Fig Neutrons

Alright, if the cheeky name wasn’t obvious enough – today’s recipe is a healthy snack take on one of our favorite prior treats. Figs are one of Stacy’s favorite fruits, but their season is so short-lived, this dried-fruit version means we can snack with that delicious flavor all year long.

This recipe is our version of a date ball, but made mostly of figs. Obvious similar sounding Nabisco cookie aside, we call them fig neutrons after neutron stars because they’re clearly exactly the same. Like the astronomical feature, they’re dense, composed mainly of dried fruits, and definitely the remains of a collapsed star after a supernova or a trip through a food processor.

We decided to embark on a date ball project with some delicious figs after finding the Smyrna figs are super soft and tasty. These are the brownish-yellow figs as opposed to the dark mission figs you see most often. They’re honestly the best figs we’ve ever found. We added a couple of pantry staples to the mix, namely dates, walnuts, and dried coconut, and pulsed until combined.

Then all that’s left is the rolling! Not only is this a simple snack to make, but your kids will love to use the food processor (make sure to supervise for safety as is age appropriate) and roll the balls. Even your cynical 12 year olds who seem to only wear Rick & Morty shirts!

Are Figs Good for You?

Why might you want to eat figs, though? Well, figs have one of the highest fiber contents of any dried fruit, with 4g per serving. Not only that but they’re high in anti-oxidant polyphenols, meaning they fight oxidative damage and reduce cancer risk. They also have smaller quantities of a variety of nutrients, especially potassium and vitamin K. Fig Neutrons are not the empty calories their cookie cousins are!

Fig Neutrons



  1. Combine all ingredients in a food processor and pulse to combine. Resulting mixture will be a chunky paste consistency.
  2. Transfer the mixture to a large mixing bowl. Roll 2 Tbsp amounts into 1 inch diameter balls.
  3. Optional: roll balls in coconut flakes

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