Androgenic Alopecia: How Paleo Solved Female Balding

Dr. Loren Cordain discusses, extensively, dozens of symptoms associated with Syndrome X in The Paleo Diet.  Over the past year I’ve witnessed my body conquer disease to achieve personal health.  Most of the ailments I had, I didn’t even know about until they were gone (joint pain, headaches, seasonal allergies, heartburn, and IBS to name a few).  But the strangest one so far?  Androgenic alopecia.  Also known as, female balding.

Usually female baldness peaks in the menopausal timeline for women.  And when it does strike, the form is that of overall thinning throughout the scalp.  “Male pattern baldness” shows a different form, the hair begins receding.  For the hairline to recede at the temple for women, hormonal changes occur similar to those in men.  These hormonal changes are brought on by (to name one) increased levels of insulin, associated with Metabolic Syndrome (X).

So what happens with lower insulin levels and an adios to metabolic syndrome?

I kind of feel like Dr. Seuss and Robb Wolf had a love child and from it came the tufts of new hair growth at the temple of my head. But, how badass is that science?  And kinda cute…

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