Beyond Bacon Early Reviewers & What They Are Saying – Part 2

As we did last year with Eat Like a Dinosaur, we’d like to collect all the early reviews of Beyond Bacon in one place so that you can see what people are saying about it. Hopefully, if you’re on the fence about purchasing it, you’re convinced by these talented bloggers! We are blown away by the reception our book is receiving and truly appreciate all the kind words people are saying about our baby! Check out last week’s post, too!

And it’s less than 1 week to release! Amazon has shipped the initial batch of pre-orders, so as your book arrives please use the hashtags #beyondbacon, #praisethelard, or #paleoparents so we can find you!

Don’t forget about our Release Party at the amazing Red Apron Butchery in Fairfax, VA on July 5th featuring a TON of special guests including our The Paleo View co-host Sarah The Paleo Mom, George the Civilized Caveman, The Food Lovers of Primal Palate (Bill & Hayley), Stefani from Paleo for Women, Russ from The Domestic Man, and even our photographer Aimee and favorite farmers (Mike & Molly) from Mount Vernon Grassfed. It is shaping up to be a huge event; we’ve got people flying cross-country and driving as far as 6 hours – so, don’t miss this awesome opportunity to eat great food and hang out with your paleo blogging-buddies!

This week in Beyond Bacon reviews!

The Fit Daffy, Book Review: Beyond Bacon

You may remember Daphne from episode 3 of The Paleo View, where this inspiring Mom of two shared tips on raising paleo babies. We love Daffy and our boys still talk about the time her then two year old son visited us! On her site you will find a variety of posts centered around her paleo life and many adorable pictures of her two boys.

Daphne’s review of Beyond Bacon is particularly thorough, and provides a great overview on what you can expect to gain in pork wisdom!

However, the best thing about Beyond Bacon isn’t the write-up about sustainable farming and how it affects the food that you eat, but the actual scientific data to dispel a lot of myths about pork consumption.  Unlike reading The Paleo Diet by Dr. Loren Cordain where the reader should already be somewhat well-versed in scientific jargon, Matt and Stacy have made an effort to simplify and address the points behind the studies in a way that’s easy to understand.


Whole Family Strong, Beyond Bacon Review & Giveaway

This grounded family set out a few years ago to return to basics and improve the health of the whole family. At their site, Brandon and Jacque share the many ways in which they keep their family running strong.

As fans of Eat Like a Dinosaur, we were thrilled to hear that the whole family also approved of our second cookbook! Jacque prepared a number of dishes from Beyond Bacon and had wonderful things to say, but her thoughts on the chorizo we had to share:


This recipe scared me more than any other. First off, I was scared that we weren’t going to like it. Honestly, we know chorizo. We love chorizo. We are Mexican after all! I was worried that I was going to have to say it stinks, or be nice and say nothing and just think it stinks.

I was also scared because once I started making the chorizo and the spicy aroma started hitting my nose, I was scared I was going to burn all of our taste buds off. For reals! The instructions say to use a gloved hand and the mix is bright red. It was scary! I almost didn’t put all the peppers in, I was that worried.

After making my first little pattie, I put my cup of h20 within arms reach and took a bite. And waited. My audience of 3 short people watched and waited with me. No. Water. Needed. Before saying anything, I gave them each a bite too.

One by one, their eyes got huge and smiles swept across their faces. They loved it. I love it.

The chorizo is a hit! Yaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!

While you are over at the Whole Family Strong site, be sure to enter in their Beyond Bacon giveaway, which ends on 6/30!

Nom Nom Paleo, Forky Friday, 6/12/13 Edition

Our good friend Michele over at Nom Nom Paleo produces an amazing weekly round-up of paleo news and recipes, and even sprinkles in some Nom Family updates for good measure.

In the Friday, June 13 edition, Beyond Bacon received a shout out:

Then, once the scales have fallen from your eyes, go pre-order Matt & Stacy’s new book, Beyond Bacon, to learn how to source a whole hog from a local farmer and what to do with a freezer full of pork.

As Linda from Coffee Talk use to say, “from your mouth to God’s ears!”.

Stupid Easy Paleo, 3 Reasons to Get “Beyond Bacon”

Steph is one strong blogger! She inspires us with her Crossfit capabilities, and her determination to lead by example through a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. While we have mad love and respect for the foodies who generate elaborate recipes, there is something to be said about those foodies out there who keep things real delicious and real simple. Steph makes paleo eating second-nature.


Here is a bit on what she had to say about Beyond Bacon:

The feel and design of the book reminds me of so many of the cool, farm-to-table restaurants that are becoming more popular these days. It’s like you’ve stepped inside the hand-drawn chalk board menu into a complete world of hog heaven.

Music to our ears. Be sure to check out Steph’s review!

Civilized Caveman, Beyond Bacon – Triple Chocolate Freezer Fudge

George is a pillar of inspiration within the paleo community, but more importantly he is a genuine person with a big heart and he conveys that quite clearly in the work that he does.

When he is not making us laugh or inspiring us to reflect on our health journey, he is defying the limits of bacon usage through his many amazing recipes. With the title of Bacon King, we knew we had to wow him with our book, and it is safe to say that we did just that!

Hop over to George’s site to read his thoughts on the book and to see his take (recipe included) on our Triple Chocolate Freezer Fudge.

Paleo Cupboard, ReviewBeyond Bacon: Paleo Recipes That Respect The Whole Hog by Paleo Parents

Full-time working Mom of two, talented recipe creator, oh – and a complete Instagram all-star – that is what you will find over at the Paleo Cupboard. Amy’s dishes are straightforward and focus on the heart of why the paleo diet exists, yet her recipes have flairs added to them that make you fall in love with the art of preparing and serving meals. Here is what this foodie had to say about Beyond Bacon:


Lard have mercy!!! The Recipes!!! You wouldn’t think you could have so many great recipes in a book dedicated to just one animal, but this book proves that theory wrong. It has a little something for everyone and you will find out you can use pork in ways you never thought possible. It has recipes for those who are adventurous and want to try cooking things like head cheese, scrapple, braised neck roast or pork lengua (tongue) carnitas. And for those who want to start off on the more familiar side, the book has recipes like smoked pulled pork shoulder, piggie pot pie, baconnaise and an amazing lard pie crust.

You won’t run out of amazing things to make for a very long time. So far I have rendered my own lard, fried up some “corn” dogs, made crispy lardons, feasted on cracklin’ pork belly and devoured a brownie sundae made from the best brownie recipe, and I am just getting started!

Paleo Thug Life, Beyond Bacon…there is such a thing

Driven to the paleo diet from an autoimmune condition, Pamela’s life began when she was able to clean up her diet and drop the chemotherapy and steroid treatments. This Texan wife and Mom (to both two-leggeds and four-leggeds), tells it like it is on her site and shares her perspective on how far removed from health our society has become.

As a Texan, it was fitting that Martha broke in her copy of Beyond Bacon by testing our dry rub recipe on smoked ribs. Be sure to check out her thoughts on the final product!


Cook Eat Paleo, Beyond Bacon

Lisa of Cook Eat Paleo creates delicious recipes, shares them with the masses, and repeats. All of her creations are gluten-free, grain-free, legume-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and refined sugar free. Cook Eat Paleo is a site to bookmark as it is an amazing resource to keep in your back pocket!

Here is a bit of what Lisa had to say:

Beyond smoking and grilling, there are unexpected recipes like Green Papaya Salad, Salted Mocha Biscotti, and Prosciutto and Roasted Peach Ice Cream. (OK, that one may need to go on the 4th of July menu too.) I am looking forward to cooking my way through this book and know I will be referencing it for years to come.

Primally Inspired, Friday Favorites: Beyond Bacon Cookbook (Plus Asian Short Ribs Recipe From the Book)

Kelly created a site to connect with others, who like her, were creating a successful way of living through diet and exercise. She has created a virtual path to those just learning about a primal lifestyle, and has built a community where like minded individuals can connect and share.

To break in her already cherished copy of Beyond Bacon, Kelly made our Porktastic Frittata.


Hop over to Primally Inspired to read her Beyond Bacon review and see how her frittata turned out!

Northwest Cavegirls, Paleo Parents “Beyond Bacon” Recipe Book Review

The Northwest Cavegirls are a group of women who have united in the Pacific Northwest to spread the real food word. All five of the bloggers who are found at this site had a different motive for adopting the paleo lifestyle, which makes the content on the site very interesting as each shares details on their life as a Cavegirl.

Their review of Beyond Bacon is awesome and covers many of the elements that we put special emphasis on during the creation of the book. For instance:

The layout of each recipe is easy to follow, and the opening paragraph on every recipe is a personal and friendly touch which I really enjoyed reading.

Photos are spectacular and the “Tips” and “Notes” are very handy! It’s always good to get an “Oh and also…” If you have ever created a recipe or tweaked an existing one, these moments frequently arise.


Clean Eating with A Dirty Mind, Beyond Bacon – A Review of Sorts

With a blog title like that, you know you are in for some tantalizing food photos when you visit Vanessa’s site. With recipes like Paleo Browned Butter Snickerdoodles (SnickerDROOLdles) and Paleo Sea Salted Nutella Stuffed Cookies, Vanessa has a special talent for helping people satisfy their wildest of sweet cravings. This Crossfitter also has an understanding for fueling the body and has an impressive list of recipes that fit the ticket for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

Here is a bit on what Vanessa had to say about Beyond Bacon:

Sometimes as a food blogger where creating recipes and cooking are like a second job, you find it tough to be inspired. Mostly you just want to hang out with your friends on Sunday and relax rather than do recipe tasting and photographing. Beyond Bacon has reinvented the wheel, taking inspiration to new levels. Beyond Bacon is literally a love story that you watch unfold with every turn of the page and I’m so happy I was there to witness it. It made me re-discover what I love most about food, that it’s an entire sensory experience. Beyond Bacon has inspired me to get creative with unique flavor combinations and try recipes that I normally wouldn’t. It’s pages are overflowing with gorgeous photographs that literally jump off the page begging to be devoured.

 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Again, Paleo Parents fans and Beyond Baconn enthusiasts, we cannot thank you all enough for purchasing advanced copies, writing reviews, and spreading the Beyond Bacon love far and wide throughout social media.

Please continue to help us spread the word about this cookbook, as you can see from the comments above, so many people can benefit from a book like Beyond Bacon.

If you have a site and have written a review, please pass your links along to us and we will be sure to link up to your site in an upcoming post.

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