Back To School: Lunches to Fuel Their Day + A Fundraiser for Charlottesville

Those 3 words… “Back to School.” How to pack a Paleo lunch like a boss!
Plus wings, waffles, and eye lashes- all in this week’s newsletter!

Our Real Life

Meals have been quite varied lately as we get ready for back to school, navigate some house remodeling, and sneak in camping trips on weekends as the weather cools down. Cole and I had lunch out at PokeHub this week- there were so many great options, and we both ended up with a plate full of nutrient-dense foods that also tasted incredible! We’ll definitely be back!

Wings, waffles, and White Claw? Sounds like a great dinner to me! We managed to get some green on the plates too! Super quick and easy Crispy Oven-Baked Wings recipe here. And fluffy (also quick and easy because its been one of those weeks) White Waffle recipe here! The White Claw you’ll have to find on your own… 😉

What do Your BEST Lashes + 5-Minute Face have to do with Charlottesville, VA?!

I LOVE me some big, thick lashes – and now we can all have them without parabens, heavy metals, or toxins! I’ll admit it. I’m a mascara addict. I get asked about my lashes almost daily and have done countless videos on how to achieve the look in my Healthy Inside and Out Facebook group.

Learn my Pro Tips for your best lashes – plus, get the lash primer I swear by with purchase as my free gift to you! Or get TWO gifts with the 5 minute face that incorporates the new Volumizing mascara I’m obsessed with –>  All the details here!!

This week you can get these lashes yourself with gifts from me AND contribute to charity!  –> I’m donating a portion of proceeds to benefit both Heifer Int’l to help women build small businesses in 3rd world countries and to Charlottesville fundraiser. Originally I’d planned just Heifer, but with recent events I just can’t not do something.

I was hesitant to address this, but we live in VA and both our brothers stood up for justice and equality last weekend. They risked their lives, they were hit in the head with tiki torches, maced by unlawful unpeaceful literal nazis. Is this 2017?! There is absolutely no acceptable place in this world for discrimination or prejudice. To see how my home state being represented right now is horrifying; but, America, we are coming together – we must to overcome how far we’ve gone. Left, Right, Center – it doesn’t matter. It’s not enough to say you oppose. True Americans know the constitution, the intent, what we came here to escape, what our 16th president gave his life for. What are you doing to support the right that all people are created equal? I’m using my voice, and will put my money where my mouth is. Any Beautycounter purchase you make with me in August, half the profit will be donated to charity (Southern Poverty Law Center & Heifer Int’l). 

Get your 5 Minute Face with the new Volumizing mascara & the free foundation brush and free lash primer AND contribute to the fundraiser using this link –> 

Paleo Pro-Tip

As a family with three young (hungry!) boys, who have been Paleo for nearly seven years- you better believe we can pack a mean Paleo lunch box! We’ve been packing healthy lunches for so long that we even wrote all our best lunch-packing recipes, secrets, and tips in an e-book, so you could pack a filling, nutrient-dense, and good-tasting Paleo lunch too!

Ready for immediate download!

Paleo To Go includes:

  • Our ON THE GO: A Healthy Meal in 3 Steps guide
  • Our take on My Plate, a paleo-friendly MY LUNCHBOX to help portion out a healthy lunchbox
  • Our IN THE BOX list: Ideas for Packing the Perfect Lunch guide, with recommendations (by categories used in My Lunchbox and the My Favorites Things list)
  • Our guide to using the right kind of storage containers, WHAT’S ON THE OUTSIDE MATTERS, TOO!
  • Our MY FAVORITES THINGS, a “no complain” list for the family to print, save, and use when packing lunches (printable)
  • Our guide to GRAB-AND-GO paleo-friendly convenience foods
  • Our SAMPLE LUNCHES section with 40+ complete and healthy snack and meal ideas, perfect for on-the-go
  • Over 50 delicious, simple, easy recipes to get you started on the right path
  • Recipe and Allergen Indexes, with over Resource guides to our RECOMMENDED EXPERTS,COMMUNITYPRODUCTS WE LOVE and TOOLS WE USE

Our Favorite Lunchbox Foods

Inka Plantain Chips have been in the boys’ lunch box for years now! They are crunchy, salty, filling, and a great way to add healthy carbs to help the boys power through the day.

Snack Mates are tiny versions of the New Primal meat sticks. They’re perfect for little hands and the flavors are not too strong for developing palates.

Roam Sticks are one of our favorite brands of jerky sticks. They have a great hickory smoked bacon flavor that all of the boys love- these are the number one requested lunch box item in our house!

Pure Fruit and Veggie Strips are a staple of ours too! They are fruit leathers, but with veggies added in (you can’t tell!) and have no added sugar, only the sweetness that come from the fruit.

Larabars are an old classic lunchbox favorite- they come in sooo many flavors, and are made with only nuts, seeds and dried fruit. These little mini bars are the perfect size for a lunchbox treat.

Our Favorite Lunchbox Recipes

Mini Corn Dog Muffins

Pizza Kale Chips

N’Oatmeal Cookies

Banana Bread Balls

We Recommend…

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