A Special Spin on Paleo Parents Favorites – All In a One Stop Spot!

A Special Spin on Paleo Parents Favorites - All In a One Stop Spot!

Second to seeking advice on how to help kids ditch the grains and dairy, people frequently ask for recommendations on products and preferred vendors. Where do we get our meat? What products do I use on my skin? How do we make our favorite waffles? What do we pack for food when we travel? What lunch boxes do the kids use? In fact, sharing and swapping ideas, whether with recipes or products, has become one of our favorite things about being a part of this community!

When we first began our transition into a paleo lifestyle there were very few products on the market, and even fewer vendors who made paleo a priority (i.e. products we could feed our family with confidence, knowing that they didn’t contain ingredients that hurt our bodies). However, as more and more paleo companies began to pop up on the market, there was one online shop in particular that caught our attention. They had so many of our favorite paleo friendly products in one convenient and easy to use site, they were always adding new products that caught our interest,  and their custmer service was incredible! We happen to be kind of addicted to Amazon, but opted to shop for our favorite products through One Stop Paleo Shop whenever possible!!

Soon a trend evolved where a reader would reach out and ask ‘where we get XYZ’ and we found ourselves always referring them to One Stop Paleo Shop! And so a wonderful idea was born to assemble two boxes with some of our favorite and most referred products while OSPS would in turn offer all of our readers a discount if they bought all of these items together in a “bundle”!

A Special Spin on Paleo Parents Favorites - All In a One Stop Spot!

Box one is called the ‘Paleo Parents Household Must Haves’, and it features what we call our core five, as Pure Indian Ghee is lactose and casein-free (suitable for our dairy-sensitive boys), fish sauce and coconut aminos are the flavor makers in most our creations, coconut wraps provide a necessary on-the-go meal option perfect for lunch boxes, and Vital Proteins collagen peptides quickly turn a shake, smoothie, or even morning coffee into a nutrient-dense fuel.

This box is on sale for $77.79 and includes: 

  • 1 Sunfood Coconut Wraps – one of the most versatile, grab-n-go resources in your healthy living tool box! We love using these for sandwich wraps!
  • 1 Red Boat Fish Sauce – known in our house as the flavor maker! We incorporate this sauce right alongside our salt and pepper, adding a splash here and there for extra flavor.
  • 1 Coconut Secrets Coconut Aminos – not only do we use this at home to add a little extra flavors to dishes, but we have been known to bring a bottle of this to sushi restaurants to use instead of soy sauce.
  • 1 Pure Indian Foods Ghee – this is one of our favorite cooking fat options, and adds a great flavor to roasted vegetables in particular!
  • 1 Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides – a quick and easy way to take care of joint and ligament health, we sprinkle this powder into one of our drinks usually once a day!

A Special Spin on Paleo Parents Favorites - All In a One Stop Spot!

Box two is called ‘Paleo Parents Snack Box’ and features our favorite snacks that keep us well-fueled – whether this means a bar as a I am running to a meeting and lunch will be a little later than usual, or a quick snack for the boys as they are running out the door to play. These snacks are our on-the-go choices, and we even keep a number of these items in the glove-box for hangry-emergencies! 

This box is on sale for $45.29 and includes: 

  • 1 AMRAP – Refuel Bar – Fig & Cacao– These egg-white protein bars are hearty enough to replace a meal in a pinch and are packed with nutrients!
  • 1 Jackson’s Honest – Sweet Potato Chips– The perfect salty treat made with minimal ingredients and fried in coconut oil!
  • 1 Living Intentions – Sprouted Trail Mix – Tropical Bee Pollen– An amazing trail mix with sprouted nuts, seeds, and superfoods – It doesn’t get much better than this!
  • 1 Epic Bar – Bison + Bacon + Cranberry– We keep Epic bars in our cars, backpacks, workout bags, purse, etc. – they are the perfect snack to keep on hand at all times!
  • 1 RxBar – Blueberry– With a clean ingredient list, these egg-white protein bars are great when you need something a little sweet or are short on time and need a meal on the go!
  • 1 Simple Mills – Muffin Mix – Banana– When the boys are in the mood to bake, these mixes are perfect for them! We even love to send them to gatherings as a sweet treat to share with others. The boys love adding chocolate chips, walnuts, dried blueberries, etc. to make their own variations!
  • 1 Paleonola – Chocolate Fix– This grain free granola will satisfy anyone’s chocolate cravings!
  • 1 Chomps Snack Stick – Original– The boys are big fans of these. They pair perfectly with a piece of fruit for a snack after school.
  • 1 Bare Fruit – Organic Crunch Apple Chips – Cinnamon– The kids love to include these in their lunches as it is a fun way to get a little crunch and we approve of the simple ingredients list!


Just as our goal with Real Life Paleo was to help real families with their busy schedules find a healthy, sustainable, and enjoyable approach to clean eating; our hope is that these boxes will help real families with their busy lives. With a quick click on ‘Add to My Cart’, you can easily add some products to your food rotation that will make life just a tad bit easier!

Have you ever shopped at One Stop Paleo Shop? What are some of your favorite products available in the paleo-sphere these days? 

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