Weekend Wrap Up 11/16: Stacy’s Back & Dreams Come True!

Sorry we’re late, but we’re back on track with Stacy being back!

So you probably already know this, but Stacy is the glue that keeps the family together and going. She’s the expert organizer and project manager that somehow manages to remind us all of what we need to be doing. Not surprisingly, with her gone and on book tour for two weeks, we accidentally dropped a couple balls… one of them being weekend wrap-up – oops!

This afternoon, the boys all picked up a tired, emotional Stacy from the airport and brought her home to a home cooked meal, lots of snuggles and stories to tell, and finally her own bed. On behalf of us both, THANK YOU so much to everyone who came out to see us! We got to meet so many wonderful people, with whom we shared laughter, hugs, selfies, and even tears. Whod’ve thought a cookbook could do all that? Obviously, Real Life Paleo is more than than just a cookbook! For pictures from the tour, visit Stacy’s Instagram!

Please join us in our 2nd and 3rd leg of the tour! We’ll be off again soon and can’t wait to meet you! (see bottom of post for an updated list with direct links to each city’s FREE RSVP link)

B) Don’t forget, we still need your help ♥

Last week we asked you a favor, and we’d still LOVE for you to help us out… But first, THANK YOU. Last week we told you how it was our absolute dream for our book to be in Costco. Lots of authors have visions and goals for their books, and ours was very distinct: we wanted to be in stores where regular, everyday people who could benefit from the simple, unintimidating, friendly approach in Real Life Paleo. So we asked for your help… and since that call for action, our book has been picked up by ALL Costcos in Canada! This is HUGE!!

RLP will be in Costcos by Paleo Parents


Talk about dreams coming true! Wow, we just can’t thank you all enough for helping us reach so many people. As we said last week, we’ve had mind-blowing-amazing response to Real Life Paleo. Both online and in person hearing people’s feedback and stories about how this book will help others just blows us away. We could still use your help… so feel free to  LEAVE A REVIEW on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Good Reads, Book Depository or anywhere you can find online,  Spread the word and buy the book!  Even better, buy a copy for the people in your life for the holidays!, and if you don’t have cash on hand spreading the word by simply telling people about it or sharing links does us a HUGE favor. Especially sharing it in your social media with links and the #RealLifePaleo


On the blog this week


11/10 – We shared THE BEST OF PALEO 2014 eBook (to which we contributed) P.S. TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO GET 20% OFF [click here to be taken directly to the sale page]

11/11 – We answered a TON of questions about Real Life Paleo, including MEAL PLANS, SHOPPING LISTS, COSTCO, AND OTHER FAQ FROM REAL LIFE PALEO in one of our favorite posts about the book ever!

11/12 – We are putting holiday food prep on your mind with GUEST POST: THE FRECKLED FOODIE, STUFFING STUFFED SWEET POTATOES

11/13 – Yowza! We were honored and thrilled to share so many wonderful posts in our REAL LIFE PALEO REVIEW ROUND-UP

11/14 – Lest you were worried that two weeks straight on the road would mean our first break of a weekly Paleo View Podcast, no worries! EPISODE 117 TPV PODCAST: UPDATE FROM THE ROAD is now live!


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Upcoming Events

We’ve got the Paleo View Book Signing Tour on the brain! LEGS 2 and 3 of THE PALEO VIEW BOOK TOUR is now live & ready for you to RSVP for FREE!

TPV Tour Continues Graphic Final

Because it’s much better to travel with friends, some events will be with Stacy & Matt, one will be with Stacy, Matt & Sarah Ballantyne, some will be Stacy and Sarah, and one will be Stacy (and lots of other local paleo authors and bloggers along the way).  We don’t have every single little detail nailed down quite yet, but since our non-refundable airfare is booked we wanted to give you plenty of time to mark your calendars. Also, because there are space limitations we need you to RSVP to help us plan accordingly.

If you click each city name below, it will take you to the FREE RSVP event page!

11/21      Charlottesville, VA

11/22      Richmond, VA (AM)

11/22      Hampton Roads, VA (PM)

11/23      Baltimore, MD (AM)

11/24      Philadelphia, PA (afternoon)

1/2/15     Nashville, TN

1/3/15     Minneapolis, MN (rescheduled from Nov 2014)

1/4/15    Toronto, ON Canada (as our Thanks for the HUGE support there!)

Please let us know if there are any great gluten-free/paleo-friendly restaurants in the cities we will be going to and don’t forget to tag #TPVBookTour and #RealLifePaleo when you share photos of events!!
To find out more details, head to our Event Page on our blog here.

Stacy and Matt will also be attending Paleo FX in both Austin, TX and Denver, CO in 2015!


Can’t make it out to an event? How about an online seminar?

Stacy was one of the contributing experts for the  Weight Loss Solution Online Conference, and we highly encourage you to check it out, register and see what it is all about. Stacy, along with other paleo and weight loss expert have contributed presentations designed to help you lose weight the healthy way, and for good. You can find out more here.

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