The Baltimore National Aquarium: Science, Kids & Blogger Meet-Up

One of the things we absolutely love about living around the Nation’s Capital (Washington, D.C.) are the plethora of museums we have access to. We even were featured by RedFin about it here.

And all of the famous Smithsonian’s (like these) are FREE to get into.

Because they’re near-by and free, we often neglect other wonderful locations in our area – like The National Aquarium at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor.

But Stacy loves water. So for her 31st birthday she requested we head to the Aquarium.

Our boys were in their glory, exploring, learning and watching the creatures. Finn and Wes had actually never been – something Stacy and I ashamedly realized after we were there.

We had the added bonus of meeting-up with Lea & family from Paleo Spirit who happened to be in town! Lea’s boys, Benjamin and Nathaniel, were adorable, kind & so helpful with looking after our 3 crazy boys in the otherwise quiet and relaxing aquarium. They took great care of the little boys, while learning from and enjoying each area of the aquarium in their own ways.

We all had a wonderful time watching the beautiful sea creatures and learning about a whole side of nature we don’t get to ever see otherwise. Cole and Benjamin (Lea’s oldest) would read the tank’s information to the excited smaller boys as we walked around. There were animals from our local oceans and lakes, as well as tropical, wild and deep-sea creatures from around the world.

It’s just amazing to think that all of these creatures, and thousands more, are living lives you never think about. Right now at this very moment there are billions of creatures you’re unaware of, contributing to the circle of life and contributing to your own life in ways we’ll never be able to fully understand. Visiting the aquarium makes us appreciate how very small our lives are, and how much more there is for us to appreciate in life.

Like jellyfish.

These gorgeous brainless creatures are so fragile, yet so dangerous, contributing to our eco-system in a way we never think about because they’re so rarely seen. But the National Aquarium’s dedicated Jellies Invasion exhibit was stunning, a beautiful dedicated space where the jellyfish bounce, bob and float while putting on a spectacular display to those spectators seeking relaxation.

Of course, after about 47 seconds we were shrieked at that the display was boring, that we should leave while Stacy’s right arm was nearly pulled from it’s socket as she attempted to take her 6,897th photo of jellyfish. Alas, we had to scurry out of the aquarium so we could make it to dinner in time!

Russ & family from The Domestic Man (who we’d recently hung with for a potluck meet-up, where he’d served this amazing dish) met our big crew at PF Chang’s for a gluten-free feast. There were so. many. boys. But, we survived and not a single one of us was kicked out of the restaurant!

Thanks to Lea’s husband who took this photo!

We feel lucky to live in such a wonderful area of the country, where both friends and sights are bountiful & enjoyable!

Cole, however, feels like a 7 year-old boy – this photo sums it up for ya, in case you weren’t sure what that feels like.
Russ’s son was clearly scared it might happen to him someday, given his level of current cuteness.

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