Book Review: The World’s Greatest Weight Loss Secret

Today one of our Review Team Members, Amelia, is sharing with us a review for the new book, “The World’s Greatest Weight Loss Secret.” Written by Jeremy, who we met on the Low Carb Cruise years ago… well Stacy met him while they played quite a bit of poker together on the ship! We hope you enjoy this new approach to a primal/paleo lifestyle, and how to make those changes in a positive, progressive wayMake sure to read to the end to enter to win a copy of this book! 


It’s clear that knowing the rules of what to eat and what not to eat are the least of the issues when trying to change your lifestyle. Getting your mindset right and the support you need are paramount when attempting any sort of change. Unlike other healthy lifestyle books, this one shines a light on the interpersonal and mindset components as opposed to the nuts and bolts of a dietary intervention.

Is there really some great previously unheard of miracle secret to weight loss? Before I get your hopes up too high, the answer is: no, not really. On the contrary, this book offers a measured approach for how to find weight loss success for the long term. No gimmicks, no magic secret, or rather, the “secret” is what we all know but sometimes fail to address in our quest: “If you want to be successful long-term, you must have the support, encouragement, and involvement of your family and friends.” It’s as simple and profound as that. I like that the author, Jeremy Hendon, starts there on page one. He’s not trying to sell you on the next great idea. He’s looking to give practical advice on how to make it happen in the reality of our everyday lives.

Jeremy focuses first and foremost on the significance of relationships. I love the various photos of him and his wife, which convey a strong bond and mutual support.

Page 4

Not surprisingly, Jeremy hits on the importance of communication. Actively sharing what you need from your partner and inviting the same in return was a key factor he initially neglected. I also like the emphasis on mindset and looking at dietary changes from a positive, not limiting, perspective. If you think it’s an imposition, so will those around you.

A great strategy Jeremy mentions is getting family members involved in the decision making so that they feel invested in the outcome. No one likes to be told what to do without any input.

Many of us who have seen such profound changes in our health through a change in lifestyle, can’t help but want to share with those closest to us. However, Jeremy cautions: “You should never try to convert any member of your family to your way of thinking about diet, health, or nutrition.” I have definitely found this to be true. I learned early on that backing off and simply being content in my own joy encourages those interested to ask questions.

Page 78

In the end, it’s most important to focus on getting your loved ones to support you rather than trying to convert them to your way of thinking. That is a powerful lesson and one of the major takeaways from the book. I also really enjoyed the printable cheat sheets at the end. If you are currently working on how to integrate your new lifestyle into your family and social life, I would highly recommend picking up The World’s Greatest Weight Loss Secret


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