Weekend Wrap Up 11/8: Greetings from the Air

As I write this, we are sitting in a plane somewhere over Georgia and on our way to Tampa. We just had a fantastic time at our Real Life Paleo book signing Ohio and we’re looking forward to tonight’s event in Tampa. Check out Stacy’s Instagram for pictures from our time here (use #tpvbooktour and #reallifepaleo) and from everywhere else we’re going over the next week and a half. Check the map and see if we’re coming to you! Please realize, we cannot possibly hit everywhere in the world and we’ve done out best to select cities that people have expressed interest in and are also feasible for us to visit in the limited time Stacy took off of work from her day job.

And listen: I know I, Matt, am not as cool as Sarah. But I’d like to think I’m worth seeing, too. So if you’re in Raleigh, Durham, Greensboro, or, heck even Charlotte or Elizabeth City, I’d love it if I saw you either tonight in NC or tomorrow in NYC!

And if you want to know what it looks like to attend one of our events, here’s a picture from our good friend Patti from Columbus!

This perfectly encapsulates us.. Stacy’s mid-sentence from a long ramble while also hand-talking and I’m uncomfortably standing by. You know how it goes… trust us. We’ll make you laugh if you come. Maybe AT US instead of with us – but, you’ll be laughing nonetheless!

We need your help

Before you enjoy the rest of the newsletter, we have a request. We try to not often ask for things, because you come here for the help and inspiration that you need, we get that. At the same time, we can’t help other people without spreading the word – which is where you come in.

We have had mind-blowing-amazing response to Real Life Paleo. Both online and in person hearing people’s feedback and stories about how this book will help others just literally gave me goosebumps thinking about it. If you’re not familiar with our story, we never set out to be “bloggers” or authors. Don’t us wrong, we are incredibly appreciative and grateful to be surrounded by such an encouraging and supportive group of people who have helped us as much as we’d like to think we helped them. But, because of that we’ve never really made it our focus to push our own “products” very hard. If you’re interested, great. If not, no problem – there’s plenty of others we hope works for you! However, we’re now at this really cool point in our journey where we see the potential to actually help a LOT more people.

When we wrote Real Life Paleo we had a dream of seeing the book in Costco. Whenever we were in the throws of writing the book, developing content, testing recipes and coming up with all the user-friendly guides and recipes we had that audience in mind. We want to reach the masses. We want to help the majority of people (especially unhealthy Americans) realize that their own health and that of their family can be changed positively beyond their imagination. Because that’s what happened to us and that’s why we wrote Real Life Paleo. We want to show the normal, everyday, REAL LIFE person – no matter how busy their lives – that this lifestyle is possible.

How can we do that? With you. We can’t do this by ourselves. The Paleo movement in general has grown by word of mouth from the success stories and incredible testimonies we’ve all shared. And now we need that organic grassroots movement to help us get the word out about Real Life Paleo.

If you know someone who keeps saying “I’d love to try Paleo, but [It’s hard/expensive/unrealistic/cultish/insert random resistence here]” then THIS is the book for them! Recommend it, share a link, or even better – buy it for them as a holiday gift!If you know someone whose health is suffering and you think they’d benefit from this book, maybe nicely ask if they’ve heard of Paleo and give them Real Life Paleo. It’s perfect for people who need to be introduced gently.If you know someone who has done a typical Paleo challenge and fallen face first into a basket of bagels after because it wasn’t sustainable for them, tell them about Real Life Paleo.

If you know someone whose children are gluten-free or dairy-free, this is an excellent resource for them to continue to make improvement in their diet and lifestyle.

There are a million scenarios I could explain here. We truly believe that Real Life Paleo is the missing link the community has been looking for, it’s why we wrote the darn thing! And in order for more people to find the book there has to be interest from the community from the get go (catch-22, right)? In order for Costco and other stores to carry it, we need to show that it sells well. In order for people to find it on Amazon it needs to have lots of reviews and have a good sales rank.

So PLEASE if you have the book, want the book, or think someone else would – the best things you can to in order to help us spread the word are:

1. Leave a review on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Good Reads, Book Depository or anywhere you can find online!

2. Spread the word and buy the book! If you want it for Christmas, ask that person to buy it now instead of later so that stores don’t think it won’t sell (that way they’ll stock more for the holidays!). Even better, buy a copy for the people in your life for the holidays! And if you don’t have cash on hand even spreading the word by simply telling people about it or sharing links does us a HUGE favor.

OK, sorry for the plea for help – but we’d like to think we’re all in this together as a team moving forward towards helping the world be healthier. And if the Avengers need a team to beat some bad guys then certainly we’re going to have to band together to overtake some of the “bad guys” in the current

On the blog this week

On Friday we released our podcasts! Episode 115 of the Paleo View is all about Real Life Paleo and features the impressions from Team Members Sam and Monica who helped us bring it all together. We also released Episode 8 of Strong Woman Radio where we invited the awesome Jen Sinkler to talk about her experience and how she she lifts weights faster for her cardio!

Sunday saw the return of Jen Sinkler as she wrote a guest post for us on Seeking Out Strong. She talks about women and weightlifting and how it is totally awesome to want to be strong.

We started another HUGE GIVEAWAY for Real Life Paleo on Monday featuring many awesome food products you will love! Enter now! Giveaway is ending in just a few days!

Tuesday was release day (and election day) so we asked you to vote for your health by buying your copy and leaving reviews for it.

On Wednesday, we featured an extensive Real Life Paleo preview about how the allergen index and chapter dividers will make it easy to find recipes that will suit your own special needs.

Stacy’s Picks for this week! The Best New Paleo Recipes of the Week

Check out our Pinterest boards for lots of great recipes that we compiled this week!

First of all, a special shout out to the nightshade-free white barbecue sauce from Virginia Is for Hunter-Gatherers who made it special for Stacy and Sarah to have at our Halloween Party last week. It was absolutely delicious and we’re definitely having it again!

If you’re looking for dinner ideas this week, we’ve been inspired by many intriguing recipes. Try Crockpot Short Rib Tacos or Pan-Fried Tilapia Taco Salad if you desire Mexican flavors. If you’d prefer something Asian-influenced, Thai-Style Sweet Potato and Spinach Soup or Sweet and Sour Meatballs. We also want to try Pulled Pork Stuffed Squash and Simplest Cinnamon Lamb Stew.

For sweet treats, we like Paleo Pumpkin and Carrot Muffins, Coconut Caramel Topped Pecan Bars, and Single-Serve Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Mug Cake. And finally, if you want to see what Stacy actually eats in a day, this is the article for you!

Want more recipes from us?

Did You See This?

Every week we’ll highlight some products we think you’ll find useful, interesting, or just plain awesome! Remember, you can always see what we recommend on our blog page! We REALLY appreciate you shopping though the links on our blog or newsletter, as it supports the costs of running the blog without resorting to advertisers of things we can’t control.

Podcast guest Jen Sinkler wants to help you get fit and strong! She’s offering her awesome Lift Weights Faster program for only $59 for gold level and $39 for silver! Join Jen and learn how the best cardio is lifting weights faster!

Want one of our awesome shirts for your wardrobe? Well, if your visit our store now, you can use offer code “EARLY20” to get 20% off all orders over $30! We hope to see lots of Paleo Parents shirts on tour this week!

Exo Graphic

We are huge fans of eXo and were thrilled when they reached out with an offer to provide bars for our Paleo View Book Signing Tour! That is right, show up to an event early and pick up a free eXo bar!

Can’t make it to an event? We have you covered – enter the code ‘BOOKTOUR’ when checking out and receive a 10% discount.

USWM Graphic

Mark your calendar! Tomorrow, Sunday, November 9 through Tuesday, November 11, US Wellness Meats is offering up a 15% discount on orders under 40 pounds – simply plug in the code ‘BLUE’ at checkout!

Look who’s on this cover! We’re excited to be featured in Paleo Magazine and want you to read all about it! For a short time, you can get 3 months of access for free!

Need a treat fix? Check out this new company called One Strong Cookie. They make some awesome paleo/gluten-free treats and they have an awesome mission! Go check out their website to learn more, and you can get 10% off with ‘paleoparents’.


The cool cavepeople at OneStopPaleoShop.com gave us an exclusive coupon discount for 15% off your next order on their site with coupon code: PALEOPARENTS . You can check out all their Paleo-friendly products here. 

Pete’s Paleo Meal Service now has a line of 21 Day Sugar Detox approved meals, Wahls Paleo Meals AND a Gut Healing KIT! How awesome is that? You can also get 5% off total order with our discount code: thepaleoview .

Upcoming Events

We’ve got the Paleo View Book Signing Tour on the brain!

Because it’s much better to travel with friends, some events will be with Stacy & Matt, one will be with Stacy, Matt & Sarah Ballantyne, some will be Stacy and Sarah, and one will be Stacy (and lots of other local paleo authors and bloggers along the way).  We don’t have every single little detail nailed down quite yet, but since our non-refundable airfare is booked we wanted to give you plenty of time to mark your calendars. Also, because there are space limitations we need you to RSVP to help us plan accordingly.

If you click each city name below, it will take you to the FREE RSVP event page!

11/8         NYC, NY

11/9         Chicago, IL

11/10       Minneapolis, MN

11/11       Atlanta, GA

11/12       Phoenix, AZ

11/13       San Diego, CA

11/14       Portland, OR

11/15       Seattle, WA


11/21      Charlottesville, VA

11/22      Richmond, VA (AM)

11/22      Hampton Roads, VA (PM)

11/23      Baltimore, MD (AM)

11/24      Philadelphia, PA (afternoon)

We will update our blog’s event page and let you know more about the specific times and locations soon, but while we are finalizing our plans, please let us know if there are any great gluten-free/paleo-friendly restaurants in the cities we will be going to!
To find out more details, head to our Event Page on our blog here.

Stacy and Matt will also be attending Paleo FX in both Austin, TX and Denver, CO in 2015!

Can’t make it out to an event? How about an online seminar?

Stacy was one of the contributing experts for the  Weight Loss Solution Online Conference, and we highly encourage you to check it out, register and see what it is all about. Stacy, along with other paleo and weight loss expert have contributed presentations designed to help you lose weight the healthy way, and for good. You can find out more here.


Have a great weekend!

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