It’s almost time! Beyond Bacon is officially on its way from the printer to a bookseller near you! You’ll be able to pick it up on July 2, less than one month away! We already have boxes of review copies in our house! You can see the full preview we posted on Facebook…


We are so excited to soon be able to share with you our hard work! So, in celebration, we’re hosting a month of GIVEAWAYS! This week, we’re sharing prizes related to our collaborators! Just who are these people? Glad you asked!

Custom Chalk

Remember our awesome chalkboard art cover? When Stacy got this idea, lots of people were skeptical that it would work. The long list of doubters included our publisher and even me! But we were able to find an extremely talented artist who worked with us to make something absolutely beautiful. Meet CJ Hughes of We’re convinced he’s the only one who could have possibly realized our vision. Do you know how cool it is to have someone write your name in chalk and have it appear next to Joel Salatin’s? VERY cool.

Our Grand Prize Winner will get to feel their own chalk board utopia as well! CJ will send you your very own 9″x 12″ custom chalk board in the style of your choosing (Select from the gallery here or his Etsy page here) for delivery at the end of June! What a cool idea for your next big party or special occasion ♥

Molly Peterson Photography

In the book you’ll find a ton of awesome photos of pigs hanging out in fields and looking incredibly attractive. Including the below, featured front and center in our book (because, pastured pigs should smile and enjoy their farm life before becoming your next perfect pork chop).

MollyPetersonPhotos in Beyond Bacon on PaleoParents

You may be thinking that Aimee and Stacy must have spent weeks hanging out and photographing on various farms. That could not be farther from the truth! Actually almost every pig photo in the book came from our friend Molly, who actually works on the farm we personally patron, Mount Vernon Farm, which is managed by her husband Mike! If you recall, visiting their farm in early 2012 started our passion for pastured pork and sustainable, humane farming.


Molly is a fantastic photographer and is certainly worthy of your love. We’d happily hang framed photos of her farm animals in every room of our home, they’re just stunning. Our favorite of Molly’s photos is the one above that is dubbed the “Smiling Pig.” Molly has graciously offered to send our Grand Prize Winner an 8″ x 10″ print of this picture!

Not only that, but she is also offering everyone 35% off all prints on her page during the month of June with the code “BeyondBacon”!

The Organic Butcher of McLean

During the making of this book, we were fortunate to meet Don, the man behind The Organic Butcher of McLean. This was the only place in the area to be able to fulfill those last minute “I NEED PASTURED PORK LIVER BY FRIDAY FOR OUR NEXT SHOOT!” requests. And, Don was always accommodating of our odd requests like, “Can we photograph you butchering the head?”

The Organic Butcher is giving away three of their snazzy white t-shirts to three winners of this giveaway! You know you want to rock the shirt of the coolest butchers in town!

Image 4Image 3

You know why Don’s the coolest? I’ve heard he’s a beast in the gym, rocking out muscle-ups like they were box jumps… yes, that’s his shop’s chalk board below that says “paleo” package – he sells gluten-free meatballs, people! And, he’s so friendly and kind that even my grandmother would’ve loved patronizing his adorable shop.

butcher insert

Joel Salatin

Joel Salatin is a visionary that we respect very much. Ever since we saw Food Inc and Farmageddon, we’ve admired his work in the sustainable farming movement. When we visited Polyface Farms and actually met him, we were completely thrilled! So it was with great doubt that we emailed him and asked him if he would write the foreword to our humble book. Amazingly, he agreed sight unseen and was an incredibly generous contributor to Beyond Bacon!

Joelwithpigs by PaleoParents

Our Grand Prize Winner will receive the Joel Salatin book of their choice so that they, too, can read the words of this amazing man!

Grand Prizes

  1. 1 9″x 12″ custom chalk board in the style of your choosing by CJ Hughes
  2. 1 8×10 print of “Gratitude” or “Smiling Pig” by Molly Peterson
  3. 1 Organic Butcher white t-shirt from Don at The Organic Butcher
  4. Any Joel Salatin item of your choosing from Amazon
  5. An early release SIGNED copy of Beyond Bacon

Two runners up will also get t-shirts from Don!

And everyone gets 35% off Molly’s art with code BeyondBacon in her shop [click here] for the month of June

 How Do You Win?

Simple! Follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter app below! It’s a simple process – just “like” and “follow” the vendors on social media. Trust us, you’ll want to anyway!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

We’ll pick the winners next Thursday and announce them at the top of the post of next week’s giveaway!

Remember Matt’s rules of giveaways!

  1. Please use a valid email address when entering. I cannot use my dowsing rods to attempt to find which bytes form your contact address!
  2. Please follow all the rules so I don’t get frustrated by invalid entries. Nothing makes more of a sad panda than picking a winner who I have to disqualify.
  3. Please respond within 48 hours or I will have to pick a new winner! I have a certain set of skills that make me a nightmare to people who don’t respond: the ability to randomly draw again.
  4. Please be a US resident. My mana is too low to cast a Teleportation Spell!

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