2022 Highlights

While this year has been challenging for us as a collective community, there was much for us to be thankful for as we reflect back. Here are some of our best 2022 highlights!

As a family

Matt & I celebrated 20-year anniversary!

After so much travel came to a halt during the pandemic, this year I traveled for work to Mexico (and got to spoil my mom by taking her, too); Austin, TX; Scottsdale, AZ; and Santa Monica, CA.

As a family, our biggest highlights have been Chicago, Oak Island, NC to help my mom move, and Disney World! Where we told kiddo we’d officially started the process to adopt them! It’s been a long, tough road, but we love our house full of FOUR teenagers.

Personal Milestones

My dear friend and podcast co-host Sarah Ballantyne stepped away after 500 episodes, and I started hosting my own version of The Whole View. I was so nervous, but because of your support, I’m truly proud of what I was able to accomplish and provide for you. The Patreon even got an update with a book club that’s been so much fun!

I read 29 books this year, more than I have in YEARS! See my top 12 here.

I switched hair products, grew out my hair for the first time since having kids (Cole is 17!) and finally figured out my curls for the hair of my dreams!

I hit a huge milestone of $10M in sales with my safer beauty team, which thanks to YOU continues to allow me to support my family, work from home, and have the flexibility to share education, advocacy, and tips to love the skin you’re in.

Best of all, I have leaned into just being me – in my body, my identity, and with my voice – It’s real EVERYTHING, right?

Thanks for being on this journey with me. I wish each and every one of you and your families a healthy, joyous, and happy new year!

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