Frozen Waffles and other Naturally Green St. Patrick’s Day Recipes

There are a few recipes in our first cookbook, Eat Like a Dinosaur, that we’re asked to share. A lot. Like, at least once a week someone wants to publish (or wants us to publish) on the web some of our most popular recipes from ELaD: Fools Gold Chicken Nuggets, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Rat on a Stick, Anytime Cookies, 50/50 Burgers and Frozen Waffles. Until now, only 50/50 Burgers were on our site. We’re not trying to be mean, but if we don’t hold some recipes hostage you guys would have no incentive to actually buy a book. And frankly we think 1) kids deserve a tangible cookbook to engage, inspire and empower them to cook real foods and 2) all our hard work is worth $9 (e-book) or $19 (softcover).

However, when our Facebook group hit 19k fans and we had a surge of support and positive comments on the site when we finally turned in Beyond Bacon, we wanted to thank you. So we put out a vote, and these waffles won by a landslide. So please, if you like them, buy the book – we promise there’s lots more where these came from!


Frozen Waffles



  1. Puree apple and banana in a food processor.
  2. ? Use the whisk attachment on your electric mixer and whip almond butter on high for 2-3 minutes until smooth and fluffed.
  3. ? Add puree and remaining ingredients to whipped almond butter and continue to whip until combined.
  4. Grease your hot waffle maker (for each waffle you make).
  5. Use about 1 ladle of batter per 8-by-4-inch waffle onto hot waffle iron for 3-5 minutes until browned. Do not fill up entire waffle maker, leave about 40% unfilled so that the batter can spread. If your waffle is soft or floppy, it's not ready yet - keep cooking for another minute or two!
  6. ? Eat immediately or store flat in freezer and make your own breakfast by reheating in toaster - the waffles will be firm enough!
  7. * For the 21 Day Sugar Detox you'll need to ensure you don't eat more than half a batch, but really 1-2 should be more than enough, then freeze the rest for later!

If you don’t want to take our word for it, check out Nom Nom Paleo’s fantastic video blog of her adorable Double-O’s approval!

Nom Nom Paleo Makes The Paleo Parents’ Waffles from Nom Nom Paleo on Vimeo.

Fun Fact about these waffles? They can easily be made nut-free by replacing the almond butter with sunflower seed butter. And you know what that does? The chlorophyl in the sunflower seeds creates a chemical reaction with the baking soda to produce naturally GREEN waffles!

ELaD Naturally Green Perfect Paleo Waffles at PaleoParents How fun is that for St. Patrick’s Day?

Ok, so now that we’ve got your breakfast figured out for a fantastically fun St. Patrick’s Day, we thought you might want some more naturally green and nutrient dense recipes to share with your family on this leprechaun day. So here’s a round-up of delicious looking recipes to serve up to your lucky loved ones ♥



PaleOMG’s Green Smoothie, Nom Nom Paleo’s Roasted Green Beans, Elana’s Pantry’s Green Chicken Soup


Paleo With a Purpose’s Green Curry with Shrimp, The Paleo Mom’s Green Eggs, The Paleo Mom’s Greensicles


Primal Palate’s Kale Chips, Wing It Vegan’s Coconut Milk Mint Chip Ice Cream, Seasonal and Savory’s Matcha and Coconut Butter Truffles

As always, the pictures take you directly to the author’s sites where you can find the recipes – so please visit these awesome bloggers!

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