Fall into Health Bundle! Over $2000 value for only $39!

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November first! We’re now well into autumn and on our way to the coldest part of the year (except the Aussies, who are all buying swimsuits). For me, this is the hardest part of the year to focus on my health. So many bad habits creep in, if I let them. What I really need is a good reminder of how to stay healthy all winter long. If only someone would package together all the information I need in a single bundle…

Well, we’re all in luck on that front! I know so many of you are always on the hunt for a good deal. This week our friends at the Village Green Network are releasing a great one! It’s another huge bundle of ebooks and other great media! For ONLY $39 you will receive 47 ebooks, 15 podcasts/audio programs, 3 video classes, 2 meal plans, 21 discount codes and 2 magazine subscriptions! What more could we need to keep our health this winter than all this new information?

Some of you may remember the Harvest Your Health bundle from last month. While that was a terrific deal that many of you took advantage of, this one is not only different, but it may, in fact be BIGGER!


Try out 5 Podcasts for FREE!

We love podcasts and really think they’re an excellent way to learn. This bundle has 15 exclusive ones that you will want to listen to and, even better, you can download five of the included podcasts for free right now here and see if you’re going to love the rest of the content before you buy!


If there’s one thing I love more than reading, it’s being read to. And this is a bundle of audio content you are sure to love. How do recordings by Chris Kresser and Joel Salatin sound? What about the 21 Day Sugar Detox by Diane Sanfilippo? Or Skintervention by Liz Wolfe? All of these items are EXCLUSIVE to this bundle and won’t be found elsewhere. This is hours of audio education just for you if you buy this bundle!



With over 47 full ebooks, you won’t know where to begin! The authors are diverse from Matt Stone to Food Renegade Kristen Michaelis. There’s topics that I am interest in, like decluttering, new recipe books, and engaging children in a real food lifestyle and even old favorites like Awaken, the egg-free breakfast cookbook. You are sure to find something to love here!


Check out these Ebooks that are included in the bundle!

stephanie_mccormack_real_food kendhal_millecam_cocktails linda_spiker_organic_kitchen

Real Food. Real Good. Cookbook – How would you like a peak into the kitchen of the talent behind Stupid Easy Paleo? She promises simple recipes for those with limited time.

Natural Cocktails – Are you an aspiring bartender who wants to make great drinks that leave out the syrup and unnatural additives you’ll find in a typical bar? Well then this is the book for you!

The Organic Kitchen – Do you desire to cook seasonally and organically? Well, Linda Spiker has a plan for you!

ann_marie_michaels_revesring kristen_michaelis_saladskaren_sorenson_awaken

Reversing Food Allergies Cookbook – Can it be possible? Can you free yourself from food allergies? Ann Marie Michaels says she can teach you how!

Simply Salad by Season – A salad for every time of year just makes me excited!

Awaken – One of our favorites! Egg-free breakfasts can seem impossible, but Karen Sorenson has some ideas for you!

dawn_gifford_sustainability emily_benfit_sleep_solution jill_winger_natural_homestead

Sustainability Starts at Home – This is an interesting topic for us. Dawn Gifford writes a practical guide on how to live greener while saving time and money and living more simply.

The Sleep Solution – Ever since Matt was 10, he has had difficulty getting a good night’s sleep. We’re definitely hoping that Emily Benfit has the answer for us. As we know, sleep is one of the most important things for maintaining health.

Natural Homestead – Have you ever considered living a homestead life and raise your own food in your backyard? Has the idea instantly become overwhelming, causing you to give up immediately? Perhaps this ebook will help you!

robin_konie_toxic_free robin_konie_clutter_trap sylvie_mccracken_paleo_survival_guide

Toxic-Free – There’s so much concern over all the various chemicals we use everyday without any clear alternatives. In this book, Robin Konie gives you the actual recipes for toxic-free household products!

The Clutter Trap – Something we seem to need! How would you like to declutter your house using a plan with only a 15 minute commitment per day?

The Paleo Survival Guide – The book we always felt ought to be written! A simple no nonsense guide to getting started on paleo that promises to answer all your questions!

Meal Plans

So many people ask us to write out meal plans of how we eat during the week. Frankly, we can’t. We simply don’t plan. I know! It’s terrible. But there are so many meal plans out there that we can point you to. How about these two?

10610039676_7691eb6d88_oDiscount Coupons

Save even more money on top of your purchases by using 21 exclusive discount coupons! Lots to choose from here, from natural products from Primal Pit Paste to the delicious seafood from VitalChoice to the outstanding water filters from Berkey! If you used even a couple of these coupons it would make the entire cost of the bundle worthwhile!


Magazine Subscriptions

In the age of computers, nothing makes me feel more like a character on Star Trek than browsing through a magazine. Why not read a couple on your iPad about a real food lifestyle? Paleo Living is a personal favorite, aggregating some of the best voices in the paleo scene, and who can go wrong with more Healthy Recipes delivered every month? Get them today!


Video Classes

Here’s something really unique. Why sit in a classroom when you can enjoy learning in your own home with online video classes? This is a truly special treat!


PLUS Daily Giveaways!

You can enter to win special prizes every day this week simply by entering here! You may even win an iPad Mini!


Hope you find this fun, exciting and useful to you! We’ll be sorting through our material for months. Thanks Village Green Network for putting this all together!

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