I’ve been waiting a long time for fall to finally arrive.Visiting pumpkin patches with the kids, enjoying a cool breeze and a hot beverage, and unpacking boots and turtlenecks from the storage bins are some of my favorite activities.

This weekend in Northern Virginia was the first official weekend of fall.With weather in the 90’s, it didn’t exactly feel like it – but, the pumpkin patch at Great Country Farms was still ready and waiting for us on Saturday morning.

While we were waiting for the hayride, Matt teased Finn a bit…

The boys really enjoyed the activity of picking their perfect pumpkins.Finn found one right away – and true to the “you must be able to carry your own pumpkin” rule, he toted his back to the wagon rather quickly.Cole took his time, but did find a lovely one for himself.And both boys even agreed on a cute little pumpkin for Wes.

Matt and I grabbed a few more so that we’d have plenty to cook with.

On the ride home we talked about all the different ways you can eat pumpkins: roasted, grilled, pureed, it can be sweet, spicy, savory.We decided we’d roast one, puree a couple for pies and muffins (Paleo of course) and make soup with the largest Matt had picked.  You know what else is fun to make with pumpkins?

Pumpkin seeds! Matt did all the leg work – but we found a recipe where we boiled them first, than roasted and they are super crisp and delicious.A perfect Paleo snack!

And of course, we followed Elana’s Pantry instructions for roasting the pumpkin and made her Pumpkin Pie Muffins.I could have enjoyed some more spice in mine, but the texture and taste were a great welcome to Fall this morning.

We’re still in search of a good pumpkin pie recipe to use the remaining puree from the above roasted deliciousness.Do you have one you could share?

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