Beyond Bacon Ingredients Giveaway!

The winner of last’s week giveaway is Athena!

It’s now TIME! Beyond Bacon is in your local bookstore! You can finally get your pork on! We hope you’re enjoying the book if you’ve already gotten it or already have you piggy parts ready if you’re still waiting.

If you’re still on the fence, what can we do to get you reading a brand new cookbook? We’ve shared reviews from some of your favorite bloggers, which we’ve collected here and here and here! You can also see awesome teasers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter by searching #beyondbacon. You can even read the reviews on Amazon (all five stars so far!) or Barnes and Noble (all five stars so far!) or Good Reads (all five stars so far!)! We’d love for you to add your own!

But we won’t abandon you among all the Beyond Bacon hype without giving you something in return! After all, you’re the reason we can even write our books! So our next giveaway for Beyond Bacon is our ingredients giveaway!

You know you’ll need some pork and lard and perhaps some baking supplies and maybe even a few pans to make all the dishes in our book, so we’d like to give all that stuff to you!

US Wellness Meats

As you probably know, we recommend that you visit your meat source and meet your farmers. Unfortunately, that’s not possible for everyone. The next best thing, though, is our friends at US Wellness Meats. When you visit their site, it’s almost like ordering from your local farmer and getting the very best quality meat you could ask for shipped to your home for free. All of their products are from pastured animals and they are all positively delicious! We honestly use lots of their products in our own home. In fact, you know that corn dog picture on the cover of Beyond Bacon? That’s a US Wellness Meats hotdog inside!

Our Grand Prize winner will receive a $75 gift certificate to US Wellness Meats!

Lodge Cast Iron

Lodge Giveaway on PaleoParents

We love our 12″ Lodge cast iron skillet and used it to make many of our dishes for Beyond Bacon. You will especially love to have a cast iron for our Perfect Pork Chops! Nothing beats the versatility of cast iron. Ours goes in the oven, on the stovetop, in the grill, with us camping… the possibilities are endless. And you will get the chance to win a big one!

Our Grand Prize winner will win this 17″ cast iron skillet!


fatworks giveaway on PaleoParents

You know how we feel about quality animal fats. Frankly, I can’t think of the last time I used a plant derived cooking fat! Whether it’s duck fat, beef tallow, or, our favorite, pork lard we’re big fans of the stability of animal fats! We realize not everyone has the bravery to render their own lard, so that’s where the fine folks at Fatworks can step in and give you high quality pastured fats already rendered!

Our Grand Prize Winner will win a Triple Pack of their Premium Grass-fed Tallow, Lard and Duck Fat.

Honeyville Blanched Almond Flour

Our absolute favorite flour to work with, for taste and nutrient value, is blanched almond flour. Honeyville Farms is our favorite brand for quality, convenience, and value! So, we’ll have a Grand Prize and Runner-Up prize of the 5lbs bag we ourselves order regularly!

Tropical Traditions

From coconut flour, raw honey and maple syrup to organic spices, Tropical Traditions is our go-to source for many quality ingredients online. We order our freeze dried fruit as snacks for the boys there, too. You’ll find lots of interesting things to try on their site. And our Grand Prize winner will win a $100 Gift Card to Tropical Traditions and a runner-up will get a $25 Gift Card.

Beyond Bacon

Beyond-Bacon-by-Stacy-Toth-and-Matt-McCarry-the-Paleo-Parents 740px

And of course, our winner will receive a copy of our beloved book, Beyond Bacon!

Prize List!

BeyondBacon Ingredients Giveaway at PaleoParents

Our Grand Prize winner will win:

Our Runner-Up Prize winner will win:

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