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Paleo Ice Cream: Recipes and Toppings!

Warmer weather is here- are you itching for ice cream yet?! Our favorite healthier ice cream toppings plus lots of ice cream recipes, all in this week’s weekend wrap up! Our Real Life My babies are growing too fast! Do…


Crepes, Ice Cream & Waffles – Oh My!

Hi Friends- here’s a look at our week! This guy. He means so much to us, and we wanted to completely SPOIL HIM on Father’s Day. The boys and I made crepes like a BOSS using The Paleo Mom’s plantain…


Happy National Ice Cream Day!

You know how some people have a family heritage and culture rich in food history? They can tell you stories of family dishes full of memories? Well, our families come from ice cream.  Both Matt and I have parents…