The winner of last’s week giveaway is Leanna Caterina Cappucci!

It’s almost time! Beyond Bacon is officially on its way from the printer to a bookseller near you! You’ll be able to pick it up on July 2, less than one month away! We already have boxes of review copies in our house and reviewers have started receiving their copies! You can see awesome teasers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by searching #beyondbacon

#beyondbacon by PaleoParents

We’ll also begin doing weekly round-ups of reviews once they start coming in. So far, the responses have been phenomenal:

I just got a preview copy of this amazingly gorgeous book, Beyond Bacon. It is the most beautiful cookbook in my possession. Can’t wait to dig into it more… – Healthy Living How To

Let me tell you, just by flipping through the pages and the chapters I can tell that I’m going to learn a ton of new info about respecting the pig… I think this book is going to give me that extra boost and tips in finding a trusty farmer. To Stacy and Matthew, this book is gorgeous! The photos, layout, and content are as juicy as the recipes in them. My mouth is watering, guys. – The Cavery

I cannot put this book down!! Fascinating! I now need to order my hog, a sausage attachment for my kitchen aid and get cooking! I feel inspired again to create in the kitchen after being on a loooong burnout! Your cookbook is beautiful, rustic, and breathes of “old soul” tradition that has been desperately missed in this generation. – The Paleo Mama

Your book should be THE model that small farms should look to for how to market themselves to new buyers. Beautiful, welcoming, informative and practical. – picketfencepaleo

I don’t get impressed by many cookboks… I’m pretty much a cookbook snob. This is the nicest one I have ever seen by far. – Paleo Cupboard

I ate the Kielbasa with Sauerkraut from Beyond Bacon with the Mashed Cauliflower (made with Lard!) I have to say, I’ve never made mashed cauliflower successfully and this was INCREDIBLE. Ian said, “You will be making this again soon!” Additionally, this was really easy! This will become a staple for sure. – paleokatybird

We are so excited to soon be able to share with you our hard work! So, in celebration, we’re hosting a month of GIVEAWAYS! This week, we’re sharing prizes related to our inspirations! What was it that inspired Matt and Stacy to write an entire book about pork? Glad you asked!

Obviously, this is not a complete list of all of our inspirations. So many things go into a project like this. For example, when Stacy and Aimee were plotting the look of the food photography, they took great influence from Roost Blog and The Urban Poser. For more on the photography influences, check out Stacy’s photography pinterest board.

Nom Nom Paleo

We’ve been fans of the immensely popular blog Nom Nom Paleo for years now and are privileged to call the team behind it our friends. Once we got the idea that we wanted to do a book on pastured pork, we found ourselves searching for a title (a little sausage-making for you: because pre-orders are so important to book sales these days, often times titles are decided before a single word is put on the page). We bandied about lots of different options. For a while the book was called Porktastic Paleo. Another title was Hungry Like the Wolf to attempt to tie into our previous Eat Like a Dinosaur. But the final title, one that we are completely satisfied with, came from the mind of Michele of Nom Nom Paleo! When she suggested Beyond Bacon, we were immediately sold!

In honor of this contribution, we would have loved to giveaway a copy of Michele and Henry’s upcoming book Nom Nom Paleo: Food for Humans. Unfortunately, the book is too far away for us to offer it to you this month. Instead, Michele and Henry are offering us 3 free codes to their OUTSTANDING iPad app. This thing is amazing and, in fact, was the reason we even bought an iPad for our home. Our Grand Prize Winner, as well as a second and a third place winner will win a free download of the Nom Nom Paleo App!


Jennifer McLagan

One of the coolest people we encountered while researching for the book was Jennifer McLagan. She’s the author of several books that we respect (and the connection will be made clear by the titles!), Fat: An Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient and Odd Bits: How to Cook the Rest of the Animal. We had a whole animal to cook and very little source material for inspiration on how to make that happen! Thanks to real chefs like her (and Stacy’s crush Chris Constantino), we knew that it could be done! Not to mention, she’s absolutely fascinating!

We let her know about Beyond Bacon and how much we appreciated her work. Amazingly, she emailed back! She has graciously offered two of her books, Fat and Odd Bits to our Grand Prize Winner!

OddBitsCover FatCover

We also highly suggest you check out more of Jennifer McLagan in this television pilot:

Other Books

We looked at lots of books as reference in making Beyond Bacon. Some inspired us to cook better, some inspired us to photograph better, but all made us want to make something special.

Stacy and I are big fans of Top Chef, the television show, and in particular were fans of the Voltaggio brothers. Bryan Voltaggio’s restaurant Volt is actually relatively close by so, you know, root for the hometeam and all. When we got their beautiful book, we thought it was the most amazing book we’d ever seen. Stacy loved the way the pages were designed so much, she decided to make sure the designs of our book were just as inspired. Volt ink. really helped us think outside the traditional recipe book format.

The Whole Beast: Nose to Tail Eating was another book that we read in the research of this book. After reading it, we became really determined that we were not going to leave out any part of the pig. If you’re the type that was turned off by talk of head cheese, you can blame Fergus Henderson. [although, to be fair our state doesn’t allow for some ingredients, so we’ve done the best we could within the parameters of the law]

Lard: The Lost Art of Cooking with Your Grandmother’s Secret Ingredient also inspired us to use lard in EVERYTHING. It’s a magical ingredient that we found could be incorporated in almost anything! It is the secret ingredient to a LOT of recipes in this book, including the Rosemary Carrot Mash and infamous Lard Pie Crust.

The Grand Prize Winner of this giveway will win a copy of all three books!

VoltCover WholeBeastCover LardCover

Food, Inc.

It’s hard to say when the seeds were first planted for us to do Beyond Bacon eventually, but I think it might have been here. Personally, I’m not squeamish in the least, so the factory butchering scenes wasn’t what got me. But what did have an impact was Joel Salatin himself. The man is absolutely magnetic and the passion with which he talks about sustainable farming is infectious. By the time the movie was over, we wanted to start ordering pastured meat right away!

Our Grand Prize Winner will win a copy of the film on DVD!


Beyond Bacon

And of course, our Grand Prize winner will receive a SIGNED EARLY RELEASE copy of our beloved book, Beyond Bacon!

Prize List!

Grand Prize:

Second and Third Prize

How Do You Win?

Simple! Follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter app below! It’s a simple process – just “like” and “follow” the vendors on social media. Trust us, you’ll want to anyway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

We’ll pick the winners next Thursday and announce them at the top of the post of next week’s giveaway!

Remember Matt’s rules of giveaways!

  1. Please use a valid email address when entering. I cannot use my dowsing rods to attempt to find which bytes form your contact address!
  2. Please follow all the rules so I don’t get frustrated by invalid entries. Nothing makes more of a sad panda than picking a winner who I have to disqualify.
  3. Please respond within 48 hours or I will have to pick a new winner! I have a certain set of skills that make me a nightmare to people who don’t respond: the ability to randomly draw again.
  4. Please be a US resident. My mana is too low to cast a Teleportation Spell!

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