Calling Recipe Testers for Real Life Paleo

Remember when we announced Real Life Paleo was coming? We weren’t kidding! We’ve been working incredibly hard to push this out as quickly as we can, making anywhere from a dozen to over twenty recipes once a week. Sometimes recipes need to be tested over and over again in our kitchen until we’re ready. And sometimes the first time’s spot-on. But all of that doesn’t matter if we don’t write the recipe down correctly or write the instructions clearly enough. Which is where you come in.

recipe testers

We need your help testing our recipes!

 Chips and Dip from Real Life Paleo by PaleoParentsCrispy Baked Wings from Real Life Paleo by PaleoParents
Chips & Dip (spinach artichoke) and Crispy Baked Wings 4 Ways

You wanna eat these foods? Before anyone else can?

Are you willing to join our TOP-SECRET recipe testers club?

We need helpers to test recipes for us!

  Lemon Drop Cookies from Real Life Paleo by PaleoParentsPumpkin Delight Cookies and Pumpkin Latte from Real Life Paleo by PaleoParents
Lemon Drop Cookies and Pumpkin Delight Cookies with Pumpkin Cider Latte

As a THANK YOU to the people who help us test recipes, testers will receive a FREE EARLY RELEASE COPY for review!

Carnita Tostones from Real Life Paleo by PaleoParents
Carnita Tostones with Mexi-Cauli-Rice


As you can imagine, we’re likely going to have more people interested in testing than we can actually manage. So depending on the entries we will randomly choose 10-15 winners to help us test recipes. There are a few requirements, so please read carefully before entering to ensure you can agree with and meet the criteria.

  1. You must agree to test at least 10 recipes (of your choosing) within 2 weeks of receipt of them. If you sign-up for one recipe that is “linked” to another, you must test both.
  2. You must agree to a non-disclosure statement and promise to not leak the information and recipes we share.
  3. You must either live in the US or agree to receive the .PDF version of the book if you win.

Chocolate Layer Cake with Strawberry Icing and Fresh Berries

How it Works

After agreeing to the non-disclosure statement, we will give you access to a list of recipes and, first come first serve, you sign-up for the ones you want to test, at least ten and as many as you want and promise to complete on-time. Two people per recipe, and there’s about 175 recipes. If one recipe is needed to make another (for example, spice blends, sauces, strawberry icing for chocolate cake, etc.) you will need to sign-up for all of the ones marked accordingly “grouped” together.  Then once you’ve finalized your selections you’ll let the team know and they will send you those recipes. You will have two weeks to provide feedback. We want to know any and everything about the recipe, from taste to if the instructions made sense and were easy to follow.  Then, in a few months when the books come back from the printer and before they are available to the public (you know, when all the bloggers start teasing in social media) you’ll get your copy of Real Life Paleo for early review!

Puruvian Chicken from Real Life Paleo by PaleoParentsThai Dinner from Real Life Paleo by PaleoParents
Peruvian Chicken with Yuca and Plantains & Thai Fried Rice, Drunken “Noodles”, Panang Curry, and Turkey Thai Basil

Everyone Can Be a Winner

And if you’re not one of our random winners, you can still get an EARLY preview recipe of our Breakfast Burrito recipe by e-mailing your pre-order confirmation to! It’s our way of saying thanks, and we hope will tide you over for a few months as we continue to tease you with the anticipation of our biggest book yet, Real Life Paleo!

Breakfast Burritos

 Enter to Win Getting to Test Real Life Paleo Recipes

  1. Leave a comment telling us what you’re most excited about for Real Life Paleo
  2. BONUS ENTRY: Leave a comment if you own & have left a review for Beyond Bacon and Eat Like a Dinosaur
  3. BONUS ENTRY: Leave a comment if you have pre-ordered Real Life Paleo (see above to receive our Breakfast Burrito recipe if you have!)

Up to 3 entries per person. No purchase required! Please make sure to log-in or leave your e-mail so we can contact you if you win!


Cinnamon Apple Crumb Cake, Snickerdoodle Whoopie Pies and new EPIC fruit-sweetened Chocolate Chip Cookies

May the odds be ever in your favor!

Because everyone should be able to taste these recipes as soon as possible. Because it’s seriously too amazing to wait. In fact, I think I need these Chicken Fingers with Honey Mustard myself tonight after just seeing them and being reminded of their amazingness.

Chicken Fingers and Honey Mustard

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