Eat Like a Dinosaur Week 3 Recap

So, I’m Sharing My Wife this Week

Yesterday morning we put Stacy on a plane and sent her to Texas. She’s right now having a tremendous time partying with the paleo glitterati at the Paleo FX conference. Are you there? Go up and say high. She may be the only one there with an Eat Like a Dinosaur T-Shirt. Also, she’ll be the most gorgeous and brilliant one there. Not that I’m biased.

Another Press Release!

It seems like only last week (it was) when I told you all to share a press release for our book. Well, because you awesome people helped spread the word, we now we have another (paid and promoted) on PRWeb we’d love to see spread far and wide. Do you mind clicking and sharing this link and broadcasting it for us? We’d really appreciate it!

This Week’s Reviews of Eat Like a Dinosaur!


You’ve been over to Nom Nom Paleo, right? It’s only about the best blog out there for paleo recipes and food photography! Well, we were honored to have the most adorable cooking pictorial done on one of our favorite recipes, the Mini Egg Pizzas. Check out a little kid in a bow tie making our delicious frittatas.

Multiply Delicious

Multiply Delicious, who was featured in our Delcious Urban Parents Team Up back in December, just posted her review and the excitement is truly palpable!

I immediately opened the book and flipped through the pages with excitement.  This book is full of family friendly, super healthy, super delicious, kid-friendly recipes….and of course Paleo.  A win for the whole family!

Go check out her review and read an excellent recap of what the most exciting features are included in Eat Like a Dinosaur! Then, check out the tremendous recipes  on the rest of her blog. We are always the first to acknowledge when people are way more talented than us and Multiply Delicious produces some the most enticing looking food and photographs you will find!

Check out this review to win a free copy!

And Love it Too

You may remember back when we did a post for Sunny on Healthy Lunchbox Ideas way back in the fall. Her blog is a tremendous resource for recipes and in particular, well suited for those who need clearly labelled recipes for allergy purposes. Her delicious recipes are quite extensive, too.

We do love it when people enjoy the children’s story we included in the book. You know, Cole and I essentially wrote the first draft together, as I asked him what I should tell other kids about his journey and he listed every point I then included in the story. Sunny, in her review, points out how this book can be a tool to interest your kids in your diet.

While this book is loaded with lots of wonderful tips, ideas and suggestions to help get your kids involved in preparing meals, easy to read allergy labels and great recipes; it was the opening story that really got my kids excited.

Check out this review to win a free copy!

Family Living Simple

If you want to see the most adorable thing you’ve seen this side of mewling kittens, Family Living Simple tells the tale in their review of Nolan, their two and a half year old, being so inspired by our book he went and wrote his own recipe!

When we received the book in the mail we immediately read it to our 2.5yr old son Nolan. I think we read the story 3 times in a row. I had to stop there so we could make dinner. After dinner we sat down again and looked through the recipes and Nolan kept saying over and over, “Eat that one”. Lets just say the food looked appealing to Nolan. Now what happened next was priceless. Nolan found his pad and paper and asked me for a crayon. I asked why and he said he wanted to write a recipe.

You need to go over there and read their thoughtful review for this adorable little boy alone!

Check out this review to win a free copy!

Modern Paleo/Noodle Food

We’ve been participating in the Diana Hsieh’s Modern Paleo Rodeo on and off for many months now, sharing many of our favorite posts. When we were starting out, it was one of the few places we could find to publicize our work with others who might be interested. We really enjoyed her nostalgic review of our book that really got one of our key goals.

Kids could easily review the recipes to decide what to cook, review and assemble the ingredients, and then do much of the cooking. It would be a great first cookbook for kids to work through, and after much cooking from it, they could easily graduate into regular adult cookbooks.

We truly believe that good health begins in the kitchen and hope that our book helps many children to grow up to be healthy adults!

Leftover Queen

We are probably the most nerv0us about reviews by people who are not paleo, not even grain-free, but are in adjacent communities. The Leftover Queen is a Weston A. Price principle blogger, one of a few we’ve contacted. Luckily for us, she loved the book, one of the few she has chosen to review, because it absolutely fits with the WAPF framework as well

So it was really fun for me to read through this book and realize that I could eat everything in it – and so can many of you! Not only that, but the recipes are interesting, simple, fresh and delicious looking. Although I do eat dairy, legumes and some grains, it is refreshing to have a cookbook where I don’t have to think; I can just make it, worry free.

Stuffed Pepper

We found our way into the Stuffed-Pepper blog as well. Heather, the mastermind behind the blog compiles a lot of information into her biweekly entries, and we were honored to be included this week. We particularly like how we inspired the youngest member of her clan.

In fact, my 2 year old does the dinosaur dance when I bring out the cookbook, showing that a dinosaur is just as persuasive an icon to pique your child’s interest in food, as a couple of golden arches.

Maybe that’s next for us: take over the restaurant world with our dinosaur icon!

Fit Daffy

You may remember us mentioning that Daffy visited us a couple months back with her adorable toddler boy. Cole and Finn had such a fun time with him that, even to this day, he’s their go to when school projects request that you mail a letter to someone (why not send it to the person you know who lives on the other side of the country?). Knowing that this same little boy who helped us make pancakes a little while back is now using our book? Priceless!

For example, I had the opportunity to test this recipe out last year, and Chubster actually got to help me with each of the handprint steps.  It was the start of a fun bonding experience that gets him to run into the kitchen anytime I break out a colander or a cutting board.

We definitely hope that those who read our book will start having just these kinds of experiences with their children!

The Paleo Mom

If you checked out her guest post yesterday, you’re already familiar with The Paleo Mom and how awesome she is. Well she wrote her review and it was awesome!

There is a wealth of books available that explain the rationale behind paleolithic nutrition and explain which foods to eat and which to avoid.  There is also a new surge of paleo cookbooks on the market.  But, Eat Like a Dinosaur fills a void, one that I personally care deeply about.  It provides practical tips and family-friendly recipes to help you actually feed your paleo family.

We really hope that our book can fill that void for you too! She made not just one but six of our recipes as well. If you want a broad review of several of our recipes, this is the review to go to.

In summary, I have absolutely no reservations in recommending this book as the first paleo cookbook you should buy if you are cooking for a family with young kids.  And then you and your kids will also be able to “Eat Like a Dinosaur”!

Paleo Periodical

Over on Paleo Periodical, we’re instantly relatable!

As a mom, I was personally grateful that I wasn’t being held to some caveman Martha Stewart-standard. These folks are real. I have several friends with families who’ve expressed interest in changing their families’ diets but feel too overwhelmed by the education and time required. I now have a resource I can point them toward, someone who’s been through it and who is instantly relatable.

Check out this review to win a free copy!

Fem Fusion Fitness

We found Fem Fusion Fitness when she came out of nowhere to win one of the review copies of our book. She wrote a thorough review! You should really go check it out. It seems like our message really resonated with her!

I love that they focus on getting Paleo kids excited about the food choices they do have, rather than focusing on what they don’t or can’t have.

Check out this review to win a free copy!

Tasty Eats at Home

Over on Tasty Eats at Home, we’ve inspired another waffle iron purchase! We knew we had a winner when we came up with that one!

Amazing. They’re subtly sweet (no added sweeteners or sugars!), they’re crisp, and they’re fluffy inside. I’m sold. I can’t imagine needing another waffle recipe.

We can’t want for you guys to eat our waffles!

Healthy Guts

Consuelo from Healthy Guts reviewed our book as well! In her review, she mentioned being flattered to be invited to review the work, but we’re flattered by her kind words!

I am always flattered when asked to be a part (even a small part such as a review) of the growing paleo movement especially when the book I am reviewing is one which advocates the entires family involvement in the process of making food which I feel very strongly is the best way for the whole family to enjoy the benefits of life long healthy eating habits.

Check out this review to win a free copy!

Daily Bites Blog

Daily Bites made one of my favorites: the raspberry dressing and added a honey and thyme twist. Funny story: I made the raspberry dressing because the kids loved this raspberry dressing we got from Whole Foods and the thing was so expensive. The innovation of the cookbook tends to come from Stacy, but this dressing I recreated is one of my best moments!

In her review, Hallie points out the design, courtesy of Stacy and Amanda Gates and how visually appealing the book is.

The colorful, kid-friendly pages of Eat Like a Dinosaur almost land it in the storybook category, which is something I find incredibly creative and unique.

Me too! But I’m biased.

Upcoming Media and Events

We’ll soon be appearing in a city near you! Or at least Stacy might sneak in in the middle of the night all ninja-like and pay you a visit.

Wednesday – Friday March 14-17, 2012 at PaleoF(x) Ancestral Momentum – Theory to Practice – in Austin, TX. Right now, Stacy is at the 2012 PaleoF(x) Symposium! She’ll be on the “Ancestral Wellness for Babies & Tots/Children” panel at 1:00 PM CST today and then at the author signing at 6:30 PM CST. Stop by and say hi! She’ll be the most beautiful woman in the room, so she shouldn’t be hard to spot!

Book Signings

Sunday March 25, 2012 2 PM at Salt & Pepper Books in Occoquan, VA – The entire family will read Eat Like a Dinosaur, the illustrated children’s story, answer questions and sign books. Snacks made by Matt with recipes from Eat Like a Dinosaur will be provided!

Saturday March 31, 2012 10:30 AM at Barnes & Noble in Fair Lakes, VA – The entire family will read Eat Like a Dinosaur, the illustrated children’s story, answer questions and sign books.

You Can Listen To Us

We’ll also be featured on a few upcoming podcasts and radio shows, including Livin’ La Vida Low Carb Show on March 20th and on the Latest in Paleo Podcast March 19th.
Many more announcements coming this month, so follow our Facebook Events or Press & Events to keep up to date!

Seminar Coming Soon!

We’ll also be launching the Eat Like a Dinosaur: Paleo Parenting for Healthy & Happy Kids seminar series soon! If you run a cross-fit kids program or want us to come talk to people you know, please send us an e-mail through the contact form. We’ll be keeping it local for a while with all the stuff we have going on, but eventually we’d love to help spread the word to whomever is interested in hearing it!

p.s. Don’t forget to enter our EAT YOUR WAY THROUGH giveaway this week. On Monday 3/19 we’ll be kicking off another!

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