Enter the Third Annual Halloween Recipe Round Up!

Our favorite holiday of the year has always been Halloween. But we no longer celebrate it the same way that most people do. Instead of the crazy sugar fueled candy fest that results in months-long sugar high for most American kids, we limit our candy and instead focus on more fun, less insulin spiking activities.

We have parties with our meet up group. We go pumpkin picking. And we bake rather than buy candies. We don’t think that Halloween has to be scary for us real food eaters! We’ve already shared our first Halloween treat of the year, our Pumpkin Delights.

Now it’s your turn to share your creations!

PP Halloween Round Up.indt

Followers of the blog may remember last year’s Halloween Round Up. Or perhaps you super long term fans will remember our first one. Well, we’re doing it again!

How do you participate?

  1. Post a new Halloween themed recipe on your blog with the above banner.
  2. Then, please email a link of your recipe to Monica and we’ll make sure to include it in our round up!

The deadline for entries will be October 21st and the completely list of entries will go up on our blog on October 28th! If you want examples of how to enter with your own post, check out this example of exactly what to do.

Hope to see lots of your spooky recipes!

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