Beyond Bacon Reviewers & What They Are Saying – Part 4

We are continuing to collect all the awesome reviews of Beyond Bacon in one place so that you can see what people are saying about it. Hopefully, if you’re on the fence about purchasing it, you’re convinced by these talented bloggers! We are blown away by the reception our book is receiving and truly appreciate all the kind words people are saying about our baby! Check out week one, two and three!

As your book arrives please use the hashtags #beyondbacon, #praisethelard, or #paleoparents so we can find you!

Don’t forget about our next book signing scheduled for this Saturday, July 13 from 12:00 to 3:00 p.m. at The Organic Butcher of McLean. Head butcher Don will be joining us for the signing as he is celebrity from the pages of Beyond Bacon himself. 😉


This week we are keeping it light on the words again because you all are amazing us with your Beyond Bacon reviews!

The Urban Poser

Jenni is a truly impressive cook and photographer, and we took quite a bit of inspiration from The Urban Poser in the design and composition of Beyond Bacon. We’re so happy that it has pleased her enough to make this awesome InstaVideo and craft a recipe around our famous Savory Bacon Jam!
There’s that old adage, “give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.” At it’s core, this is what makes Beyond Bacon a ‘must-have’ book for anyone and everyone who cares to eat, live and cook better. You see…any cookbook in the store can tell you how to make XYZ recipe by blindly following steps 1,2,3 etc etc, and that’s great. But at the end of the day, you won’t know any more about cooking than you did before, or in other words, you’ll ‘eat for a day.’
Where Beyond Bacon really shines is in how it makes everything so incredibly accessible by breaking some of the more daunting parts of working with pork down into simple, easily followed processes. And by doing so in such a beautiful format, with gorgeous photos, appealingly clean graphic design and helpful hints scattered all throughout, you’ll hardly even realize that you’re “learning” anything. Instead you’ll simply enjoy slowing down and embracing the wide-eyed wonder of cooking and discovering new flavors and dishes that you never imagined that you’d be cooking in your own home.

The Clothes Make the Girl

Review & Giveaway: Beyond Bacon

Melissa Joulwan, author of Well Fed and Well Fed 2, has a lot of experience with beautiful and well designed cookbooks. We take it as high praise that she was impressed with our work!


Paleo cookbooks have successfully transitioned from “it’s nice for a ‘healthy’ cookbook” to “competitive with any cookbook on the market” in terms of their photography, writing, and recipe innovations. Beyond Bacon is packed with fatty, scrumptious recipes accompanied by magazine-worthy photos. This makes me very excited that paleo will continue to move from its “fad diet” reputation to serious foodiness… because, really, eating this way isn’t only about “dieting,” it’s about quality of life and the wonderfulness of how food makes literally  makes us who we are and brings us together.

Melissa made the chorizo recipe from the cookbook and offers up some great feedback on what you can expect from the recipes.

Be sure to enter in her giveaway as well!


Paleo Recipes: Zucchini Pasta with Avocado, Roasted Tomato & Bacon Plus a Giveaway of Beyond Bacon!

Alison Golden is another blogging friend who has written a guest post on our site. Alison shares her thoughts on our cookbook, offers up our recipe featuring bacon, and gives you a chance to win your very own copy of Beyond Bacon!

Be sure to hop on over to PaleoNonPaleo to enter in Alison’s giveaway!

Oh, and here is a bit on what she had to say about Beyond Bacon:

Every single recipe in the book involves some part of the pig which is some doing in my opinion. But it is more than just a cookbook, it is a great educational resource teaching about why and how we should eat the pig from nose to tail and the importance of eating a humanely-raised animal both for ourselves and the environment.

Paleo for Women

The only disappointment we had with our fantastic release party was that Stefani had to miss it! We love Stefani and all the awesome work she is doing at her own blog.
Today I am so relieved and enormously happy to have a book to read and review that is nothing short of an honor, privilege, and delight. Beyond Bacon: Paleo Recipes That Respect the Whole Hog is the epitome of the beauty of the paleolithic movement and a paleo lifestyle.  The photos are to die for, the recipes mouthwatering, and the philosophy both lovely and inspiring. For these reasons, I could not be more happy to take the time to share my joy of this book with you
Stefani’s review was incredibly kind and provides a great snapshot on the various sections of the book. Be sure to check it out!

Family Living Simple

The most informative part for me was the basics section. How to smoke pork, how to render lard (this is a must, it is so good), frying, making your own sausage and more. Oh and I almost forgot, pork stock might be the best stock I have ever had. I made the Egg Drop Soup, wow.

Kyle is hosting a giveaway as well, but it ends on Thursday so you are going to want to get over to his site and enter now!

Empowered Sustenance

Beyond Bacon Giveaway

While Lauren’s giveaway ended on Tuesday, here is a bit on what she had to say about the book:

It checks off all the requirements in my book for a favorite cookbook:

  • Mouth-watering recipes for every recipe
  • Recipes to take you from breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and desserts
  • A whole chapter on basics, such as how to buy pastured hogs and how to render lard
  • Both creative, unusual dishes as well as familiar favorites

Allergy Free Alaska

Beyond Bacon is Simply Beyond Amazing


From front to back cover, this is easily one of the best laid out, thought out, and beautifully done cookbooks I’ve seen in a long while. The caliber of professionalism put into this book blew me away – from the beautiful pictures and illustrations to the knowledge shared. It’s clear Matt and Stacy know a thing or two about hogs, and they share it all – everything you need to know – in Beyond Bacon.

Jimmy Moore’s Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb

The LLVLC Show (Episode 699): Paleo Parents Matthew McCarry And Stacy Toth Help Us Move ‘Beyond Bacon’

Check out our second appearance on Jimmy’s show where we chat about the creation of Beyond Bacon and share our love of pork! Jimmy is so easy to talk to and we’re glad to call him our friend.

Calton Nutrition

Beyond Bacon – A Book Review.

The Caltons are a team of talented nutrition experts, so we’re glad to have their approval with our whole hog recipes! If you’d like to hear more, check out our Paleo View episode with them about nutrient density and paleo convenience foods.

Stacy and Matt, the brains behind Beyond Bacon have successful written the definitive guide to mastering whole hog purchasing and preparation. The book starts with giving you a few points to consider when ordering your first hog. Like how much do you want? A whole hog, a half hog or do you want to split a hog with 3 or 4 friends. Next they give you a sample cut sheet. Yep, your new friend the butcher will be asking you all kinds of questions you are going to want to know the answers too, such as – what size do you want the roast? And what kind of sausage would you like, links or patties? Do you want them extra spicy?(we do!) Preparing your answers before you get on the phone will make you look like a real pro. Then it’s off to the cooking potion of the book starting on page 62 with rendering your own lard, a fantastic cooking tool, and a source of vitamin D.

Stephanie O’Dea

Review and Giveaway! “Beyond Bacon: Paleo Recipes That Respect The Whole Hog” by Stacy Toth and Matthew McCarry

Go check out Stephanie’s review of Beyond Bacon for some great suggestions on which recipes to try first and then enter the giveaway!

Paleo Spirit

Paleo Spirit Book Review: “Beyond Bacon”

We were so happy to have Lea from Paleo Spirit come to town for the release party! We’ve been graced with her presence both on the blog and in person before and always enjoy having her around!


Beyond Bacon is a completely “paleo” cookbook with only gluten, grain, legume and dairy-free recipes found within its covers. Even if you are not a strict follower of the paleo diet this book is loaded with tasty dishes and mouth-watering photos for every recipe. Presenting a book of pork recipes, including several “dessert” recipes utilizing lard as a main ingredient, means spending time countering a lot of conventional wisdom on the subject. Matt and Stacy do an excellent job of providing plenty of science and nutrition information in and easy to understand format. The writing style is engaging and they cover every aspect of pork from how to buy it, prepare it with lots and lots of recipes. You have always known pork is delicious. But after reading Beyond Bacon you will have a much better understanding of why pork from properly raised pigs is actually very healthful.

My Paleo Life

Beyond Bacon Cookbook Review

Now as a chef, most of the ideas for pork recipes have cross my plate a few times, but there are several in this book that stand out for me: The Headcheese recipe, their take on Pho, the Porko Bucco and the prosciutto and peach ice cream (ice cream is my vice…)

This is the kind of cookbook layout I love… It gets me hooked every time; Large awe-inspiring delicious looking photos, taking up an entire page with the recipe with cooking tips and back story on the other. Half the battle for cooking great food is the inspiration of someone else’s beautiful creation.

Brock’s giveaway ends Thursday!

Clean Eats in the Zoo

Beyond Bacon Review & Giveaway!


I’ve never really understood the whole obsession with bacon–I mean, I love bacon like anyone else, but I’m not sure why some people are willing to give up their firstborn child in order to have some. So, to find a book that appreciates the whole hog made me very happy. And you know what I really love? Beyond Bacon is not like other cookbooks! It’s so unique. What other cookbooks will tell you how to make headcheese and your own bacon, and continue to fill its pages with amazing entrees, side dishes, and desserts like salted caramel bacon sauce, brownies and frozen custard, all featuring ingredients from a pig?! None, I tell you! None.

A big bonus: lots of helpful tips and info at the beginning of the book, about how to find & afford pastured pork, how pork may affect your blood, what tools are helpful, and the history of pig cultivation. Matt & Stacy at Paleo Parents cover why they wrote their book, how to get started, and then pack nearly 300 pages with amazing recipes featuring the whole pig.

It’s obvious how much thoughtfulness, time, blood, sweat and tears went into creating this masterpiece. I have never seen anything like it. Oh, did I say that already? Well, I mean it!

Shanti’s Beyond Bacon giveaway ends Thursday!


Beyond Bacon Review

Patti is an old friend that we’ve known long before we became the Paleo Parents. One of the most gratifying things about writing a book is hearing back from the people who have been with you through the thick and the thin. We’re so happy to have the whole family eating our recipes!

Look! Patti’s known us so long that she knew Matt when he was fat and still wore glasses!

Last night we tried the Shaken and Baked Pork Chops, and I made Sauteed Cabbage (for the first time ever. Why? It was ridiculously easy!). It was literally the first time we ever made pork chops that we liked! They were incredibly moist, and the kids gobbled them up! I had to tell Tate to stop shoving three pieces into his mouth at a time! And he’s our pickiest eater!

The book also inspired me to suggest to Scott that we begin experimenting with smoking. He’s the grill-master in our house, and we LOVE BBQ and smoked meats but that isn’t something we’ve ever tried. Again, this book makes that seem totally accessible. It helps that we know Matt and Stacy, and know that they are just a normal suburban family who have learned what they know through passion and dedication and hard work (and by hard I mean INCREDIBLY HARD).

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Again, Paleo Parents fans and Beyond Bacon enthusiasts, we cannot thank you all enough for purchasing copies, writing reviews, and spreading the Beyond Bacon love far and wide throughout social media.

Please continue to help us spread the word about this cookbook, as you can see from the comments above, so many people can benefit from a book like Beyond Bacon.

If you have a site and have written a review, please pass your links along to us and we will be sure to link up to your site in an upcoming post.

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