Giving Back with Beautycounter: get signed books, mini-bottles & profits go to charity with Heifer Intl Fundraiser!

I still can’t believe it’s December and Christmas is almost here. I’ve been in denial for so long; it took getting several requests before I snapped to and realized I owed everyone the final Beautycounter “monthly special” of 2016!
I can’t thank you enough for your continued support of my safer skincare mission for us all to be Healthy Inside & Out. November was a fantastic month for our family; I was able to get the boys their dream trip to CA (shhh, the little boys don’t yet know) as a holiday gift because of you. As a result, I want this month to be about GIVING BACK!
I tried to come up with a special that would maximize what I could give you and to those in need without a big investment on your end, as I know December we save our budget to spend on others (not ourselves). I also will be donating half of my profits to my favorite charity, Heifer International (the other half of profits goes to the freebies you’ll get). I am SO excited and looking forward to seeing how much we can give back this month!
What’s awesome is that all of this came about because I fell in love with a cleaner, safer, healthier, non-toxic brand and wanted to spread the news. I never imagined I’d join Beautycounter’s mission as a consultant. But what a joy it’s been to connect with so many readers and hear their stories of healing by changing their skincare routines! I hope you love everything as much as I do and that these specials I’ve done in 2016 have helped you fall in love with the brand, too. I won’t be offering monthly specials in 2017, but will offer occasional specials instead.
The December special has 3 components + I’m offering a Target coupon swap this month since it’s the last month to use your Target coupons before they expire and some people already have the free item being offered – so bear with me as I walk you through each of these…


Make sure to order through the Fundraiser Social (click the + next to my name at and then select “fundraiser” from the drop-down option). This allows me to keep a separated list so that I can attribute the sales to donate appropriately. Please use this feature so we can maximize our donation!


If you are not swapping your Target coupon item (see below), then I will be able to send the freebies for the December special as soon as I receive confirmation on which choice you’d like:

  • Countertime Radiance Firming Complex (now called Rejuvenating Radiance Serum)
  • Countertime Restorative Night Cream (now called Rejuvenating Night Cream)
  • Countertime Uplifting Day Cream (now called Rejuvenating Daily Cream)
  • Countertime Vibrant Eye Perfector (now called Rejuvenating Eye Cream)
  • Gentle Exfoliator (now called Nourishing Cream Exfoliator)
  • Anytime Eye Cream (now called Nourishing Eye Cream)

Choose one of the following for each $25 spent before tax & shipping but after BoB promotional credits are deducted. Offer valid on orders placed 12/8-15/16, while supplies last!

Why am I specifically offering these products? They’re my favorite skincare products. Period. I’ve said SO. MANY. TIMES. that the Countertime Rejuvenating line is by far the best I’ve ever used and how happy it makes my skin. But they’re expensive. I know. And it’s hard to make that kind of investment when you can’t even touch or smell or try the product. So now’s your chance. I believe you’ll try it and love it. I hope it helps your skin the way it helped mine. And a mini-bottle sample is the perfect way to find out. Even the clinical trials support the claims!



If you’d like signature plates (stickers we sign that you can put inside your books) sent with your samples, then let me know how many, for which books, and the name of the recipient. This is unlimited, within reason, so feel free to get some for your own books as well as ones you want to gift friends & family! Regardless of total spent, every order placed 12/7-15/16 qualifies.


It’s the LAST MONTH to use your Target coupons before they expire! The current special is for a Free Mattifying Powder with $75 purchase set of Eye Brushes with $125 purchase ($73 value). If your code doesn’t work in the system, place your order and then call or e-mail BC HQ customer service with your order number and coupon code and they will send you the free item directly.

If you already have these brushes and don’t need more – what I am offering for the Target coupon swaps is: if you have already placed an order with me for eye brushes (i.e. you have at least one set of them already), then I can offer one of the following as a swap (while supplies last, first come first serve):

I must receive the brushes before I will ship one of the above to you directly, and your free December items will ship with the swap item(s) (to avoid me paying shipping twice). Clearly the value of the brushes is greater than what I’m offering, so maybe consider gifting them! Sorry for all the rules & caveats, but since this is coming out of my pocket I want to make sure it’s a solution for everyone to feel good about!

Don’t miss the new FAQ page I posted to answer questions you may have!

What do I recommend?

I’ve outlined all my favorites and recommendations over on the FAQ page. But here’s the highlights:

If you only had $139/129 $118/108 to spend, what would you buy?

  • The Jet Set ($58) set with body wash, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and charcoal soap all in one! OR the Naughty to Nice Set ($48)
  • Lip Shine ($26) – don’t keep ingesting BAD quality lip products!
  • Texture Sea Salt Style Spray for hair ($26) – after all you are spraying it AT your head!
  • Band of Beauty Membership – $29 gets you the FABULOUS Nourishing Rosewater Mist ($35 value) PLUS 15% of each order in future product credit and free shipping (yep, buy all this and you’ll then get $20.85 off your next order with BoB Membership)
  • Plus that gets you 4 mini-bottles with my monthly special!

 My make-up must haves

Skincare Faves

 For the kids & boys


When you place your order at I will get notified. I’ll then e-mail you after and coordinate all the details above. You don’t need to do anything except place your order and respond to my e-mail!
Lastly, if you ordered in November and qualified for the mug and extras those orders should ship out early next week . I have all the product in-hand, but the small business I ordered the mugs from is still working as we speak; it was more than either of us anticipated and she’s working as quickly as she can!
Happy holidays from our family to yours! ♥

PS Don’t forget I’m doing a LIVE “5 minute make-up tutorial” in the facebook group on Saturday morning at 10:30EST – hope you can join me or watch it back later! I also recently did this “Girls night in” Facebook live which covered lots of crunchy-lady stuff (poop, periods, showering, you know the drill…).

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