The Lipstick Effect: Beautycounter’s Statement Maker Satin Lipstick

I’ve never been much of a lipstick gal, but I do love wearing makeup and will add lipstick when the mood or right event strikes. And honestly, part of not loving lipstick has been not having a product I feel stayed put, nourished my lips and didn’t dry them out, while also delivering highly pigmented pop of color. But I am so *jazz hands* excited to now have a solution to all that: Beautycounter’s Statement Maker Satin Lipstick!

If you think we’re just selling lipstick…

Did you know even putting on lipstick can help lift your mood? Anne Lamott wrote, “Joy is the best makeup. But a little lipstick is a close runner-up.” Turns out, making a little extra effort often makes us feel like we are better prepared to face the day and take on the world.

In fact, a study by Harvard Medical School tested the psychological phenomenon of “the lipstick effect” on graduate students and found that the group which wore makeup had “better self-esteem that may bring positive effects on the cognitive performance of an individual.” [source] The effect of makeup even proved to be a better predictor for higher performance than mood boosters like listening to positive music!

Acts of self care don’t always have to consist of long, exhaustive activities. Sometimes it can just be about making the effort to do the things that make you feel like the main character, because you are! So, if you’re feeling at all like the world is on fire around here, you’re not alone. And, I’ve got NEW lipstick for that!

But, if you think we’re just selling lipstick, you’re not paying attention… Beautycounter has lobbied for the successful passing of TWELVE better beauty laws in just over 10 years. You can read about the most recent one from Washington state – the most restrictive of all laws so far – here. Our mission is to put safer products into the hands of everyone. And, we’re doing just that by continued legislative change!

Make a Statement: Lipstick that Goes Above & Beyond

When you shop Beautycounter and choose me (Stacy Toth) at checkout, you’re supporting that legislation, my woman-owned small business, a B Corp choosing to put people and planet first, and choosing to put your own health and wellness first! Beautycounter safety tests 9 times for color cosmetics! They test against 23 human health endpoints, including endocrine disruption, heavy metals, carcinogens, and to ensure no unknown contaminants are within the high performance formulations.

Here’s how Beautycounter’s Statement Maker Satin Lipstick goes beyond for people (you):

  • 100% said lipstick applies effortlessly and smoothly Antioxidant-rich acai fruit oil and plant-based waxes nourish lips
  • Clinically proven, lightweight lasting wear (4+ hrs post-application)
  • Specially designed to double as a lip liner
  • Tested for safety (23 human health endpoints)

Here’s how Beautycounter’s Statement Maker Satin Lipstick goes beyond for the planet:

  •  ECOCERT-certified organic vanilla from Madagascar
  •  ~72% of the tube is made of post-consumer recycled resin
  • Reduced climate footprint with manufacturing process
  • Included in our Packaging Collection Program

Need help finding a color?

First and foremost, wear what you want! We want you to evoke the feeling of the lipstick you choose. BE confident, vibrant, energized, inspired…

And, if you’re looking for something within a color theory palette, I’d love to help! I had a color consult and feel fully equipped to help you choose. Really, “seasons” are just another way of saying “warm or cold” then knowing if bright, subtle or vibrant and rich is better for bringing out your best features. Here are how our colors map to the seasons:

I try on Brave, Energized and Confident here:

watch me try on colors three different ways




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