Flavorful Paleo Meals the Whole Family Will Love!

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  • Recipes and cookbooks that are FULL OF FLAVOR!
  • A discount code for gluten-free empanadas from Cassava Chicago (my fave!! and they ship!!)
  • My birthday trip to California and the AMAZING things I learned.

Our Real Life

We recently went on our annual trip to one of our favorite u-pick farms for fresh produce, a family adventure together, and lots and lots of apples. There’s something magical about fresh farm air, sunlight, and getting in touch with the food we eat. With gorgeous weather we actually did 3 full laps around the farm, getting 1 1/2 bushels of apples!

And then we made our absolute favorite The Best Apple Crisp, and Smoke Vault Chicken, which were a huge hit with friends and neighbors. A long weekend at home with family, good food, and relaxation was just what we all needed!

I landed in California last week on Thursday for a weekend with Beautycounter– a trip I earned thanks to all of you. I appreciate your love and support… and our shared obsession with gorgeous skin and lashes so much! If you’ve chosen me as your Beautycounter consultant, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know there are a lot of people to choose from and I take the honor seriously. That’s why I’m doing a Week of Giveaways to THANK YOU!

I’ve traveled enough to know what my body likes and doesn’t like… and after a cross country flight, these amazing fresh oysters, glass of water, and alone time with this stunning view were just the recharge I needed! After nourishing myself physically and emotionally (did you know I’m actually an introvert?!) I was ready for a weekend filled with meeting new people – I’ll be sharing more about my trip on both my Instagram page and my Healthy Inside and Out Facebook group, so join me there!

I had a fantastic weekend (thanks to Vee from Authentically Nourished for our day-trip to downtown Santa Barbara with all these gluten-free goodies from Lilac Patisserie!) and an even better birthday celebration on Sunday when I returned home. I took an early (I mean early!!!) flight home because I wanted to land in time to spend part of the day with family. I arrived home in time to have a great dinner with family, thoughtful and amazing presents, my favorite empanadas ordered in from Chicago, and then enjoyed an early bed time! My heart is so full – thank you for all the happy birthday messages and well wishes!

The empanadas are AMAZING, and you can get them shipped frozen right to your door (this was my one birthday request!). I love them so much, that Cassava Chicago agreed to give the first 15 people that order a discount – use the code: PALEOPARENTS15 to get a 15% discount!

Our Favorite Books with FLAVOR!

Ready or Not by Nom Nom Paleo
[NEW!] Michele is an expert at making simple recipes with BIG flavor – and we’ve loved every recipe we’ve ever tried of hers! Ready or Not makes healthy Paleo home cooking a breeze, no matter if there’s time to prepare or just minutes to spare.

Latin American Paleo Cooking by Amanda Torres
[NEW!] Latin American cooking is known for have big, bold flavors- that we love! This is Paleo as you’ve never experienced before, embracing traditional Latin American comfort foods and also making them completely gluten-, dairy- and refined-sugar-free.

Indian Food Under Pressure by Ashley Singh Thomas
[NEW!] Whether you eat Indian food on a regular basis or are new to the cuisine, this cookbook will show you how to create impressive and traditional recipes using the least amount of effort.

Paleo Takeout by The Domestic Man
One of our all-time favorite cookbooks, Russ’s recipes are always spot on and full of flavor! This book delivers much healthier but equally satisfying alternatives, offering delectable recipes that mimic the flavors of our drive-thru and delivery favorites–Paleo style!

Real Life Paleo by Us!
While ‘spice and flavor’ may not be the first think you think of with RLP, it actually has a whole section on learning to make your own spice mixes and includes lots of flavorful foods, including one of my faves – Thai Pad Se Ew using CARROTS as noodles! These kid-tested, family-approved meals will satisfy everyone!

Paleo Pro-Tip

Need help using spices?

Did you know that our book, Real Life Paleo shows you how to make your own spice blends and teaches you how to use them in every day cooking, including which spices to pair with which foods?

Learning a few spice-basics will let you make flavor meals without a lot of thought or hassle!

And if you want even more information on herbs and spices and how to use them, Matt recommends another great addition to your repertoire: The Spice Lover’s Guide to Herbs and Spiceswhich is an excellent resource that lists every single spice and spice blend, how to use it, and what foods it pairs best with.

Our Favorite FLAVORFUL Recipes

The Bacon Chicken

Crispy Orange Pork

Meatloaf Muffins

Peruvian Chicken

Harry’s Cottage Pie

We Recommend…

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