No Sugar Needed! Fruit-Sweetened Treats and Snack Ideas

On the heels of our 14-sleep no treats reset, we’re sharing our favorite fruit-sweetened desserts and fruit-based snacks in this week’s newsletter! Plus: parenting success, farmer’s markets, and pizza!

Our Real Life

Chocolate paleo muffins

Cole was caught doing something nice for us all: making grain-free chocolate muffins for the family! We recently instituted a “point” system (in order to earn back screen time and friends and fun) and he had to earn 100 points. Doing nice things for others earned him 5 points a piece, and over the course of the week it really helped him change his mood by creating a different mindset through repeated actions. Even after he was “done” with the points, he’d developed habits which stuck around after.

It’s never easy, and his emotions affect his behavior. We have to constantly re-work his plan to help him avoid medication. After his Uncle’s death we really saw a turn for the worse. But with the family all-in WITH him on a no-junk reset plus the point plan, he’s back to being his best self. It worked so well we plan to blog about it soon!

When I see him happy it brings tears to my eyes. We had no idea how hard it would be to parent. How much we’d feel overwhelmed. How everything feels like you can’t do right no matter how hard you try. But then you remember that we’re all doing our best, and part of this is on the kid to find themselves and forge a way forward. That’s when the tears come, when you realize your team is marching in unison.

Boys reading books

Plus it makes you appreciate moments like this, which completely made my heart burst with joy – Cole not only reading to his little brother, but helping him sounds out words and encouraging him with the sincerest “good job” after he got it. Oh these boys! Be still my heart.

apples at farmers market

Warmer weather means the start of farmer’s markets and locally grown produce again! Pro-tip: buying apples in larger quantities, like this half bushel, is a great way to get a price break and save some money. And no worries- they will last in the fridge for a long time. We see a lot of Chicken Liver Mousse in our future!

gluten free pizza mod

Organ meat and loads of veggies make this incredible gluten-free Mod Pizza creation a delicious special treat! It had bacon, basil, ricotta, cauliflower (seasonal replacement of Brussels sprouts), and fig balsamic drizzle! Such a fun meal for a lunch date with Matt, who got a big salad from Cava.

Our Favorite Fruit-Sweetened Products

fruit sweetened paleo treats

A favorite fruit-sweetened snack for the boys is Pure Strawberry Banana Fruit Sandwiches. These are a great alternative to fruit snacks, and they are a bit unique because the “sandwich” is made of a layer of softer fruit between two layers of fruit leather. Hint: adults like them too!

Whether we roll them in coconut or chop them up for adding to cookies- we love the caramel-y flavor of Medjool dates! They’re the perfect touch of sweetness for baked good and treats.

This is one of my favorite kitchen gadget! The isi Cream Whipper turns coconut milk or grass-fed cream into luscious whipped cream, which we love for topping warm drinks, or for layering on fresh berries and waffles.

Larabars are a staple in our house, and containing mostly nuts, dates, and coconut (and in every flavor you can think of!) a couple bites of a Larabar makes for a satisfying dessert. These mini bars are perfect for little hands!

Rx Bars are a favorite snack when we need something a little more substantial. Just fruit, nuts, and egg whites makes these bars high protein and low sugar. We especially love the Maple Sea Salt flavor!

Our Favorite Fruit-Sweetened Recipes

Raw Chocolate Cheesecake
Detoxinista raw cheesecake

Butter Pecan Apples

N’Oatmeal Cookies

Healthiest Ice Cream

Coconut Pecan Date Rolls
coconut pecan date rolls

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