Weekend Wrap Up, 1/24: ALL THE AWESOME: Pulling Trucks! Chocolate! Kids in the Kitchen!

Hello Friends!

We celebrated 13 years of commitment to one another this week! And started it off with an EPIC DINNER at Gypsy Soul restaurant, which focuses on local high quality real foods. Our “keep the romance” date night included Oysters, Brussels Sprouts with Pork Jowl and Cranberries, Swordfish with Pumpkin Puree, and outrageous Short Ribs. The food was out of this world incredible, and the time spent with each other was even better.

Anniversary oysters, Paleo Parents

Cupcakes in Face, Paleo Parents

We are so thankful for each other and this wonderful life we get to spend together. We are true partners who challenge, support, and help one another in every facet of life – which has pushed us each to become BETTER VERSIONS OF OURSELVES. Thirteen years, and more in love every day!

(PS- how can you not be madly in love with a guy who writes things like this!)

Read all about how we met and fell in love, the catalyst that caused us to actually tie-the-knot, and the family you’ve come to know through our blog from our 10 year vow renewal recap series!

Truck pullin, Paleo Parents

Boys in the Kitchen, Paleo Parents

Stacy is surrounded by an incredible group of strong women! Positive peer pressure sounds a lot like this: “What do you guys want to do today?” “Let’s pull a truck!” These girls are so INSPIRING AND FUN! So after squatting all the weight while training, Stacy got in the harness and took a jaunt in her beloved Reebok high-tops – wet pavement? No problem!

Then on her actually anniversary, Stacy came home early from work to find Cole andFinn in the kitchen all by themselves, with Beyond Bacon open on the counter, making BACON-WRAPPED DATES. They’re getting so gosh darn big… we wish they’d stop! But we love what thoughtful caring people they are becoming.


Congrats to Our Friends!

Stefani Ruper of Paleo for Woman released her new ebook, Weight Loss Unlocked: The Paleo Woman’s Solution. Using the smart science behind the paleo diet, but TAILORED TO WOMEN to leverage your female hormones to work for you rather than against you.

Weight Loss Unlocked, Paleo Parents

One Pot Paleo, Paleo Parents

With our busy lives, we’re suckers for ONE-POT MEALS. We get asked all the time for time saving tips for busy people to avoid hours in the kitchen. One of our tips in Real Life Paleo was utilizing one pot meals. And Jenny Castaneda (Paleo Foodie Kitchen) now presents a whole book full of them with One Pot Paleo! And we were so completely honored write the forward for this gorgeous book we got to preview when we met Jenny in San Diego in 2014! As always, if you pre-order on Amazon, you are guaranteed the lowest price. Put this one on your radar for sure!


Almond Milk Latte Talk with Stacy

Worth Reading

This subject comes up A LOT whenever we do a speaking event, not to mention it is a favorite topic in our household of three boys… Check out this awesome chart for your self-education! —> You Probably Didn’t Know this but Your Poop Can Tell You a Lot About Your Health.

This one will make you laugh out loud! Here are —> 13 Amazing Food and Life Hacks You Need to Know Right Now!

Keeping Paleo affordable- how do we do it?! Here’s a good start —> Five of the Healthiest and Most Affordable Foods Available. 

Everything’s better with butter. Including your health! The processed food industry is struggling to come to grips with a more educated consumer (that’s you!!).  —> The War Against Butter is Over: Butter Won. 

Worth Eating

And is there any better topic to talk about “over coffee” than chocolate? It’s no secret (especially if you follow me on Instagram) that I’ve tried a lot of chocolate. A LOT.

It’s my duty to bring you the best of the best. I eat chocolate for you guys. Because I love you. And chocolate. And especially these:

Hu Kitchen Chocolate, Paleo Parents

My new obsession: VEGAN, PALEO, DAIRY-FREE, OMG INCREDIBLE CHOCOLATE from Hu Kitchen in NYC (available shipped from Farm to People!) The Crunchy Banana is a must-try.

I also adore —> Eating Evolved (they have such fun flavors… like Crunchy Caramel and Granola Crunch!). Plus, Coconut Butter Cups in flavors like Dark Chocolate Mint Creme.

One of my other go-to, no-fuss chocolate bars is —> Alter Eco Blackout. It’s super dark and super satisfying.

As for baking, we love Equal Exchange —> Bittersweet it’s the ONLY soy-free, dairy-free fair trade Chocolate Chips we know of.

And for something different, —> Love Bean Fudge Spreads (for eating out of the jar with a spoon, drizzling on berries or ice cream…) Check our coupons section for 10% off your LOVE BEAN order!

Your Favorite Recipes to Prevent Illness!

All About Stock and Bone Broth
EPIC Bone Broth Tutorial by PaleoParents

Round Up of Healing Foods
45 Healing Food Recipes to Eat When You're Sick Paleo Parents

Kombucha Gelatin Jigglers
Gelatin Jigglers on PaleoParents

Dreamy Creamy Frozen Custard
Creamy Dreamy Frozen Custard-002



Cupid’s Undie Run
Want to see Stacy and her Strong Woman Radio podcast co-host Viv put together avideo series on the nine fundamental movements FOR WOMEN?! Then help Viv reach her goal in raising money for the Children’s Tumor Foundation by sponsoring her ——> HERE for her Cupid’s Undie Run! Every (tax deductible) dollar counts!

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Here’s What People are Saying…

Real Life Paleo, Paleo Parents Third Cookbook

RLP Amazon Review, Paleo Parents

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