Release the beast: Eat Like a Dinosaur is officially released!

Today is March 20th! Do you know what that means?

It means it’s time to Eat Like a Dinosaur!


Our book is released today, so run out to your local bookstore and pick up a copy!


Or buy a copy from or


And buy it NOW for your e-book, iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Android or Blackberry!


Can I recommend you buy both versions? I’ve been told that kids kidnap the softcover paper book! I’ve seen more than a few fan photos with kids reading the story book in bed. And with it on the kitchen counter. With an e-book, you won’t have to stress about where it was last seen. Plus, if you have a copy on your iPhone, that means when you grocery shop you’ll have the list of needed ingredients ALL the time! Plus, the e-book versions get free updates. So, the changes we made to the 2nd printing? You get those FREE with your e-book!

But don’t only get an e-book please…  because the whole point of this is for kids to have a book that they can “own” and be excited about. Letting them hold this bright, fun, colorful book in their hands will be priceless!

The news is out… books are shipping – and some are even in your hands already! We’re SO excited to be able to share this moment with you! We love seeing pictures of happy kids cooking with their family come in (please e-mail, Twitter or post them on our Facebook wall!). The reviews have been flooring us and we’re just so grateful to be able to reach out to each of your families through this fun book. We sincerely made it with your littles & you in mind.

If you’ve got a copy, we would be SO grateful for you to write your review on and on Amazon Softcover and Amazon e-Book. The more reviews we have, the more the word will spread to families who need to find out about how just eating real food can change their family’s health and happiness!

If you’re still on the fence, feel free to check out all reviews we’ve shared in this post, this post, this post or our Facebook wall.

Thank you so much for supporting this effort. Without all of our blogging buddies and those of you who have supported and promoted us each step of this way, there would be no book. There would be no blog (or at least not one worth reading) and there certainly wouldn’t be tons of families who are healing themselves from each of you contributing your positivity and encouragement!

We honestly cannot believe the audience this book is reaching. We know how hard it is to run a family in a world where the very essence of your being is contrary to societal standards. Or perhaps you struggle to keep life threatening allergens from your children. Whatever brought you here, we know it’s hard to keep this ship running. It is our sincere hope that all of you who read our book perhaps find it least somewhat helpful in your journey.

It occurs to us that some of you may find yourself here for the first time as a result of the book. Welcome! Here’s a little video we made to tell you more about it…

Whether your family eats a standard diet, is gluten-free casein-free (gfcf), follows the principals of the Weston A Price Foundation (WAPF) or is, like us, Paleo or Primal, this book will help you cook healthful and tasty foods, together. With over 100 recipes, projects and lunch box ideas for families to make together and an illustrated children’s story, this recipe and guidebook for children will help you put healthy food your kids will be excited to try on the table and in their lunchboxes.

And you can use the parents chapter to get educated, stock your kitchen and reconfigure your mind to get ready to start making healthier versions of kids’ favorites.  Spark conversation about how removing processed foods from your diet can change the health of your family with our illustrated kid’s story! Healthful family eating is approachable and fun, even for picky eaters, with this book designed for a child’s eye.  Get ready for some seriously awesome recipes like Anytime Cookies, Frozen Waffles, and Chicken Nuggets. [sneak some recipe peeks here]

Our family’s health has been overwhelmingly improved by removing processed foods and cooking together – this book is a tool for your family to use, be inspired by and get excited for food to do the same for you.

If you’re finding this blog for the first time as a result of our book launch: Hello, welcome!  Feel free to find out more information About Our Story or check out our Start Here 101 for more information and some good links that might be helpful in getting started on your own journey. Read more about the inspiration for the book here. We hope you stay and look forward to talking with you! You can also view our Press Release here!

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