2021 Sustainable Gift Guide & Non-Toxic Wish List

Welcome to our 2021 Sustainable Gift Guide! We’re 2 years into a global pandemic and we’re all over it, stressed, and ready to move on. So this year’s retail therapy of mine not only is a sustainable gift guide, but also my own personal wish list. With health and safety top of mind, I’ve pulled together a list of my favorite items for non-toxic healthy living items worthy of gifting. With lots of options, you’ll find something for everyone on your list! Don’t forget: with the global materials backup and shipping issues, shopping early will ensure you get everything on time, too!

2021 Sustainable Gift Guide

You’ll notice a lot of Beautycounter in my lists. It’s what I personally use and love and will be gifting. They are a certified B Corp, dedicated to people and planet before profit. And their sustainability efforts include recycle and recyclable materials as well as carbon and water neutrality. Plus, when you shop Beautycounter with me, Stacy Toth, your’e supporting my small, woman owned, family-run business – thank you!

Here are the groupings you’ll find below:

  1. Top 5 Recommendations
  2. Self Care
  3. Young & Hip Luxury
  4. For those who Work From Home
  5. At-Home Mani Pedi
  6. At-Home Spa
  7. Gifts for Him
  8. Amazon Favorites & Stocking Stuffers


Top 5 Recommendations

Self Care Gift Guide

Everyone I knows is exhausted and stressed. Support their healthy self care habits with some of these treats!

Gift Guide for the Young & Hip Luxury Lovers

Whether you have teens and tweens or just someone in your life who loves to express creativity with makeup, these items are all perfect!

Other Affordable Sets You Can Split and Gift

My personal favorite non-toxic brand is Beautycounter. I love that they’re a certified B Corp that has won awards for sustainability as well as empowers tens of thousands of small, woman-owned businesses (like mine!). Looking to save or gift to the youngsters in your life? These little sets come with multiple items each. As a result, they are perfect for little stocking stuffers, combining together, or with other items in sets (like those shown above).

Work From Home Gift Guide

This year has changed a lot of things for a lot of us. Because of that, how we “get ready” for the day is entirely different. So, here are the things I think we all need!

  • Polka Polly earrings are perfect for Zoom meetings, everytime I wear mine I get tons of compliments!
  • Powerbeats Pro Totally Wireless Earphones After reading a LOT of reviews (I have sensitive ears), I gifted myself these last year and love them! They have been so helpful both in private virtual meetings as well as walking around the neighborhood and listening to audiobooks and podcasts!
  • FoundMyAnimal awesome Prismatic Cotton Rope Dog Leash and Harness are on my wishlist! These are sustainable and perfect because we know all people who WFH are doing it for their dogs!
  • Joovv red light therapy has so many science-backed benefits. For those with seasonal affective disorder, who are in front of screens all day, who get frequent headaches, have joint pain, or just want skincare benefits, it’s worth trying!
  • Rothy’s Merino Slipper looks heavenly for my days at home, I may have ordered myself a pair for under the tree! (get $20 off with code WHOLEVIEW).
  • Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer has mineral-based SPF that also blocks aging blue light rays. If you’re sitting in front of a screen all day, protect your skin with this tinted moisturizer that also hydrates.
  • Into the cocoon like a caterpillar, out like a beautiful butterfly with the Best in Clean Heroes skincare set.
  • Lip Conditioner Set sits on my desk at all times. This is my go-to when I’m talking in meetings or just want a touch of self care on long days
  • Clean Swipe Hyaluronic Lip Balm Duo are the balm version of our lip conditioner, in a swipe-able tube that delivers hands-free hydration.

At-Home Mani Pedi

While businesses closed around the country, women started doing their own manicure and pedicures at home. Here’s what people need to take that at-home mani-pedi to the next level!

Not sure where to start? Check out my video tutorial on an at-home manicure here.

At-Home Spa Gift Guide

The thing I’ve realized about quarantine with kids: I’m not getting enough alone time. Not only does taking time for me with an at-home spa experience nourish me emotionally, but it’s helping with the idea of going into this cocoon and coming out a butterfly. Because of all the stress in our lives, we need it!

  • I wish I’d just gotten the Lanshin Pro Gua Sha from the start. I ended up spending more on multiple tools to perform what this “swiss army knife” can do. The shape and cool-to-the-touch black nephrite jade are superb.
  • I love my dry brush for lymphatic drainage and relaxation, this G.Tox Goop Dry Brush looks similar to mine.
  • This Glow Vibrations Face Wand is so soothing! If you know anyone with tension headaches or jaw clenching, they NEED this! Plus, it can address puffiness, dullness, fine lines – the stimulating sonic vibrations offer 4 interchangeable wants. As a result of using this, you’ll notice lifted, toned, and refreshed skin.
  • PMD Personal Microderm Classic this little facial gadget is more safe and less scary than you might imagine. It uses a gentle vacuum to pull out grime from pores, and also uses a polishing tip to increase cellular regeneration to resurface dead, scarred skin. If you had or have acne or blackhead-prone skin, have scarring, discoloration, or signs of aging – this is a game changer.

And from Beautycounter:

  • Counter+ Charcoal Facial Mask gift someone a “lump of coal” that benefits their skin with activated charcoal and clay to pulls dirt, oil, and environmental pollutants out of pores. Because of Beautycounter’s dedication to clean ingredients, it does all of this naturally.
  • Counter+ No. 1 Brightening Facial Oil or Lotus Glow Cleansing Balm both are perfect for use with facial tools and stones, to help them glide more easily on the surface of the skin and help heal the moisture barrier with healthy skin nutrients and lipids.
  • Countertime Ultra Renewal Eye Cream the most luxurious and effective of all eye creams, this is a tired eye’s dream. Shown to reduce the appearance of fine lines and also to de-puff and brighten!
  • Smooth & Bright Duo (supplies are limited) is a brand new set and I am JAZZ HANDS excited about it – one for EVERYONE on my list, including myself! Our absolute bestselling award-winning Vitamin C serum with a NEW Smoothing Mask! This powerful duo evens skin tone, helps refine and improve the texture and surface of the skin with soothing botanical acids, and also instantly increases the appearance of brighter skin.

Reflect Effect AHA Smoothing Mask

  • Instantly brightens skin.
  • Leaves skin soft and glowing.
  • Skin tone and texture are improved.
  • Resurfaces dull, tired skin.
  • Contains a multi-acid blend of 10% AHA + 10% phytic acid.

Counter+ All Bright C Serum

  • Quick-absorbing formula allows for easy layering.
  • Instant boost of luminous radiance, plus a lasting glow.
  • Promotes an even skin tone.
  • Antioxidant-rich formula helps defend skin against environmental stressors like pollution.
  • Made with an ultra-stable, potent blend of 10% vitamin C.

Not sure where to start? Check out my tutorial series on an at-home spa experience here.


Gift Guide for Him

This year we’ve spend more time outdoors, and the boys are all loving these!

  • Counterman is for all gender identifies – I love the shaving cream! The kids and Matt all use this line.
  • The Bike Rack has been awesome for the boys to all ride their bike to open air markets or pick up take out or groceries.
  • Laser Tag is such a fun backyard activity for our boys, and less expensive than one trip to the nearby indoor arena.
  • Bose Sunglasses have been Matt’s favorite gift of the year. He’s able to listen to music or a podcast but still hear neighbors as they thank him for delivering the mail. Plus, it’s easier on the ears for someone that’s sensitive.
  • Coleman Propane Tabletop Grill is awesome for camping, glamping, or wherever you try to escape this year.
  • Our Fire Ring (with a couple bags of rocks under it) was super affordable and a fantastic way to get out of the house and spend quality time together.
  • French fry & vegetable cutter is a kitchen tool we use way more often than I anticipated we would. The kids love making fries out of all kinds of veggies that we usually air fry or simply roast. It’s easy to use and super sturdy!
  • Finally, Sodastream is used by our family multiple times a day, and is a great gift for someone who wants to kick a soda habit. This new model allows you to use dishwasher safe glass carafes! We flavor ours with crystalized citrus but there are lots of options.

Amazon Favorites & Stocking Stuffers

I’ve saved all my favorites from Amazon, perfect for gifts and stocking stuffers, on my Favorites List Here. In addition to those listed above, some others include:

Perfect stocking stuffers:
You can find all of our recommendations here: Amazon Favorites

If you’re interested in what we’ve recommended before, checkout our 2020’s Gift Guide here.

Finally, I hope this list inspires you to shop with people and planet in mind while also making your shopping experience just a little easier!

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