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The Fattest People in Paleo

I'm from the internet. I know things. I know how paleo is perceived out there by the non-believers. I hear "The Paleo Diet is only for super athletes." Why wouldn't people think that when one of our heroes is…


The Paleo Parent Pamphlet

About Us Stacy began her Paleo journey in May of 2010. After having her gallbladder removed in 2007, she experienced digestive issues for years that doctors said would likely never go away. No longer willing to be morbidly…


Humpday Paleo Push Through: 2011Apr20

So thanks to Stacy's intense work week combined with her full moon, I've decided to take this over for her for a week. I think I can do a half decent job, so here is goes. First of all, word…

Real Food

Paleo Snack Attack: The BEST Paleo Snacks!

Summer seems to be the season of “snacks,” so we’e sharing some of the boys’ favorites in this week’s newsletter! Plus, a look back at our fun and busy week with berry picking, pie, and Paleo Asian (not) takeout…