Fathers’ Day 2021: a dozen gifts dad really wants

I don’t know how it happened, but the year is almost half gone. And with the arrival of June, Fathers’ Day is just 9 days away! For my 16th Fathers’ Day, I’m looking for fun projects I can do with my kids and self care items, not for the typical ties and grill equipment. For me, personally, I’ve been working out of the house more these past 18 months that I have ever worked in my kids’ lives. That’s been a challenge, but I’m looking forward to a summer where I enjoy time reconnective with the family and myself.

Might I suggest considering things you can do with dad? Like a summer pass to try out different hard ciders (Stacy got her dad that once and he loved it), tickets to events he surely missed this past year (Baseball is on my to-do list), or outdoor concerts? The family and I are planning a visit to Cedar Point for Father’s Day, and it’s more exciting than any things could be. But, if you still want something to wrap, here’s what I think I would be great gifts for the dad in your life.

For the Building Dad:

1. Dad LEGOs

I love building huge lego sets with Wesley. There’s something so satisfying about constructing something step by step and getting something amazing at the end. My current wish list includes the new Daily Bugle Spider-man set and the Nintendo NES set. Wesley has plans to make his stop motion movies if we build these!

2. Wooden Projects

The other day our foster kiddo told me they were interested in music boxes and how they worked. After explaining it, I had an inspiration and said we could build one together. I’m now working on this very cool, very interesting RoWood pop-up wooden music box. It’s been a lot of fun, very recommended!

For the Gaming Dad

3. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Way back in the day (2008), Stacy and I got way into Animal Crossing together and loved exploring our islands. Now there’s a new Animal Crossing for the Switch we’ve just received and are dying to get into it as a family. It’s very chill game the whole family will love to explore and compare notes together.

4. Dice Throne Rerolled

A couple years back I discovered Dice Throne 0n Kickstarter and loved it. It’s now a favorite game I always play with Finn and Cole. It’s the perfect combination of strategy, fun and luck that keeps it even between the three of us. Recently the updated version has been released and I look forward to trying it!

5. Escape the Crate Subscription Box

We love problem solving, brain teasers and puzzles in our family. That’s why this gift of Escape the Crate is perfect for me! This monthly subscription box gives you the escape room experience with puzzles and fun for the whole family to enjoy.

For the Kitchen Dad:

6. MEATER Plus

My first meat thermometer was a old fashioned metal coil type that quickly lost its accuracy, leading the the dreaded medium-rare chicken entree at a barbecue party. We’ve come so far from that! The MEATER Plus is a totally wireless meat thermometer you can monitor with extreme accuracy from your phone or computer. I look forward to the day I can set up my smoker in the morning and and give cooking instructions from work.

7. Whiskey Glass Set

If your dad is a Whiskeyman like I am, he needs this. Having the perfect rocks glass with non-melting whiskey stones to keep it cold will be loved by anyone who wants to get into the whiskey hobby.

For the Handy Dad:

8. Dremel Rotary Tool

You know what Dad wants for his workshop but won’t buy for himself because it’s a hobby tool and not a “serious” work tool? A Dremel Rotary tool. This is the tool that will make his hobby easier. Where it’s model building, figure painting or woodcarving, this will make it much more fun!

9. Extraction Socket Set

Trust me when I say this: the bane of your dad’s existence is damaged nuts and screws. Nothing is more frustrating than having to try removing something your tool just can’t get a grip on. Most people just deal with never removing the hardware, but there is a solution! Get dad an extraction socket set so he can finish those projects he never thought he could!

For the Self-Care Dad:

10. Beard Trimmer

Over quarantine, a whole bunch of us beardos grew a giant, scraggly, ZZ Top beard out of sheer laziness and lack of appropriate tools. I think a trimmer of some kind is essential for anyone of the beard-growing type.

11. Safer Personal Care

For years I used body wash on my face and hair too. Now that I’m 40, I’m noticing I’m not as resilient as it once was. Stacy helped me figure out a few things that are simple enough for me, but still make an impact on how I feel.

  • Countersun Sheer Defense
    I am out in the sun all day at work and I need both a sunscreen and a moisturizer to protect myself. And Beautycounter has the perfect product for me! It lasts the whole time I’m out on my route and I return home without a red, burned face. Dad doesn’t know he needs this yet, buyt he does!
  • Counterman Collection
    I’m a big fan of the Counterman collection and use the shaving cream and body wash frequently! Your dad will definitely appreciate the upgrade.
  • Body Collection
    I’ve been using Beautycounter products on my shampoo & conditioner for years now and I love the citrus scent! Plus it’s not toxic, contains no SLS, and has a long documented safety record!
  • Clean Deo
    I miss the men’s charcoal scent, but until it returns I’ve been using the Coconut.

12. Rothy’s Sneakers

For years Stacy has been singing the praises of Rothy’s recycled plastic shoes and how comfortable they feel. But did you know that they made men’s shoes too? Awesome! Can’t wait to buy and wear my very own pair!

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