CRAZY PALEO SALES for Black Friday and Cyber Monday including ALL OF OUR BOOKS at the BIGGEST DISCOUNTS EVER

There are some BIG, and I mean really big, HOLIDAY SHOPPING SALES going down this weekemd!

No need to go hunting high and low for the best sales, find all the top deals below and click on the links to get them before they are gone!


Paleo Parents Black Friday Discount Round Up, Amazon

Eat Like a Dinosaur, Beyond Bacon, and Real Life Paleo are all an ADDITIONAL 30% OFF ON AMAZON!!! This makes Real Life Paleo over half off its cover price! Simply enter the code HOLIDAY30 at checkout to get this amazing deal!!! Restrictions do apply (like one book at the discount per order) but get to Amazon quickly, because these huge discounts won’t be sticking around for long!

Black Friday Cyber Monday Ebook Sale Graphic

Use code BLKFRIDAY35 at checkout for 35% off EACH or BLKFRIDAY50 FOR BOTH!

Three Phase Paleo – We created this eBook to help other families transition to a paleo lifestyle, despite the societal challenges and daily struggles we each face.

Paleo to Go – a guide for busy folks on how to eat healthy on the go.

Paleo Parents Black Friday Discount Round Up, The Best Paleo Recipes of 2014

There was such an amazing demand for The Best Paleo Recipes of 2014 e-book when it first launched at a discounted price, that Bill and Hayley of Primal Palete have decided to bring it back Friday, November 28 through Monday, December 1! This great e-book not only features some of our recipes, but some never before seen and fan favorites from 24 others bloggers as well! Get The Best Paleo Recipes of 2014 e-book —->> HERE at 20% off for only $19.99! 

Paleo Parents Black Friday Discount Round Up, The Paleo Approach Dinner Club

The Paleo Approach Dinner Club – one of the best holiday shopping discounts we have seen at a whopping 50% with code TPADCBF50 – but the discount ends soon, be sure to pick up your copy the weekend!


Paleo Treats – Want great grain-free, dairy-free treats for yourself or as a gift to a loved one? Paleo Treats has what you crave! SAVE 20% with the code “EARLYBIRD” at checkout!

PLO Holiday Shopping Discounts

Primal Life Organics – our trusted source for hair products, face wash, tooth powder and oh so much more!

25% off with code SANTA14 till midnight today, Friday, November 28.
20% off with code SANTA14 from November 29 – December 1.

Yes, you get a bigger discount the faster you act! Stacy recommends facial toner, tooth powder, dirty poo, salty texturizing hair spray, and a bunch more in our Skintervention review.

Abes Market, Paleo Parents Holiday Shopping Discount Guide

Abe’s Market is a great one-stop resource for many healthy products! We specifically love to buy Caveman Cookies from their shop! Get 10% off purchases with the code BLACKFRIDAY. 

Get 10% off purchases with the code SNEAKPEEK on Sunday only!

Then on Monday, get $5 off orders of $30 or more with code CYBERMONDAY5

$10 off orders of $50 or more with code CYBERMONDAY10

OR $25 off orders of $100 or more with code CYBERMONDAY25


Tropical Traditions – FREE shipping on all domestic orders AND FREE GIFT WITH EVERY ORDER! Simply use the code 12141 at checkout! We will be using this great deal to stock up on all our holiday baking goodies – coconut flour, coconut oil, maple syrup, spices and seasonings, and so much more!

Paleo Parents Black Friday Discount Round Up, Joy Dravecky Jewelry

Joy Dravecky Jewelry – People always ask where they can get Stacy’s jewelry and now you can get those same pieces you love at 25% off with code THANKS25 – fan favorite pieces are discounted at an additional 10% off! Get them before they are gone!

Paleo Parents Black Friday Discount Round Up, OhKoul Jewlery

OhKuol – A jewelry favorite of Stacy’s is offering 20% her entire shop, excluding discounted pieces – check her store out here!

Paleo Parents Black Friday Discount Round Up, Kelly Moore Bags

Kelly Moore Bags – grab another favorite of Stacy’s at $30 off by entering the code BLACK FRIDAY at checkout on orders of $100 or more! These bags are perfect for everything – dress them up, dress them down, and still carry everything you need while avoiding the dreaded bag lady look!

layout2The Renegade Guide to Dining Out – Learn how the Food Renegade stays paleo while eating out! If you order now, get two additional ebooks for FREE!


Real Food Recipes from The Spunky Coconut – Kelly’s book features 180 amazing recipes you’re sure to want to try! 25% off sale is going on through 12/2/14! No code needed!


GET BOTH of Grass-Fed Girl’s eBooks for 5.98 with CODE BLACKFRIDAY14 now through 12/1

Easy Paleo Gelatin Treats – Filled with quick dessert that fits into your gluten and grain free diet but heals your body at the same time! 75% off with code BLACKFRIDAY14

 52 Healthy Paleo Breakfast Recipes – Enjoy paleo versions of yogurt, granola, banana bread, raisin cookies, breakfast hash, sausage, “oatmeal” and more! 50% off with code BLACKFRIDAY14 

The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook

The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook – This book is written for those following the paleo autoimmune protocol or an elimination diet – complete with information how to get started, meal plans, and shopping lists. 50% off – no code needed! 

Holisitic Jump Start

Holistic Jump Start – 6 at-home study modules, including recorded lessons on how to balance hormones; weight loss; digestive wellness; detox and skin health; exercise; and how to maintain your benefits, PLUS so much more! 75% off with code BLACKFRIDAY14

Keeping It Real

Keeping It Real – Features 85 delicious real food recipes (Paleo / Primal friendly), including the most popular recipes from the Delicious Obsessions website. In addition, the book contains 25 brand new recipes, never published before!  50% off – no code needed! 

Awaken Egg Free Breakfast

Awaken: 30+ Egg Free and Grain Free Breakfasts – Brings a new look to breakfast for those with egg allergies or want something different! 67% off with code BLACKFRIDAY14

Squeaky Clean Paleo

Squeaky Clean Paleo – Featuring over 100 recipes to help you beat boredom and ditch cravings! 67% off with code BLACKFRIDAY14

And Here We Are Cookbook

And Here We Are At the Table — Grain Free Meals from Around the World – Part memoir, part travelogue, and full of vibrant recipes from around the world, it is all about good food and the experience of a welcoming, abundant table. 67% off with code BLACKFRIDAY14

Grain Free Simple Sweets

Grain-free Simple Sweets: 5 Ingredients or Less – All of the treats in this grain-free eBook are simple to make and most of the recipes take just minutes of prep work! 60% off – no code needed!

3 Weeks to Vitality

3 Weeks to Vitality – This book will show you how to detox the junk from your diet and environment and feel better in 3 weeks. 50% off with code BLACKFRIDAY14

Reintroducing Foods

Reintroducing Foods on the AIP – Learn the uniquely individualized process of reintroduction after elimination, and gain an empowering step in personalizing your diet to optimize healing.  50% off with code GRATITUDE

The Gelatin Secret

The Gelatin Secret – This revolutionary eBook reveals what you MUST know about gelatin and its powerful ability to transform your health and beauty —naturally! 50% off with code BLACKFRIDAY

The Paleo Survival Guide

The Paleo Survival Guide – a complete guide on how to adopt a paleo lifestyle, complete with tips and recipes.  50% off with code BLACKFRIDAY

We Can ALL Scream for Ice Cream

We Can ALL Scream for Ice Cream – This book shows you how to make delicious frozen treats that taste as good or better than what’s available from the ice cream truck. You can even make these recipes WITHOUT an ice cream maker. 50% off – no code needed! 


Christmas Dessert Freedom Cookbook

Christmas Dessert Freedom – Christmas Dessert Freedom Cookbook motivates you to take action with ten unique healthy dessert recipes for a guilt-free Christmas. 25% off with code ‘HOLIDAY’


Most of the links on this page are affiliate links, which helps us keep the blog free of advertisements we cannot control and allows us to employ a team of people who help us run the site and spend more time with our family. Clicking these links doesn’t cost you any more, but each person sends us a little bit of money which adds up and goes a long way. Thank you for your support and happy shopping!



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