Beyond Bacon Early Reviewers & What They Are Saying

As we did last year with Eat Like a Dinosaur, we’d like to collect all the early reviews of Beyond Bacon in one place so that you can see what people are saying about it. Hopefully, if you’re on the fence about purchasing it, you’re convinced by these talented bloggers! We are blown away by the reception our book is receiving and truly appreciate all the kind words people are saying about our baby!

This week in Beyond Bacon reviews!

Lexie’s Kitchen, Beyond Bacon Left Me Breathless

As a blogger who has a genuine understanding on eating for both health and pleasure, it was fitting that Lexie was the first to review our pork baby. Inspired to turn her son’s undiagnosed medical condition around, Lexie took to the kitchen and removed gluten, dairy and eggs from her family’s diet. At Lexie’s Kitchen you can find a variety of tips and resources on living and loving a healthy life, but you can also find a vast assortment of recipes that will satisfy your every craving!

While Lexie is in the process of moving and didn’t have the chance to splash a bit of lard on the pages of Beyond Bacon just yet, here is what she had to say:

“This soon-to-release title is a vast departure from their first kid book Eat Like a Dinosaur. They call Beyond Bacon the grown-up version of how they see food. I appreciate it because it encourages the consumption of humanely raised meats and shows you how to use every part of the animal—from nose-to-tail—a lost art. It also goes into some “serious science on the health benefits and ‘hazards’ of pork and saturated fat,” and delivers some recipes that will knock your socks off. I felt stuffed just reading the book—it’s all pork my friends—all pork.”

Comfy Belly, Paleo, Pork, and a Giveaway

Erica is known for creating recipes to support individuals in their health pursuits. Whether celiac, paleo, diabetic or dealing with food allergies, the extensive list of recipes found at Comfy Belly is a great resource to keep in your paleo arsenal!

When we offered a review copy to Erica, she told us that she’s not a big meat eater and may not do a review at all of a meat-based cookbook. We are so touched that our book inspired her to do a review anyway! While pork doesn’t show up within her frequent rotation of food, Erica noted in her review that her family is a big fan of pork and will greatly appreciate the addition of Beyond Bacon recipes into their menu.

Be sure to visit the cookbook review on Comfy Belly as she is currently hosting a giveaway for a copy of Beyond Bacon!

Honestly Delicious, Beyond Bacon Review

lard pic

Southern gal, self-coined food nerd, and Le Cordon Bleu alum, Katy of Honestly Delicious knows foods. Driven to paleo to improve her health, Katy shares recipes that incorporate honest, whole foods in creative and delicious ways. In between recipes that look like they were photographed for a foodie magazine, Katy shares a look into her health living journey and provides inspiration to others seeking to adopt a paleo lifestyle.

Here is a bit on what Katy had to say about Beyond Bacon:

“I want that book like a fat kid wants cake… and I used to be a fat kid, and I always want cake….

I have rendered lard many times before, but Matt and Stacy’s method is way superior to mine, and I will be using it from now on. My lard has never been this snowy white!… Of course, with my freshly rendered lard calling my name, I had to make to make their Caramel Praline Lard Fudge, which, by the way is also dairy free. Did I mention everything in the book is dairy free? How awesome! I didn’t think it was possible to make fudge without cream or butter! Again, another incredibly sinful and delicious recipe from the King and Queen of all things pork. Matt and Stacy have truly honored the pig and their love and respect for the animal shows in every page. I respect this book as a classically trained chef and fellow lover of pastured pork.”

Taylor Made it Paleo, Cookbook Review: Beyond Bacon

taylormadeit brownies

Taylor is a fairly new blogger on the paleo scene, but Taylor Made it Paleo is a site you need to bookmark if you haven’t done so already. She is funny, charming, and incredibly talented in the kitchen. I am yet to see a recipe on her site that didn’t make me want to run for the kitchen.

The review on Taylor’s site is top-to-bottom awesome, but this quote in particular made my day!

“In the wise words of Kelis, “These brownies bring all the boys to the yard, and I’m like, they’re made with lard.”

Popular Paleo, Beyond Bacon’s Cracklin’ Pork Belly


Ciarra is on a mission to fill people’s homes and bellies with only the tastiest and healthiest of dishes, and does just that through the inspiring creations posted on her blog, Popular Paleo.

In her review of Beyond Bacon, Ciarra took a stab at our Cracklin’ Pork Belly, served alongside Brussels sprouts, and had this to say:

“This book will sit on my kitchen counter smack between The Joy of Cooking and The Flavor Bible–my two favorite cookbooks–for years to come.

I sat down this morning with a cup of coffee and a stack of sticky notes, flagging recipe after recipe that perked my interest. All reviewers are pouring over which recipes speak to them and which they’d like to highlight first. After nearly running out of sticky notes, I definitely had my favorites picked out.”

Pastured Kitchen & Bakery, The Primal Bookshelf: Review of BEYOND BACON by Paleo Parents

After discovering food sensitivities to soy, corn, wheat and yeast, Suzanne took her hobby of cooking and baking in a new direction when she embraced the paleo lifestyle. At Pastured Kitchen & Bakery, Suzanne shares recreations of her favorite recipes, and had me at her Primal Chocolate Pecan Pie pictures.

As a reformed vegetarian, Suzanne notes her appreciation for Beyond Bacon‘s respect towards pigs:

“What I really do love about Beyond Bacon is the dedication to WHY nose-to-tail cooking is so important. Utilizing every part of the pastured animal that you can is, in my opinion, more of an humane animal rights action than forgoing meat all together.”


The Primal Smoke, Beyond Bacon Review and Giveaway!

primalsmoke pancetta
Pancetta in progress!

Michelle and Derek, known for imparting smoking and grilling wisdom on the masses, noted in their review that not only were their pork connoisseur expectations met in Beyond Bacon, but passed! We were sweating from the heat of being reviewed by The Primal Smoke, but our barbecuing prowess passed muster!

My favorite line from their post was easily:

“I hesitate to call Beyond Bacon a cookbook because it is so much more than that, this is actually the paleo pork bible, it tells you everything you need to know about purchasing and cooking a whole hog.”

And you are going to want to hop over to their site as soon as possible, because they are hosting a giveaway for your very own early released addition of Beyond Bacon!

The Spunky Coconut, Beyond Bacon,


While working with a naturopathic doctor to improve her daughters’ health, Kelly and her husband discovered the ways in which a gluten, casein and sugar free diet could impact the entire family. Through experimentation, Kelly was able to develop recipes that not only satisfied her family’s preferences and cravings, but their health needs as well.

When we first went paleo, Spunky Coconut was one of our biggest sources for grain-free recipes. After following her for a long time, we are happy to call her a friend and LOVED seeing her and her youngest daughter at Paleo f(x) this year! We’re looking to her upcoming book The Paleo Chocolate Lover’s Cookbook! For her review of Beyond Bacon, Kelly took a stab at our Insanely Awesome Meatloaf, and fixed an extra batch to serve as meatballs over zucchini noodles – smart thinking!

Humans Are Not Broken, Review: Beyond Bacon — Paleo Recipes that Respect the Whole Hog


Blogger and podcast host, Angelo focuses his content around “how health and fitness are marketed in the first world; how clues from our evolutionary past can guide our health decisions today; the latest health news; and the way it is reported in the media.” Angelo’s honest writing and thought-provoking posts are a great resource for anyone interested in health.

We’re big fans of Angelo and his awesome podcast (which is truly one of the best paleo podcasts out there). His thoughtful review on his blog, Humans Are Not Broken, and story telling warmed our hearts. Here is a bit of what Angelo had to say in his Beyond Bacon review:

“This book really does respect the whole hog, and I like it. Its authors Stacy Toth and Matt McCarry (PaleoParents) have done a superb job of injecting the Paleo spirit into what could have been just another cookbook…

Eat Like a Dinosaur–Stacy’s and Matt’s first book—belongs to my 9-year old daughter.

Beyond Bacon is mine.”

The Paleo Mom, Book Review: Beyond Bacon by Stacy Toth and Matt McCarry


The Paleo View co-host, blogger, author, and most importantly – aunt of Beyond Bacon, Sarah, may have been one of the most excited earlier reviewers to receive a copy of Beyond Bacon. After hearing about the book for many months, Sarah had become very familiar with the pork magic that was in creation. Once she received her copy, it is fair to say that her response was equal to that of a proud aunt meeting her niece or nephew for the first time.

The Paleo Mom review of the book is thorough and provides a great overview on what you can expect from the recipes. Her first couple sentences alone shows off her auntie pride quite well:

Beyond Bacon by Stacy Toth and Matthew McCarry is the most beautiful cookbook I have ever seen.  Of any cookbook.  And, I’ve seen A LOT of cookbooks (I’m a bit of a collector).  But the aesthetic is nothing compared to the quality of the contents.  The recipes in Beyond Bacon are out-of-this-world delicious.  If you have not pre-ordered it yet, I highly recommend doing so.”

The Paleo Mom will be hosting a giveaway for a copy of Beyond Bacon in the upcoming weeks, so keep an eye out for it!



Against All Grain, Review of Beyond Bacon VIDEO

Danielle shares her initial thoughts on Beyond Bacon, notes which recipe she is planning to test first, and reminds readers to keep an eye out on her site for an upcoming “official” review that will include a giveaway!

Balanced Bites, Beyond Bacon: Paleo Recipes that Respect the Whole Hog

Diane also posted her review with a giveaway here, so go check it out and enter!

Diane, in true Diane form, shares a hilarious video that not only includes her thoughts on the cookbook, but a baking demonstration as well while she prepares a dish from our dessert section.

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We cannot thank all the earlier supporters enough for purchasing advanced copies, writing reviews, and spreading the Beyond Bacon love far and wide throughout social media. Don’t forget to use the hashtags #beyondbacon, #praisethelard, or #paleoparents so we can find you!

Please continue to help us spread the word about this cookbook, as you can see from the comments above, so many people can benefit from a book like Beyond Bacon.

If you have a site and have written a review, please pass your links along to us and we will be sure to link up to your site in an upcoming post.

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