Weekend Wrap Up, 1/4: A Christmas cat named WHAT?! Plus, no – we’re NOT Paleo perfectionists

We rang in 2015 with great food and great friends!

On New Year’s Eve we hosted our annual “Paleo PJs Potluck” party, and this year the dinner theme was Asian! We made our fan favorite Mongolian Beef from Real Life Paleo and Japchae from the Domestic Man’s The Ancestral Table. Predominately Paleo brought Grain-Free (and AIP friendly!!) Egg Rolls and Merit & Fork supplied the incredible Cauli-fried Rice (recipe also from Real Life Paleo). Our friend and team member Anne brought Nom Nom Paleo’s Lettuce Wraps, andStrong Woman Radio co-host Viv and friend Nicole brought Gin & Booch (gasp!).

It was just as you imagine: friends and fellow paleo bloggers sitting around in their most comfy PJs, eating incredible paleo Asian take-out fake-out food. Can’t get much better than that!

Pj Paleo Potluck, New Years with Paleo Parents

Asian Take out fake out leftovers, Paleo Parents

Ok, it got better… while the kids all had some screen time in the basement, the grown-ups played Cards Against Humanity – a Christmas gift we can’t get enough of!

We finished the night out with the boys (except Wes, our four-year-old, didn’t quite make it till midnight), drank sparkling beverages, spent time relaxing together, and talked about our goals for the future.

Our New Year’s day brunch brought incredible, gooey (nut-free) Caramel Apple Cinnamon Rolls from the Paleo Eats Cookbook (release date January 6, 2015).

New Years Eve Paleo Parents
Finn and Cinnamon Rolls, New Years with Paleo Parents

As you may have seen in gram-land, we welcomed a new kitty into our home this week! The family (well, Stacy really) has really been missing our beloved orange tabby cat, Simon, who died earlier this year. She asked for one for Christmas, but we didn’t find an adoptable good fit before then. Then the perfect fit came along this week!

After much deliberation, including your incredible suggestions on social media, we went with a crazy name for this little orange kitty: Sweet Potato. Why? Well, because he likes to hide and sleep in our root vegetable area in the kitchen – namely, inside a giant bag of sweet potatoes! Turns out, it’s a great name for the orange fellow and nicknames like Sweet P and Tater Tot caused this accidental name to become the real thing.

Our new kitty, Paleo Parents

Meet Sweet Potato! Paleo Parents

Having three cats in the house (yep, we still have the bengal babies, though they are not so baby anymore), AND three small boys makes for a full house. But, the Bengals and Sweet P are already palling around and it just feels right for our family! Plus now we have a “blonde, brunette and redhead” set of kitties! And if you are wondering – of course our cats eat a Paleo diet!

With all this business, we have found ourselves out and about running errands over the holiday break, which means eating out while on the run. We get a LOT of questions about what we do when we’re not at home and how we eat. It’s why we wrote Paleo To Go, actually. But, sometimes it’s nice to not have to make our own food and enjoy lettuce wrapped burgers from and salad bars or even (gasp!) sandwiches on gluten-free bread from Jason’s Deli occassionally. A list of our local ideas are here.

Cole out to lunch, Paleo Parents

Wes out to lunch, Paleo Parents

Alright, what about the rest of our holidays? The boys got (and LOVE) this book – and turns out you guys love it just as much as our family does, which was evident by all the comments you left on Instagram!

The Book with No Pictures was a holiday gift and the boys are reading this book on repeat.

The boys reading together, Paleo Parents

The book with no pictures


Sadly the holiday break had to come to an end – but we got lots and lots of wonderful family time together. And Stacy gets to embark on another fun leg of her holiday break, kicking off the last leg of the The Paleo View Book Signing Tour! They hit Nashville on Friday getting a wonderful tour of a very cool city from Caitlin of Grass Fed Girl (author of Mediterranean Paleo). In Minneapolis, team member Monica gave the tour, followed by an EPIC event (thanks to all of you who came out in masses despite the cold weather), followed by a workout with none other than Stacy’s strong woman girl crush Jen Sinkler. Tomorrow Stacy will use her passport for the first time to cross the Canadian border and visit Toronto for the very last stop on book tour for Real Life Paleo. Thanks to you, we’re having a blast!




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