long time over here on Real Everything. You can find all our recipes and meal plans at this link or in the menu at the top of the site.

To celebrate continuing to post our recipes for years to come, we’re giving away a signed copy of our last cookbook, Real Life Paleo and our favorite cooking vessel, an enameled cast iron Dutch oven! Use our book to transition your family to REAL FOOD with our three phased approach to Paleo, then cook one of our hundreds of recipes with it! Use your new Dutch oven to make stews, roasts, or braises, or one of our great recipes like The Bacon Chicken or Pot Roast!

How do you win this fabulous prize?

The entry criteria is very simple. All you have to do is sign up for our newsletter! That’s it. We’ll be picking one of you lucky folks to win this prize!

We only ask that you comment on this post indicating that you have signed up for the list, but be sure that the email address matches (comment e-mail same as newsletter e-mail) so we can verify! We’ll be picking from the people who comment on this post!

This giveaway will end in exactly ONE WEEK! So get those entries in. Next Saturday, we will pick a winner!

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