All About Ghee: Why We Love It & How We Use It!

You’ve seen it on social media and used in recipes – and we’re telling you all about why we LOVE GHEE! Plus a look a our week with lots of seafood and “brinner,” plus why Stacy is wearing butter on her legs!

shrimp on salad, All About Ghee: Why We Love It & How We Use It! | Paleo Parents

Eating seafood every week is part of our plan to minimize inflammation and ensure we are getting all the micronutrients we need to continue managing health conditions, like  Stacy’s autoimmune conditions. And it isn’t hard to do when dinner looks like this! Eastern Market Shrimp Salad (<– recipe on the blog!) on a Cobb salad with candied bacon from My Paleo Patisserie.

board games and brunch, All About Ghee: Why We Love It & How We Use It! | Paleo Parents

We love family brunch on Sunday mornings – this week it was gluten-free crab cakes from our local butcher and fried eggs. The game of choice was a brand new one we CANNOT STOP PLAYING: MACHI KORO. Mornings like this with the boys give me all the feels and help remind me what’s important: being healthy, happy, and TOGETHER.

epic breakfast for dinner, All About Ghee: Why We Love It & How We Use It! | Paleo Parents

We are a family of breakfast-fanatics… so naturally breakfast for dinner (“brinner”) happens a lot in our house. All of these dishes were from Ditch the Wheat, a brand new book we’ve been cooking out of lately: baked eggs, grain-free waffles, and get this: Meat French Toast!! Flavorful breakfast sausage with apples and raisins, dredged in egg, fried until golden and drizzle with maple syrup. Recipe —> here if you’re drooling now!!

butter leggings handstand, All About Ghee: Why We Love It & How We Use It! | Paleo Parents

Two obsessions captured in one photo: butter leggings and handstands! I’ve been wearing (and totally loving) LuLaRoe clothing, both around the house and at work. It’s comfortable, fashionable, and made of amazing quality fabrics. If you want to know more or get your own buttery-smooth leggings, I will be hosting a boutique (through Facebook) to benefit one of my favorite charities: Heifer International. More details below!

SAVE THE DATE to Put Butter on Your Legs!

What?! That’s right – buttery soft leggings!

Join me for a LuLaRoe Pop-Up Boutique starting March 16 at 8:00 pm EST!
Hostess proceeds and matching contribution from LuLaRoe to benefit:
Heifer International, an organization doing incredible work around the world to end world poverty and hunger through sustainable agriculture.LuLaRoe Popup Boutique March 2016 Paleo Parents Charity
So, why a LuLaRoe party? It’s publicly acceptable pajamas. And because Stacy has a policy of only wearing work clothes that are comfortable and don’t need dry cleaning, it quickly became an obsession. From THE most comfortable BUTTER leggings, made from high quality full coverage (never sheer) material to the classy and office-friendly skirts & dresses, it’s all fun & comfortable!. Plus, buying LLR supports small business!
Seriously, it’s SO COMFY. Plus, this is a brand every woman of every size can feel AND look great in!

Ghee on Everything

Tin Star Ghee review brown butter, All About Ghee: Why We Love It & How We Use It! | Paleo Parents

What’s Ghee you ask? Ghee (rhymes with knee) is something we use almost daily. It’s simply butter that’s been simmered until three things happen: all of the water evaporates, the milk solids separate out, and it takes on a caramelized nutty flavor.Brown Butter Ghee is even toastier and nuttier (and sooo good!!).

Why do we love it? The casein and lactose separate out, making this product perfect for those of us who don’t tolerate dairy. The Tin Star brand is even certified lactose and casein free! Plus, ghee has a very high smoke point, so it is great to cook with. And it tastes like a caramelized butter (think the liquid gold you are offered when order crab legs), so there’s that…

Want an incredible deal? Our favorite place to stock up on Paleo essentials, One Stop Paleo Shop, carries Tin Star Ghee and is able to offer it for the lowest price we’ve seen! We’re talking double digit savings!! Plus, OSPS offers free shipping on orders over $99, which we love to take advantage of by buying bulk of our favorite items & already discounted PaleoParents boxes!

Find Tin Star Ghee —> HERE!

Our Favorite Recipes Using Ghee

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