The BRAND NEW 21 Day Sugar Detox Program is coming!

You may know New York Times bestselling author and Nutrition Certified Consultant Diane Sanfilippo from her book, Practical Paleo, The Balanced Bites Podcast, or her website – Balanced BitesBut did you know that Diane created an amazing program over four years ago that has successfully helped tens of thousands of people to break the chains from sugar and carb cravings?! The 21-Day Sugar Detox is a clear-cut, effective, real-foods-based program that supports your body in naturally detoxifying from sugar cravings. You’ll find increased energy, better moods, improved sleep quality, and, best of all, Food Freedom!

We have done several rounds of the 21 Day Sugar Detox ourselves in the past, and the lessons we have learned from these detoxes carries over into our everyday lives. We have even done the detox together as a whole family – kids included with slight modifications – and even our kids agree that doing a detox can help improve your mood and the way you function everyday as a result of getting rid of the excess sugar in your life, even if it comes from natural sources like honey and maple syrup.

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The 21 Day Sugar Detox Program started out as an online program. This is how we were first introduced to the program, and we subsequently did a few rounds ourselves. The first round Stacy did by herself back in 2012. She even documented exactly what she ate during her January Sugar Detox. Really! Here’s Week 1Week 2, and Week 3. Need more ideas of what you can eat on the detox? Check out these recipes to start with:

Later, after we had a few rounds under our belt, Diane took the program offline and instead released her real life books, The 21 Day Sugar Detox (our review) and the companion 21 Day Sugar Detox Cookbook (our review).


On July 24th the program will be re-released online, updated with more recipes, resources, and even recipe books from other bloggers, including us! 

WHAT’S NEW? The 21DSD will have 3 package options:

BASIC – $67: online resources only (including the videos that are launching FREE this week!)

PLUS – $87: online resources + The 21-Day Sugar Detox guide book (printed book, shipped to you Priority Mail at no additional charge. Seriously.)

PREMIUM – $97: online resources + The 21-Day Sugar Detox Guide Book + The 21-Day Sugar Detox Cookbook (printed books shipped to you Priority Mail at no additional charge – yes, really! Amazing, right?!)

WHAT ABOUT PEOPLE WHO BOUGHT THE EBOOKS OR PRINTED BOOKS BEFORE? There will be pretty sweet discounts and options for folks who owned the previous online program or any/all of the printed books. ♥


After doing several rounds of the 21 Day Sugar Detox, the changes were not only visible in our bodies and our energy levels, but the way we thought about food and developing recipes completely changed (for the better!) as well. Now, when we create recipes we really ask ourselves, “Does this really need to be sweetened?” or “Can I sweeten this only with fruit?”

Our wildly popular Healthiest Ice Cream Ever, is an example of one of those recipes. This creamy dessert hits all the right notes, without being overly sweet, and without undoing all the hard work we’ve already done. There is a reason it is one of our most visited and highly rated recipes ever!


Any time we can create a recipe that is 21 Day Sugar Detox compliant, we do, because these recipes aren’t just for those 21 days. They are great to use anytime. We don’t want recipes that are “pretty good for a detox recipe,” we want recipes that are so good you can’t believe you can have it while on a detox! That’s what our paleo life is like – having wonderful, delicious, satisfying food that doesn’t make us feel deprived. That’s why we’ve contributed to this brand new Beyond Sugar Detox program with an entire e-book of our 21DSD-friendly recipes!


Because of the structure of the 21 Day Sugar Detox program, we can whole-heartedly endorse this method of detox from sugar because it is highly effective, and you can even tailor it to your own personal level, whether you are new to paleo completely, already an advanced paleo expert, and even an athlete that needs more sources of carbs for working out. We believe as a family that any kind of successful program needs to be flexible enough to tailor to your needs. With the three different levels, this is fully possible so that anyone at any level of health and fitness can start right away. 


We are so excited to contribute our recipes to a program that has worked for us and taught us so many lessons about sugar, cravings, and how to tame them. We hope you will love our new collaboration with the Balanced Bites team, and watch for us to tell you more about the NEW IMPROVED 21 Day Sugar Detox program that launches officially on July 24th!

Want More NOW?

Today, Diane has released the first in her exclusive 4-part video series: “Why do we crave sugar?”

In this short video, you’ll learn one of the major reasons why we crave sugar, despite the abundance of naturally occurring sweet foods like berries and other fruits.

In just a few more days, Diane will release the next video in the series, where she’ll discuss three places where sugar hides in everyday foods – you don’t want to miss it! All you need to do to get in on it is click the link below and sign up.

There’s absolutely nothing to buy here, but Diane wants to give you her four FREE videos to help you learn even more about the process of busting your cravings – and you can watch Video 1 right away!

Click here to get started! 

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